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"PIAZZA CENTRALE" of LA CITTADELLA where we can see from VIA CINECITTA' bridge, shops & Restaurants and every area of facilities.

We hold variety of live performance mainly on the weekend and holiday, please enjoy our entertainment at LA CITTADELLA.

Thursday, October 4


Group of 7 Boys group which made its debut in Korea in May, 2015.
First Love!! of “ everybody "Refreshing system idol [ROMEO (Romeo)].
It releases in November, and Japanese 2nd single person is decided!

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Sunday, October 07

doridoriyoridorimufesutibaru in autumn

It is forest dream
Only forest dream anything full of sad humanity somewhat sings song which cannot sing if we think whether it is POP.
We carry out a live activity in Fukuoka energetically from 2014 and go to Tokyo in last October.
Artist who lets you light person watching on live to split open as comical pop singer songwriter, stage full of power.
We are going to hold Tokyo autocrat live becoming the second time to 2018/12/8 in Shibuya Star lounge.

We are active as Singer song-writer from February, 2017 and start.
We catch heart of listening person by melody that is catchy and colorful, powerful singing voice in pop.
Oneself first autocratic live is held in commemoration of the activity second anniversary in Shibuya eggman on February 10, 2019.

Give musical piece of "Madoromi" in single "LPS" of NEWS released in January, 2018, and participate by words, composition, song in animation "wife of magician" Episode 14 in song of insertion "Rose", is just Singer song-writer which is young and spirited of attention.
In November, autocrat live for the first time in about one year is decided in Tokyo and Osaka.
※Seam ~ of autocratic live Kaco one-man Live ~ silver
November 8, 2018 @ Shimokitazawa 440
November 24, 2018 @ Osaka Izumo province temple

It is Sciaena albiflora of this
We start live activity in September of twelfth grader.
We form "complaint band" in July in the next year. Activity in band starts, too.
We make up our mind that music gives life afterwards though we find a job after the graduation from high school.
Anyway, we like live.
Dream loses live in large bandstand as it does not show end for all night.
Return love.
Love music until you die.

12:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Saturday, October 20


Daisuke mini album "NOMAD" release memory event held decision!
We perform regularly on corner in information entertainment program "ZIP!" affiliated with Nippon Television and take a trip to the Japanese inside and go.
Singer song-writer which features banyan tree which atmosphere not to be able to leave and unusual singing voice to remain in ear if we listen once are slightly also skillful in refreshingly.


Official site: http://www.daisuke-music.com/index.html

Sunday, October 21

Sho Uesugi

Free live + album precedence release autograph session event
Sho Uesugi FREE LIVE 2018 AUTUMN

We fire million hits as vocalist of WANDS, and Sho Uesugi who repeated al.ni.co, solo, careers called neko* after withdrawal holds Flea live + album precedence release autograph session event that led the whole country release of solo album "The Mortal" which it becomes 12 years since the last.

※"The Mortal" normal board precedence release privilege: Original check
  There are instructions about viewing method. Please confirm in this

13:30 ~

Jazz night

Jazz at La Cittadella ♪ LA CITTADELLA jazz night

Every Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Free entrance / event will be canceled in case of rain.

Jazz night for grown-ups with romance and night dating.

  • On every Wednesday, discount is full in LA CITTADELLA Ladies' Day♪
    Details from here

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By convenience, it is Jazz La Cittadella night ♪ This should stop in September, 2018. In the case of resumption, we guide in our page.