The 14th HAISAI FESTA2017

Thank you for your the 14th "Haisai Festa" visit!

Thank you very much for participation of a lot of Haisai Festa 2017!
Blessed with weather, the whole CITTA' was dyed Okinawa color! It will be the 15th becoming commemorative next year.
It is ... in fun by all means!


To all visitors

◇Please refrain from carry-on foods and drinks from outside.
◇Eating and drinking space are limited, please make mutual concessions.
◇Please use smoking area.
◇Please refrain from sit-in act in front of shops.
◇Shooting with movie still camera enters. Photographed material may be used for the media or sponsor trade rag. Thank you for your understanding
◇In case of natural disaster, other inevitability may cancel the event.