CITTA' hard height dunk

A large set of 15 store magnificent menus gathering! It will be free if you can eat up alone before the time limit!

※When we witness you are eating with others, it does not become free even if you eat up all.
※You cannot leave seat during challenge. If you leave your seat, it is a failure
※In case of challenge success, you cannot challenge again at the same store. Challenge at other stores is possible.
※In case of challenge failure, you are expected to pay menu amount of money.
※Of course share with several is possible, too. (in that case, it does not become free.)
※You better be perfect with physical condition! Please never overdo it.
※Challenge is self-responsibility. Even if poor physical condition and emergency accident occur, our store cannot take responsibility.

"CITTA' hard portion dunk" campaign is held!

When hashtag "# CITTA' hard portion dunk" "# LA CITTADELLA", and post menu photograph and you impression, will get present for "ten people with five sets of watching home game tickets" by Kawasaki Brave Thunders player signatures T-shirt" by lottery!


2018/2/1 (thu) -2/28 (wed)

※We may publish won comment and image in LA CITTADELLA official SNS page. You understand, and please apply.
※It is how many things per person, but can post.
※Notification to elected candidate becomes direct message. Please note that it is not accepted inquiry by telephone and email.