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"PIAZZA CENTRALE" of LA CITTADELLA where we can see from VIA CINECITTA' bridge, shops & Restaurants and every area of facilities.

We hold variety of live performance mainly on the weekend and holiday, please enjoy our entertainment at LA CITTADELLA.

Saturday, March 02

Love triangle feat. Takuya Miura

Mainly on musical piece of piano Ryo Sonoda commented, "we hear song though there is not song", guitar Takuya Miura of DEPAPEPE which is pronoun of trumpeter Chihiro Yamazaki and in strike pop that the meaning of a poem sounds through chest is gathered.
It releases the second piece original album "wonderful relations" by "association declaration" in major debut, February, 2019 in 2016!

14:00〜 2nd
15:30 ~

Official site: http://sankakukankei.com

Sunday, March 17

Super Break Dawn

Boys group "Super Break Dawn(SBD)" which tells resistance to prejudice and suppression of youth, and aims at the daybreak of the new times.
We make our debut in April, 2018 and appear on many domestic BIC events last year. 1st single "Silent Snow" of November release gets the indies single ranking third place for Oricon week!
4/2 sun release 2nd single "Blood in Chains" of SBD carried on force movie "bye-bye vamp!" It was decided on opening theme.

※Please confirm the details about viewing in this.

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:30 ~

Official site: http://superbreakdawn.jp

03/21 Thursday (holiday)


We are active as twin vocal unit by ~ niyoyu, the budding pivot in 2017 and start.
We hold first autocrat live Vol.1 "Departuers" in August of the year.
After that we perform performance that is on the rocks live as band that we put success in in Vol.5 "DISCOVER" which repeats activities, and was performed in Shibuya WWW in September, 2018.


Official site: http://www.twinparadox-web.com/#TOP

Saturday, March 23


Debut major in November, 2006 at "the Shimokitazawa south exit."
On February 13, 2019, we release new album "BOOKMARK" becoming the oneself eighth piece.
Holding of Higashi-Meihan tour "kainatsuBOOKMARK Tour 2019 ~ we are good while singing ~" which caught release in March is decision!

13:00 ~ 2nd
15:00 ~

Official site: http://kainatsu.jp/

Sunday, March 24

Radio Science

Start activity in 2008 mainly on acoustic live with street, and establish axis and original harmony-style which did with Japanese cover of Western music; and "sound of rain is release in the investigation by Chopin" indies single in December of the year. We enlarge place of activity in the suburbs of Kawasaki that is hometown, Yokohama others Kanto.
It is large size frill pop Duo to attract attention most in now featuring overwhelming melodious voice to strongly soak gorgeously indulgently, and to enter and piano arrangement to let it is sad kindly, and beautiful Melo of crying to shake heart sound.

14:00〜 2nd

Official site: www.radioscience.jp

Sunday, March 31


Unit by YUKA (Vo./Lyrics) and MASAKI (Composer).
Coined word of meaning "and straw worth mon" which we crossed French "mou" (soft) and English "moon mon" and moumoon and made.
We release 8th album "NEWMOON" to 3/6.


Official site: https://www.moumoon.com/

Jazz night

Jazz at La Cittadella ♪ LA CITTADELLA jazz night

Every Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Free entrance / event will be canceled in case of rain.

Jazz night for grown-ups with romance and night dating.

  • On every Wednesday, discount is full in LA CITTADELLA Ladies' Day♪
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By convenience, it is Jazz La Cittadella night ♪ This should stop in September, 2018. In the case of resumption, we guide in our page.