Kawasaki Cinema Street Performance Festival

First event inJapan!? Street performance festival featured theme of the movie material
Decided to hold this year again with great popularity!
Date March 24th Sat and 25th Sun 2018 ※Two days holding
※End time varies according to the venues.
※Outdoor venue changes in rainy day and cancels in case of heavy rain or stormy weather
※Information on rainy weather will be announced on the day at official FB.

Venue Kawasaki station east exit commerce whole area, 5 venues
JR Kawasaki Station East Exit Station Square / Kawasaki LeFront Square / Kawasaki Azeria Sunlight Square / LA CITTADELLA / CINECITTA' Street

Admission: Free entrance ※Please throw some money to your favorite entertainer!


Comedy X cinema
New plan!
It is topic with TV? Popular entertainers participate in cinema street performance festival of this.
We roll up venue in whirlpool of laughter with the special movie material.
Performers Saturday, March 24:
matobayuu & Maho Koide

Sunday, March 25:
nezutchi / kogaken

※Free Entrance!
※Please refer to timetable at venue, time.
Furthermore, we scale-up and hold the event‼
Kawasaki cinema street performance Festival
Special night @ MUSIC BAR A'TTIC
Last year, DJ PARTY consisting only movie soundtrack held for the first time was very popular, it is transferred to the indoor music bar this time!
Furthermore, cinema performer festival performers also appeared and showes performance of the movie story, it's permitted since the indoor venue! We invite all of you to the world of laughter in this.
Please enjoy a special night mixed with music, laughter and movies.
Date Sunday, March 25
Time The opening / start: 18:00
The curtain: 21:30 (plan)
Admission 500 yen (1DRINK charge)
Performers Useless jan Koide (performer) / VJ comic cut / Kogaken (comedian) / Nezutchi (comedian)
DJ: Shotaro /Hat Prince / DJ Koki / Betty / Hatarou / OSHINOBI DISKO
Cooperation: Movie sound track DJ event [CLUB HOLLYWOOD]
Simultaneous holding!
CINEMA CAFÉ @ table 895 Karuizawa
In conjunction with the Cinema Street Performing Arts Festival, free screening invited Sakamoto Yorimitsu a great successor of the early masterpieces of Comedy King Chaplin "Adventure" and "Firefighter Husband" as a new generation of activity!
Please enjoy the world of traditional art of narration "movie explainer" peculiar to Japan with delicious dishes.
Venue Table 895 Karuizawa
Date Saturday, March 24
Time The first from 13:30 to 14:10
The second from 15:30 to 16:10
※Free Entrance!
※One order system
Activity eloquent speaker Yorimitsu Sakamoto
Screening work The first "adventure of Chaplin" (1917 supervision, appearance = Charlie Chaplin)
"Spray of blood Takadanobaba" (1928.supervision = Daisuke Ito / appearance = Denjiro Okochi, Junzaburo Ban)

The second "fireman of Chaplin" (1916.supervision, appearance = Charlie Chaplin)
"Country person incomparableness" (1932.supervision = Mansaku Itami / appearance = Chiezo Kataoka, Isuzu Yamada)
Promotor "Kawasaki picture promotion forum"
Chaplin work The sales agency eye Vee sea
Jag ring experience corner
We will touch jag ring goods which professional uses!
Branch naranha
Lecturer NJC (Nihon University jag ring circle)
Branch time From 11:00 to 18:00
Body paint experience corner
You can become a character from that movie?
Branch Ravi bell Tokyo - loss tile
Branch time From 11:00 to 18:00
Kawasaki Station east exit regional activation event executive committee
(Kawasaki-city / Kawasaki-city Tourism Association / Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Kawasaki-city mall alliance society / NPO corporation kawasaki move art support corps / Kawasaki Azeria / LA CITTADELLA)
"Kawasaki picture promotion forum"
Planning & Production
CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. / After Cloudy Company (ACC)
TEL 044-233-1934 (weekdays 10:00 to 18:30)