C'5 Curation party presented by CITTA'!

Curation party presented by CITTA'!

The event named 'C'5' from "CITTA", "CLUB", "CULTURE", "CREATIVE'" and "COMMUNITY" crating a great opportunity and organize a social gathering where people from a variety of background and guests and the party for adults started from March 2017 every three months.


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C' 5 vol.8 Theme: LGBT and Music
The movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" which depicts the life of Freddie Mercury, a vocalist of the English rock band "Queen", became a huge hit, and won the No. 1 ranking of box office incoming ranking in 2018. Freddie himself suffered way of living as LGBT / sexual minority is gathering the attention now.

There was a case in Taiwan, which was expected to become the first Asian gay legal state in Asia, that the bill happened to be rejected. Meanwhile, in Japan here, even if the survey results say "78.4% of the population agree with same-sex marriage", the system to support it does not progress and there are many people who feel resistance in coming out What should we do and live in 2019?
Let's think about it with music!

At the next C'5 vol.8 which will be held in February on international LGBT history month, we invite a critic / editor who is in the music information site "bmr", and from the depth of knowledge beyond the genre, "Maruya Kyubei" as a guest.
Maruya Kyubi who is also bisexual (B of LGBT), "The relationship between sexual minority and pop culture" from the 1950s to the present on the theme of "LGBT and music", gay · anthem / LGBT SONG We will introduce songs called musicians and episodes of musicians.

We hold DJ PARTY around LGBT SONG after talk show!
For this event, DJ Noodles visits Japan in particular from Taiwan which is Asian first-rate LGBT developed country! DJ Noodles who is also a lesbian (LGBT L) is an important figure of the Taiwanese music scene. The talk with great friend, Kyube Maruya might be included?
In addition, the LGBT scene and DJ Jundipper and BIBIY GERODELLE, Shinonome with mysterious relationship, Drag Queen of three people of Sasha B Savannah participate and heap up party thyme gorgeously!
Special plan of one-night only LGBT and the history of music. Please enjoy.
Date & Time 2019/2/22 (Fri) from 19:00 to 24:00
Admission 2,000 yen (1 drink included)
※Prior application system (will be closed once its reached to the capacity)
※Re-entry is possible ※20 years old or older
Plan, production KINOMUSIC
Cooperation: InterFM897

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Kyubei Maruya (QB Maruya)

QB, Maruya Kyubei is a music critic / Talker / SF critic / world history dark cider who will serve as the editor in the music information site "bmr" and named "Professional nard" which Mr. Spock also acknowledged. He had his own program "Mongolian / Death Rock" at Inter FM and appeared as commentator on various radio such as FM NORTH WAVE, J-WAVE etc. Mainly on "Maruya Kyubei Talk Live QB-CONTINUED", hardcore talk events utilizing abundant knowledge and excess information such as "Soul Food Assassins" and "Rethink World: Minority Report" are held almost every month.
Interested genres are music, world history, movies, religion, aztec empire, model, tattoo, cooking, metal, Rucha libre, science, kung fu, fighter, SF / fantasy, fictitious language, myth, cosplay, hallucination Agent, special effects, RPG, homosexuality, heterosexual love, comrade love, different star love……and more.

DJ Noodles

2006 DMC champion in Taiwan. She is the first woman finalist at DMC history. Same year DMC world championship 13th place. Black Aid Pease Taipei opening DJ. She played with DJ, Q-Beart, DJ Kentaro, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premiere, Naughty by nature and shared the stage with Steave Aoki and revolutionists of professional players and dance music. Mixture album called "Girls Dem Sugar" has released in 2005 by EMI Taiwan. It became hit to make the top 10 in Taiwanese chart, and Taiwanese club scene was a chance to accept dance hall reggae in earnest. International activity from 2006 and invited to the U.K., Switzerland, Japan, various countries including China to perform as DJ. As further big step, performing from 2010 through 2012 in well-known clubs of Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bali, Jakarta. In addition, we were featured by advertisement of Yahoo, and the advertisement was published in Taipei, New York, street of Los Angeles.

DJ Jundipper

From 95, DJ JUN started carrier and, not only as a DJ but developed activity as multi-talents such as a model of domestic brand fashion show, design and MC. DJ style is a selection of mixed genre such as HIP HOP, HOUSE, ROCK and the play which put emphasis on especially dancing became popular, and in addition to clubs, car shows and reception parties of overseas brands etc, actively play as DJ and expanding the places. Furthermore, produce and musical piece production of Aristrist start recently, too and deepen investigation as musician more. He is affected by various culture, and took in continues challenging possibility that is infinite as culture person with scarcity value to embody in original culture.


Cool, sexy and grammarras! Appear as Drag Queen in premiere in Japan and stage "Gala" of Jerome bell. Work on events such as dance event BALL (ball) focusing on gay culture, techno event DR.DRAG (Doctor Dragag), Beyonce song, Beyonce show only BEYONCE NIGHT, etc. featuring fetish, cyber punk and neo Tokyo concept , Clubs in Tokyo mainly working on go-go, hostess, MC, event creation and management. Managing in costume, wig production and video editing.


2008 debut
Active in various club scenes mainly in Tokyo.
[Music video] Toshiki Yonekura, Ayumi Hamasaki
[Movie] Kusoyaro and the beautiful world
etc. work appearances.

Sasha B Savannah

Performer, Drag Queen which performed respect of diva Beyonce, and were born.
Start activity in 2010, including various events and majority media, movie appearance is playing an active part widely.

Beyond the name of Savanna, powerful and dynamic performance always continues to fascinate the audience.


Past holding events

Vol.7 2018/11/30 Tight binding and art
Vol.6 2018/8/31 New showa songs and ballads
Vol.5 2018/5/25 1st Anniversary
Vol.4 2018/2/23 90s, Shibuya design and music
Vol.3 2017/11/24 Culture of Hip Hop
Vol.2 2017/8/25 Keith Haring night
Vol.1 2017/5/26 



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