"CINECITTA'" which is nucleus of CITTA' group is born as first Japanese full-scale cinema complex in 1987.
And we founded 12screen in November, 2002 and became cinema complex proud of the number of the seats largest in metropolitan area of 3,200 seats.
We cover all major works with the number of the abundant screen. And flexible program constitution that considered the single work and plan type screening of hall origin is enabled, and movie to want to see if we go in "CINECITTA'" always provides environment shown anytime.

■Business outline

・Programming and advertising, sales promotion of the screening work of "CINECITTA'"
・Order management of commercial before screening
・Theater management
・Sales strategy development, conduct of stand
・Plan about movie performance, administration all areas of our operation


It is coined word that combined CITTA' (town) with CINEMA (movie) of Italian and is naming associated with shooting place = CINECITTA' existing in the suburbs of Rome.

■The number of the audience mobilization, box office achieves Nihonichi together in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.


Representative: Misu Alessandro capital: 30 million yen establishment: November 1, 1982