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"PIAZZA CENTRALE" of LA CITTADELLA where we can see from VIA CINECITTA' bridge, shops & Restaurants and every area of facilities.

We hold variety of live performance events mainly on the weekend and holiday, please enjoy our entertainment at LA CITTADELLA.

Saturday, July 1

CITTA' bus King performance

Performer playing an active part in each place appears in CITTA'! Please enjoy at this opportunity.
Performers: Bellflower Brothers / mistake Sullivan
※Performer may be changed.

It is several times during from 14:00 to 20:00

Sunday, July 2

Daisy X Daisy

We are born in music home and receive special education after childhood. 
We study enka ballad since the age of 4 years old and leave Ehime for Tokyo to become enka ballad singer. We are apprenticed to teacher of enka ballad and learn enka ballad by living with the family.
Band is formed by thought to want to experience various genres. We are active as solo vocal project Daisy X Daisy and, after some band activities, start. It is active mainly in anison (theme song of regiosu of steel husk, FAIRY TAIL theme song) by central figure.
"majikarusuito PRISM Nana" of 2016 shaft production OVA project start. It is decided that Daisy X Daisy is in charge of seven pieces of ending of all OVA7 books.

13:00 ... 2nd
15:00 ...

Official site: http: //10years-alliance.com/

Saturday, July 8


Guitar vocal Sakurai Reiji, keyboard vocal Katsuji Hideki.
"Voice to fill voice to snuggle up to next to you, gap of heart" consisting of Singer song-writer of two people
Twin vocal unit to sing daily life and love in o theme "two one self-"
We are active in the whole country in local Yokohama and metropolitan area center.

14:20 ...

Official site: https://twitter.com/215elf

Sunday, July 9

GOOD BYE APRIL "Heisei songs and ballads festival"

"Modern version new music"
We form in Tokyo in 2011.
Storehouse product said to be musical piece to let feel homesickness cutting scene and one & only runs; no vocal.
Live to charm with storehouse product and the lyrics with each individuality with deferred book, certain band ensemble and MC not to decorate again is charm.
The music that is evergreen to ask in neither generation who made good old pop music such as new music and Eiichi Otaki, Kazumasa Oda blood relatives nor the times is acquiring wide support.
We release 3rd mini album "FLASH" meeting place-limited than the first hall autocrat live carried out in Shibuya mount Rainier hall in June, 2017.

13:30 ... 2nd
15:00 ...

Official site: http://goodbyeapril.com/


Jazz at La Cittadella ♪ LA CITTADELLA jazz night

Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00

Free of enter, in case of rain the event will be canceled.

Jazz night for grown-ups with romance and night dating.

  • On every Wednesday, discount is full in LA CITTADELLA Ladies' Day♪
    Details from here

Reporting: ※Portal site specialized in jazz

Wednesday, July 5


ukawa*ta* (Key), Masayuki Sakakida (G), Shinya Yamazaki (Bs), Takamori proton (Perc)
Around ukawa*ta* of piano keyboardist instrumental music group which featured the theme of "is happy".
Other than jazz, pop music, we play various celebrity music including Ghibli in original original.

From 18:00 to 19:00

Wednesday, July 12

Yuki Moritaka

It was born in Sendai-shi, Miyagi for 1,973 years.
We have GUITAR in our hand attracted by VAN HALEN, but convert to BASS.
We are shocked by "HEAD HUNTERS" of HERBIE HANCOCK and become able to see in BLACK MUSIC.
We study under JAZZ BASSIST Osamu Kawakami after Kamigyo.
We release leader album 3 work from RECORD in FROM FAR EAST. Unique collaboration 2 work release with "festival sinter united."
We release 4th Album "OL'SKOOL" from T-TOC RECORDS in 2014.
June 28, 2017 NEW ALBUM"JUSTICE" release.

From 18:00 to 19:00

Official site: https://www.mori-takayuki.com/

Wednesday, July 19

Tierra Cuatro

tiera Quattro which leads pioneer of flute quena of bamboo, Yamashita Topo Yohei. World instrumental music pop music which bathed in enthusiastic cheers of local audience on tour in South America. Long-awaited second album charming further flight is now on sale from "the distance to the distance"!

From 18:00 to 19:00

Official site: http://tierracuatro.com/