C'5 Curation party presented by CITTA'!

Curation party presented by CITTA'!

The event “C'5” was named after “CITTA'”, “CLUB”, “CULTURE”, “CREATIVE”, and “COMMUNITY”. “C'5” is created as a social gathering venue for a key person who creates movements of the times, and adults who is sensitive to the new culture. It has been held every 3 months since May 2017 as a curation party for various projects and guests.


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"C' 5 vol.10" #BCTION Theme: ~ Wall Art and City ~
On August 23 (Fri) at Vol.10, we will collaborate with the project '#BCTION' to revive the dead space of the city as a tourist destination of art, and we set special events on the theme of "City culture, Art, Market".
 WALL ART exists in the cities all over the world. Its hot energy and powerful message released from the work are transmitted to the world without being settled inside of the gallery. It fascinates people across the borders, races, languages, gender, and generations, affecting a large number of artists, and constantly changing in relation to the times and economy.

While WALL ART has attracted attention as a social phenomenon in various ways, “#BCTION” was launched in Japan in 2014. The unique achievements of 80 groups of artists participating and turning into an art tourist attraction using all the buildings to be demolished and mobilizing 15,000 people in 17 days became the topic, including creators, media, and it became an art project that is attracting attention.
 At the next C'5, a number of art related parties such as Mr. Oyama, who is a producer and artist of #BCTION, Mr. Shimamoto, a contemporary artist, Noboru Tsubaki, and Mr. Muneyoshi Matsumura, a tea artist, are invited as guests. And hold a talk session on the potential of ART in Japan. We will think about future ART in Japan through comparison of ART scene and urban development of Japan and each country, and introduction of past project.
In addition, we are planning to have a DJ & LIVE PARTY that invites artists who are deeply involved in "#BCTION" to exhibit and digital installations that can experience the world view of WALL ART.
Please come to the art space and party that "#BCTION" provides.
Date & Time 2019/8/23 (Fri) 19:00-24:00
Performers Talk Guest: Noboru Tsubaki, Souryou Matsumura
Admission 1,000 yen (with 1 drink)
※Prior application system (will be closed once its reached to the capacity)
※Re-entry is possible
※20 years or older
Cooperation M-ON Entertainment Inc.
[Representative WALL ART Aristrist]
Keith Haring, who drew a picture on the New York subway billboard and became a graffiti artist representing the 80s, puts his positive message on the consumption cycle of POP culture and turns it into an inexpensive T-shirt. That sold in large quantities and delivered to the public.

BANKSY, a star in the post-graffiti era of the '00s, has its message by creating a graffiti of politics and criticism, pulling both the street and the art market, while completely penetrating anonymity and sending it to the world.

WALL ART, festival that has begun to be held in all parts of the world in the late 00s.
By "primary flight of Miami," WALL ART of El Mac and Retna shakes the art industry, and after that WALL ART will be accepted widely by both art market and art sightseeing spot.

Rio's “Favela Painting” creates a job as part of the art tourism industry, paying wages to local residents who co-produce a huge WALL ART, looking at the entire city as a huge canvas, and Kakaako districts in Hawaii “POW! WOW!” Contributes to the creation of a richer community, such as WALL ART and music festivals, community spaces and workshops.

Going back in time, graffiti work by many citizens on the Berlin Wall, which collapsed in 1989, expressed their feelings as a single WALL ART.


Noboru Tsubaki

(Contemporary art writer)

Born in Kyoto in 1953. Japanese Contemporary artist / Completed the Department of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts.
Exhibited "Fresh gasoline" at the 1953 Against Nature, producing the title of the exhibition.
Participated in Appert at the 1993 Venice Biennale.
At the 2001 Yokohama Triennale, the giant grasshopper balloon “Insect World-Grasshopper” was announced.
In 2003, Art Tower Mito under the theme of the world after 9.11 "United Nations boy exhibition."
In 2009, he held a solo exhibition “Tsubaki Noboru 2004-2009: GOLD / WHITE / BLACK” at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. In 2012, he held a “PREHISTORIC_PH” exhibition in Kirishima Art Forest (Kagoshima). He is the director of the 2013 Setouchi Art Festival “Sho + Sakate Project”, 2016 “Shodoshima Mirai Project”, Aomori Triennale 2017, ARTISTS’FAIR KYOTO.

Souryou Matsumura

(Master of tea ceremony /SHUHALLY)

Born in Yokohama in 1975. Graduated from the National Wales Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA). Graduated from Urasenke Gakuen Tea Ceremony College.
In 2009, we start tea ceremony classroom "SHUHALLY" in Sekiuchi, Yokohama. For freedom more in tea ceremony! More fun! Activity by concept called this arises sympathy from and it is invited department stores and gallery of the whole country again from foreign countries (Belgium, Spain, United States, France, Poland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea) and Official Residence of the Prime Minister and holds a large number of tea parties.
We host charity event by traditional culture and we try for new traditional reclamation, dispatch of Japanese culture and are active widely.
(majorities such as past appearance media :J-wave, ladies' pictorial, NEWSZERO, TEDx)


(tite-line | Mullet)

Started DJ career in early 2000.
Gradually for degrees of leaning to dance music after devotion to pursuing sampling sauce under the influence of hip-hop culture to this day; do.
It is the formation with original stance that fragment does not do while exceeding horizontal stripes that move base of activity to Tokyo from 2013, and come and go with house, techno, and are sometimes dangerous. We contribute to dance floors of the whole country while being active as resident of "tite-line" "Mullet" in Tokyo.
Since 2014, he has been in charge of music element planning for the art project “#BCTION”, which aims to add value to the dead space.
Starting with that, he was in charge of the 2018 “2019S / S VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK” SHOW sound source of “thibaut”, which attracted attention from around the world in “18S / S AMAZON FASHION WEEK TOKYO” in 2017.



Supervising EEZEE.
Belongs to BLACK SHEEP. Playing in various boxes nationwide, mainly in Tokyo He has a good reputation for DJing at outdoor parties.
At BLACK SHEEP, he found a hidden area on the ruins of the Trick Art Museum and a closed bridge, brought in a sound system and made a party from scratch. In addition, hosting annual beach party "BEACH WHISTLE" with members in summer.
With a private beach as a venue, create a space that is freer than any other place and is not controlled by anyone.
By truck production, two pieces of 12inch is released by label COREHEAD which oneself presides over.
In the live unit “DELTA THREE”, he was in charge of beat making. And announced musical piece by two pieces of compilation.
Recently, COREHEAD's house, the disco line “EEZEE” series was released.
Last year, he formed “SEASLUG” with yudayajazz.



#BCTION reuses dead space of city as art space and is art project to become sightseeing spot.
On the stage of demolition plan Building new Kojimachi building of Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Aristrist more than 80 sets participated, and the audience of 15,000 visited the first of 2014 in 17 days.
Unique achievement that demolished, and revivified planned building in sightseeing spot of art became topic and attracted attention in much media including SNS. In 2015, we demolish and hold free wall in planned Shibuya TOD building.
In 2018, we hacked dead space of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 which was open commercial facilities and held free-lance wall and mu RALU gallery.



Past holding events

Vol.9 2019/5/31 The Second Anniversary Special ~ Paul dance party ~
Vol.8 2019/2/22 LGBT and music
Vol.7 2018/11/30 Tight binding and art
Vol.6 2018/8/31 New showa songs and ballads
Vol.5 2018/5/25 C'5 Vol.5 1st Anniversary
Vol.4 2018/2/23 90s Shibuya design and music
Vol.3 2017/11/24 Culture of Hip Hop
Vol.2 2017/8/25 Keith Haring night
Vol.1 2017/5/26 



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