European style flea market! Antique shops will be gathered from all over Japan!

The market limits materials only from Europe, accessories, antique furniture and vintage clothes will be there.
Various antique shop buyers will be gathered from the whole country and display selected items. Product matches Italian cityscape of LA CITTADELLA, and please enjoy atmosphere of market' itself of `home Europe.

[the date] 2017/12/9 sat, 10 sun
[Venue] LA CITTADELLA access


Flea market is a full of treasures! The market has valuable price than usual shops!

Furthermore, it is a great pleasure to listen some stories about antique products in the market and negotiate, enjoy communication with buyers! Come and enjoy our market!

Store lineups

Comming soon
Recruitment of shops for the market
We recruits people whose handling European antique miscellaneous goods and furniture. Please feel free to contact.
Contact: eNe Umehara mail: ene@enetokyo.jp


Coming Soon

Hashtag "#kawasakiantique" on Instagram, and please post with your exciting photos taken at KAWASAKI ANTIQUE! We will introduce at @kawasaki_antique.

Sponsorship eNe / CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. / CINECITTA'Street Shopping District Promotion Association
Inquiry TEL: 044-233-1934 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30)