Business outline

・Bowling, batting, administration, maintenance of sports recreation related facility "ATHLECITTA'" including billiards, facility management

・Sauna, administration of relaxation facility including capsule hotel

・Development of new leisure

Facility summary

・AC bowl: Introduce modern facilities using hi-tech machine parts, bowling alley of 16 lanes

・AC batting center: Breaking ball and the selectable latest batting machine facilities of consecutive holidays. Play is available for pitching and batting together

・Try Bekka: Billiards & dart bar of chic appearance with 1 district name of downtown of New York as store's name.

・CAPSEL in Kamata: Special order design of type that CAPSEL enters at the side where it is easy to go in and out of. We introduce Kanto's first cabin type CAPSEL

・Garden sauna Kamata: Sauna room, jet bath, supersonic waves bath, sweating room, rest room, equipped with massage room

・REX INN: We open as capsule hotel of the neighboring area's first fine view open-air bath juxtaposition in December, 2000

Representative: Misu Alessandro capital: 50 million yen establishment: November 25, 1958

Facility information