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"PIAZZA CENTRALE" of LA CITTADELLA where we can see from VIA CINECITTA' bridge, shops & Restaurants and every area of facilities.

We hold variety of live performance mainly on the weekend and holiday, please enjoy our entertainment at LA CITTADELLA.

Saturday, September 1

CITTA' Busking Performance

Performers active in various places appear in CITTA'! Please enjoy at this opportunity.

It is several times between 14:00-20:00

Sunday, September 2


BIG ISLAND RECORDS where up-and-coming young artists gather holds live now!
Please enjoy!

Beautiful cherry tree/Ito Masahiro/RIRIKO

12:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: https://www.bigislandrecords.com

Saturday, September 8

GOOD BYE APRIL "Heisei songs festival"

We form in Tokyo in "modern version new music" 2011.
Storehouse product said to be musical piece to let feel homesickness cutting scene and one & only runs; no vocal.
Live to charm with storehouse product and the lyrics with each individuality with deferred book, certain band ensemble and MC not to decorate again is charm.
The music that is evergreen to ask in neither generation who made good old pop music such as new music and Eiichi Otaki, Kazumasa Oda blood relatives nor the times is acquiring wide support.
We release 3rd mini album "FLASH" venue-limited than the first hall autocrat live carried out in Shibuya mount Rainier hall in June, 2017.
We hold the 2days autocrat live concert "escape from circus" that assumed "live" and "concert" concept in Shimokitazawa GARAGE, Shinagawa club eX in December, 2017.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: https://www.goodbyeapril.com/

Sunday, September 9

Upper part of a river Takayuki/KENNEL (kennel)/Yusuke Takahashi

Upper part of a river Takayuki
Piano recital with a musical instrument Singer song-writer from Yokohama.
We start music activity in 2002 and release three pieces of CDs including album CD nationwide by 2007. At the same time, we act as personality of FM radio and the Internet TV show, voice Trainer and widen width of activity.
It is major release with maxisingle CD "puzzle of loneliness" first than May 30, 2018, music /mars entertainment between crown virtue in 12 years.

KENNEL (kennel)
Band which was formed in dog Taro (Kentaro) (Vo&Eg), Kazufumi Umemura (Ag&Cho), three people of Tomita Mito (Per&Cho).
We realized KENNEL sound that group of 3 of sharp various percussions of the sharpness wove to overwhelming twin guitar which battled by certain performance full of senses of fun!

Yusuke Takahashi
We are from Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
After Restaurant, live bar and street live activity alone to New York. Singer song-writer which features singing voice given with gentleness warmly. We develop all over Japan, abroad live activity around Yokohama. We release the first CD "Can't stop" in July, 2017.
We are going to release 2nd album in October, 2018.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:20 ~

Saturday, September 15

Eri Nishi incense

Eri Nishi incense holds band set-free live "LAST SUMMER DRESS" in this summer!
Comfortable live, right or wrong that entrance Flea is luxurious outdoors come.
Are there conventional Archive goods or thing which is available only here in venue? ?


Official site: http://www.nishierika.com/#home

Sunday, September 16

Yui Niitsu

After RYTHM, activity in Neat's, it releases "Neat' s Wonder planet" as real name "Yui Niitsu" in 2018

15:00 ~

Official site: https://www.neatsyui.com/

Monday, September 17

shogyomujo Brothers

Performers active in various places appear in CITTA'! Please enjoy at this opportunity.
Performers shogyomujo Brothers

※In Banzai Mick which planned appearance, appearance became cancellation by convenience.

It is several times between 12:00-18:00

Sunday, September 23

Mitsuboshi Nanni

Record the third place in kids' family section of Amazon bestseller ranking, and character song "rock'n roll panda bread" which is quite popular at national game society and athletic meet is appointed as TVCM song, very much up-and-coming Aristrist.


Official site: https://ameblo.jp/nanni-mitsuboshi/

9/24 Monday (holiday)

Takeshi Furusawa

After the CD release in Singer song-writer (34 years old) indies, "Color" releases in September of the year.

Company CM of Nippon Meat Packers was appointed in 2017.
CM "Kimino power" of Nippon Meat Packers is appointed again in 2018 and releases single.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: http://www.furusawa-takeshi.com

Thursday, September 27


Group of 5 man dance vocal group from Korea.
It is radical pair that built career in each member, vocal, various fields including dance. Member is sand, hojun, B-Jyu (bijoux), XERO (zero) of leader, five people of the sun won.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: https://hy-ent.com/

Saturday, September 29


3MC which was formed in Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
(DEppa/ meatball/peach tea) pop group of +1 truck maker (electric bulb).
Under the theme of "dried cuttlefish sound that taste is reflected on so as to listen if we listen," we sing melody to reach the straight lyrics and right in the middle of heart.
Live that there are tears which there is laughter in in produces a warm sense of unity regardless of any people regardless of age or sex.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: http://shikuramen.jp/

Sunday, September 30


Dance performance by ETC Dance School of LA CITTADELLA VIVACE 4F!
From kids to adult, students of wide age group show dance.
Please enjoy SHOW full of variety!

14:30〜 2nd

Official site: http://lacittadella.co.jp/shop/detail/etc_danceschool/

Jazz night

Jazz at La Cittadella ♪ LA CITTADELLA jazz night

Every Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Free entrance / event will be canceled in case of rain.

Jazz night for grown-ups with romance and night dating.

  • On every Wednesday, discount is full in LA CITTADELLA Ladies' Day♪
    Details from here

Reporting: ※Portal site specialized in jazz


By convenience, it is Jazz La Cittadella night ♪ This should stop in September, 2018. In the case of resumption, we guide in our page.

Wednesday, September 19

laid back bicycle

Instrumental music trio consisting of keyboard, bass, drums. May, 2016 organization.
Melody delicate fleetingly that bass Yamamori creates increases technical rhythm that and core resists of drums Gohara and can finish running keyboard lightly at the top.
Centering on a feeling of simple harmony only by trio, we adopt factor of jazz Latin and continue increasing musical pieces under the theme of "yureru" shaking body naturally.

Official site: http://laidbackbicycle.com/

Wednesday, September 26

Tierra Cuatro

Four groups which was formed led by quena & samponya player, Yamashita Topo Yohei in February, 2010. Even tour in South America gets enthusiastic welcome and praise in 2015 when we were invited formally from quena birthplace Bolivia. Second album following measure debut "tiera" is now on sale from "the distance to the distance"!


Official site: https://tierracuatro.com/