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"PIAZZA CENTRALE" of LA CITTADELLA where we can see from VIA CINECITTA' bridge, shops & Restaurants and every area of facilities.

We hold variety of live performance mainly on the weekend and holiday, please enjoy our entertainment at LA CITTADELLA.

Saturday, June 4

Takumi Ishida

Debut major in 1998, The Kaleidoscope.
Theme song "whereabouts of happiness" of movie "GO" is animation "ending theme song "fish" of ONE PIECE, and get support. We are active as vocal music person Takumi Ishida now. We perform instructor, chorus, musical piece offer at the same time.
We sing young jump serialization "kingdom" and "arutishia of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN II sorrow" theme song. We cast "Arcadia under bridge" as Miyuki Nakajima ball VOL.18 in 2014 and appear.

14:30〜 2nd

Official site: http://www.kowanebito.jp/index.html

Sunday, June 5


With first original album "RISING" in 8 years, THE SURF COASTERS comes up in Kawasaki!
The first album which was recorded in three people of Ito treetop (Drums) where we joined among leaders formally in Nobuhiro Kurita (Bass), 2014 that were shigeo (Guitar), member since 1997. While live in Shanghai, festival participation in Italy, Miki Hirayama live support develop active activity this year.

14:00〜 2nd

Official site: http://www.surfcoasters.com

Saturday, June 11

THE 5tion

Four people who are full of good-looking guys of an average of 186cm tall chosen by audition that we held in Korea.
Sion of model to give off mysterious beauty that is playing an active part in Shin who is actor who it is lecturer at vocal of music academy, and appears on May Jun, drama and CM releasing solo album in Korea with singing talent to rarely see a lot, and reminds of aristocratic-looking man, ruki which is lecturer at dance of the government entrance examination specialty cram school which got gold medal in many dance performance contests, movie, TV, CM. We do commencing with live in SHOW BOX performed by four systems from this February, and "You are my" which we released last year in Korea creates a sensation very much. And debut in Japan is decided on May 25.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: http: //5tion.co.jp/index.php

Sunday, June 12


Several sets of much-talked-about Aristrist appears in central fountain open space!
Please see by all means at this opportunity!

Performers nikoichihekiiai*  / HIGH BONE MUSCLE


Saturday, June 18

tsuzuri zukuri CANDLE LIVE

LA CITTADELLA sends wonderful space to sun of the long summer solstice of sun by candle live most in one year.

<tsuzuri zukuri>
Much-talked-about acoustic unit "tsuzuri zukuri" where fan spreads mainly on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga in each places of the whole country in SNS comes up in LA CITTADELLA!
Release live of album "neoharizumu" completing year of the fifth anniversary of the organization!
※Venue becomes VIA CINECITTA' (in front of directory).


Official site: http://tsuzurizukuri.com/

Sunday, June 19

CITTA' Busking Performance

Performers active in various places appear in CITTA'! Please enjoy at this opportunity.
※At appearance time, it is not decided.
※Performer may be changed.

We plan several times between 14:00-20:00.

Saturday, June 25


In 2015, we are receiving training "now. Appearance media's first after pre-activity period as "for men by JUNON7 mon release first page size feature. We reveal official unit name by announcement live of the next day with CUBERS.
In last October, CD makes its debut in single "SHY". We release 3rd single "STAND BY YOU" on July 20. Group of 5 Boys unit that high musical piece characteristics are supported.

※We distribute great value-limited coupon which is usable at store of LA CITTADELLA for two days of sun on sat, 26th on 25th at each site in the facility. Please stop by at this opportunity.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:30 ~

Official site: http://cubers.jp/

Sunday, June 26

2forPLANET (tuentifo planet)

2015 organization. We create "planet going around you for 24 hours" "music that there is around you for 24 hours" in order to make new planet.
We send stylish and positive totally new "cosmicsound" which reflected view on romance of man and woman. Free and easy singing voice of two people gets wide support from children to the elderly.

※We distribute great value-limited coupon which is usable at store of LA CITTADELLA for two days of sun on sat, 26th on 25th at each site in the facility. Please stop by at this opportunity.

14:30 2nd

Official site: http: //2forplanet.net/

Monday, June 27

Novaurelia X mari child

Piano recital with a musical instrument Singer song-writer, solo project of mizuhashiayaka. We are active in recital with a musical instrument, various forms including band formation in the suburbs of Tokyo.
Love, dream, past, future, it like jellyfish to and fro. Self-styled pro-floating piano rock to sing a feeling of floating of heart in.

mari child
147 centimeters tall born in 1989 from Nagano
In spite of being nameless singer who sings while playing the piano on Tokyo live house and street, 2014.12.5 full album "continues of dream"; de whole country debut.
We sing song for to oneself tomorrow's and you whom he/she asks through oneself past.

※Venue becomes "THE CAMP CAFE&GRILL".
In the case of entrance, please note that 1 order is necessary.

19:30~ 2nd
20:30 ~ 3rd
21:30 ~

Jazz night

Jazz at La Cittadella ♪ LA CITTADELLA jazz night

Every Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Free entrance / event will be canceled in case of rain.

Jazz night for grown-ups with romance and night dating.

  • On every Wednesday, discount is full in LA CITTADELLA Ladies' Day♪
    Details from here

Reporting: ※Portal site specialized in jazz


By convenience, it is Jazz La Cittadella night ♪ This should stop in September, 2018. In the case of resumption, we guide in our page.

Wednesday, June 1

Groove Travelers

For short "conspiracy thora", is.
Funk group which featured Horne section.
Masaya Matsuzaki (Trp), Shota Suzuki (Trp), Suyama Yoshio (Trb), konumasakiryo (A.Sax), Mio Hiromoto (B.Sax), Bungo Nakamatsu (Gt), sakawa*homare (Key), Tatsuhiko Abe (B), Takumi, Nakajima (D)


Wednesday, June 8

Gypon Copain

"Gypon= Yoshikuni Abe + Copain= friend" gitarisutogipon and the friends do occasion; is kind, and slightly pleasant music. It may be sad to be able to be rarely fixed at time intensely.
However, we hear for some reason, and, sound and melody full of individuality mainly on Spanish guitar, comfortable space with familiarity spreads out. Please enjoy new world, giponwarudo where do not have in strike and fence of song thing.


Wednesday, June 15

Tierra Cuatro

We form led by quena & samponya player, Yamashita Topo Yohei in February, 2010.
The sound world has both urban polish and air of Nature and projects all things in nature vividly.
In September, 2015, is invited than Bolivian jazz Festival; to tour in South America. We get enthusiastic welcome and praise and attract attention worldwide.


Official site: http://tierracuatro.com/

Wednesday, June 22

Yusuke Kono piano trio

Pianist Yusuke Kono and bassist-za Ryoichi Oda graduate from The New School of NY prestigious university which produced Brad Mehldau, Roy Hargrove and Robert Glasper, and Shinnosuke Kinoshita of drummer gets prize in contests more various than school days. Yusuke Kono forms band after returning home than studying in NY in 2014.
We are sending Real Jazz from Tokyo to the whole country, the world.


Wednesday, June 29

Miku Yonezawa group

We enter BIC band at 11 years old and begin jazz including tenor sax than 8 years old.
Naomi music college technical school solo PLAYERS contest gold medal.
We study under Akio Miyazaki with sax.
Commencing with live, we play club, performance, lecturer, recording in bars, BIC band, live support widely without being seized with genre. We do guest-shot in support of idol group "notall", TBS radio "tamamusubi" and continue carrying out an energetic activity.