"CLUB CITTA'" which brought about much good acting by domestic and foreign eminent artists was reborn as new life "CLUB CITTA'" in January, 2002 since we opened as pioneer of large live hall in 1988.

It was without including the latest stage sound facilities and function for multimedia, and remaining in live performance that we coped with every possibility up to various events, fashion shows, dramas including public viewings of world wide sports.

We tell exciting stage to the audience more directly and, through space where it increases before, and the audience can share a sense of unity with Aristrist, send more vibes to the music scenes of the world.

In addition, CLUB CITTA' carries out tour, event of domestic and foreign various Aristrist as independent concert promoter without merely staying for administration, management of live hall "CLUB CITTA'".

■Business outline

・Booking, plan, produce, administration of live hall "CLUB CITTA'", all areas of our operation about management

・Overall concert/event promotion Division (plan, production, haiken, promotion, administration)

■Live hall "CLUB CITTA'" summary

Seating capacity: 1,300 1F halls (standing), 600 (seat placement)

2F box seat

Incidental facilities: Bar counter of recording studio, VTR editing room, the large-scale picture equipment for 200-inch screen, sound facilities, lobby of use of JBL vatekku (VERTEC) speaker and the hall, dressing room ten rooms for performer


Representative: Misu Alessandro capital: 100 million yen establishment: February 24, 1988