Kawasaki cinema street performance Festival

One of the kind in Japan! Street Performance Festival featured theme of the movie materials!!
Don' miss their great performance!

Event Summary

Date Sunday, April 7, 2019

※End time varies according to the venues. ※Outdoor venue changes place in rainy day and is scheduled. Heavy rain stormy weather cancellation

Venue JR Kawasaki Station east exit open space, open space in front of rufuron, Azeria (sunlight open space) ※The first floor under the ground
The camping cafe & grill (Restaurant), LA CITTADELLA (the center fountain open space), the KeikyuKawasaki station square (underpass)
Admission Free of charge
※Tell favorite entertainer about feeling in tossed coin!

Appearance performers announcement!
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QUEENESS SPECIAL LIVE "cinema street performance FES version"

QUEEN tribute band "QUEENESS" leading fredy Eto whom member "Brian May" of QUEEN recognizes comes up in cinema street performance festival!
The last of show completely reproduces the last scene of movie Bohemian rhapsody! Do not miss 21 minutes of impression!

Venue LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
Time: 18:00-18:45
Fee: Free of charge
Performers QUEENESS

Special lecture: Think about street performance of the present age from "roam art of Japan" for half a century

We hold special lecture to read history of street performance in Japan from prewar days to the present age.
Please thoroughly enjoy academic plan only by cinema street performance Festival.

~ lecture summary ~
Street performance of Japan was cut off by history of entertainment and almost became extinct once in Japan after the war.
However, ability, Kabuki, puppet play or rakugo, lecture, many traditional arts including naniwa-bushi reciting depart from "street performance".
Festival is carried out in each places of the whole country, too, and street performance is the full bloom now.
While not only street performance as event but also blessing art or vender art, beefsteak shop art such as banzai and Ise grand performance of sacred music and dancing at the Ise Shrine, doll mawashi of festival, fair overlook this time, we think about modern street performance.

Time: OPEN/START 16:00
CLOSE 17:00
Entrance 1 order system
Speaker Toshiaki Kamijima (Asakusa miscellaneous accomplishments group's leader)
Official SNS
Reception hours It becomes correspondence of 10:00-18:30 on weekdays.
TEL 044-233-1934
MAIL wakai@citta-ent.co.jp
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