The 14th HAISAI FESTA2017

Okinawan cuisine stand & product exhibition

More than 50 stalls will be there!
Orion draft beers at outdoor is especially great! Enjoy great taste of Okinawa dishes!!

Date & Time
From May 3rd Wed to May 7th Sun.  OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 20:00 (LO19: 30)
Arena CITTA' (the Futsal court), CINECITTA' street, CLUB CITTA' street

Food & Beverage

Brown sugar agarasa 250 yen

Brown sugar steamed cake with nice texture.
[Gushiken Shyoten]

Fried potatoes with sweet potato sauce 700 yen

High impact of very long potatoes with Okinawa Purple yam sauce!
[Eda food service]

Ryukyu innards 500 yen

Softly stewed Ryukyu innards with white miso.
[Genki dining room]

Assorted fish paste 500 yen

Specialty from Okinawa and Ishigaki Island, special price at Haisai Festa!
500 yen pack is very popular! "
[Mamiya kamaboko]

Okinawa noodles 700 yen

We won the fist place of "Okinawa noodles rankings" from 2011 for 3 years!!
[Ginowan Noodles]

Roast pork bowl 800 yen

Low temperature cooked kokusho Agu pork.
Soft and sweet, excellent roast pork. Enjoy with special home made sauce.
[Butaya kokusho]

Mitsuya doughnut 130 yen ...
(plane, brown sugar, sweet potato)

Tabelog best sweets from Okinawa, popular doughnuts with very soft texture!
Pure brown sugar from Hateruma. Sweet potatoes from Okinawa prefecture. Okinawa doughnuts with great quality.
[Ryukyu Meika Mitsuya Honpo]

Cartilage Soki noodles 700 yen

Cartilage soki, slowly stewed for long time. Very soft with full of collagen.
You better try!

Awamori shochyu (one cup) 500 yen-

We prepared all 47 brewery Awamori from Okinawa. You might find precious bottles which is not usually find.
Sooner is better as stocks are limited! How about comparing the tastes of drinks?

Ryukyu deep-fried chicken 650 yen

We selected boneless chicken seasoning of salt and island pepper. Deep-fried chicken which has less fat and tender taste.

Goat stew 700 yen

Goat stew (Heju jiru) is eaten during celebration time in Okinawa.
You will repeat once you taste this dish!
[Coffeejin FACTORY]

Agu gyoza 1,296 yen

Delicious dumplings used 100% of Agu pork.

Goya chanpru 600 yen

Champuru-culture was made from Ryukyu kingdom era when trade was prosperous.
Fried Goya became Seoul food of OKinawa! Enjoy authentic foods from Kokusai Street, Okinawa!
[Island music bar chon-chon]

Ishigaki beef churrasco 1,000 yen

Slowly grilled Ishigaki beef by charcoal fire, provide in Brazilian churrasco-style!
[Okinawa stand churaumi]

Asaya original ice zenzai (500 yen)

Icy sweets from Okinawa with sweet red beans.
Lightly sweetened Asaya original Zenzai, you can find it only here!

100% of Ishigaki beef premium hamburger 900 yen

Deluxe hamburger used 100% Ishigaki beef of highest grade brand beef. Only limited quantity. Come and get it early!
[Parlor Uchinaya]

Okinawa Taco rice 600 yen

Okinawa soul foods, Taco rice!
Enjoy our special dish which won the first kitchen car championship.
[Komida Okinawa]

Deep-fried Yanbaru chicken bowl 700 yen

Citrus fruits flavored fried Yanbaru chicken bowl.
[Wine & Coffee Navio]

Spam skewer 400 yen

Grilled TULIP pork skewer from Okinawa!
Exact meat of Okinawa!
Great texture will be addicted.
[Lings Kitchen]

Cartilage soki noodles 600 yen

San soba with very soft Soki meat as a topping.
Enjoy real home made soki soba from Okinawa.

Okinawa BBQ 1,000 yen

We offer original Haisai menu from Okinawa!

Okinawa noodles, Vegetable noodles 600 yen

Okinawa soba with organic vegetables used soup stock and Noodles without using salt water.
[Haisai cafe]

Agu pork Panini TGM style 700 yen

Tender grilled Agu pork.
Home made sauce goes well with Awamori.

ARIA.C-style Okinawa noodles 650 yen

Secret sauce with delicious mellow soup!
You can find this dish only in Haisai Festa. Please enjoy!

Goya curry & naan 700 yen

Delicious Goya curry for your stamina!

Fresh craft beer from factory 600 yen
(Citrus depressa, Okinawa taste, brown sugar)

Original fresh beer with filtration which craftsman brews.
Easy to drink for even non beer lovers!

Citrus fruits chicken 600 yen
(half size 400 yen)

We arranged the original menu of Soba no mi for Haisai Festa!
Enjoy Okinawa wind and flavor by juicy taste of chicken and fragrance of citrus fruit.
[Soba no mi]

Crispy! ! Deep-fried pork 300 yen

We wrapped thick-sliced pork libs which we fitted with sauce of Okinawa ham secret in batter and fried.
Crispy fried pork back ribs with great texture…Please enjoy!

Various Awamori Shochyus 500 yen

We prepared more than 60 kinds of Awamori, also some rare bottles!
[Okinawa BAR MAMI-ANA]

Okinawa soba 600 yen

The shop has been opened for 30 years in Tsurumi-ku, called "little Okinawa".
Freshly made in our factory every day. Please enjoy our fresh "Okinawa noodles"
[Okinawa products center]

Char-grilled Soki noodles 700 yen

Our specialty menu soki char-grilling which was particular about the softness, nice smell!
We provide without losing quality at store.
[Kanamachi tachi]

Okinawa sausage skewer 250 yen

Squid, Mozuku, Agu sausage skewer using products from Okinawa.
Orion draft beer and Awamori, affinity with Awamori cocktail are outstanding, too!

Traditional recipe of Okinawa noodles 700 yen

Great dish from well-established marumitsu dining in Ishikawa, Okinawa prefecture. Enjoy the special soup, not able to find in other area.
Sound garden

Goya dry
Middle size (360 ml) \500/ size size (480 ml) \700/ mega size (1,200 ml) 1,500 yen

Clear and bitter taste! Enjoy harmony of refreshing bitterness balanced with hop and Goya from Okinawa.
[Helios craft beer]

Soki soba 850 yen

Smooth Soki soba made by the original manufacturing method using selected ingredient.
[Okinawa dining room]

COOP Okinawa Mozuku soup sampling

We offer original freeze dry Mozuku.
Enjoy peculiar texture and flavor of Mozuku.
[Ouchi CO-OP.]


Pickled scallions 497 yen

Preserved with salt Shima-rakkyo characterized by crunchy texture and sharp taste.
[Deigo foods]

Sea greaps 1,300 yen

Emerald green shining sea grapes.
You can taste the small bubbles in your mouth.
[Okinawa seaweed shop Mozu-Kim]

Brown sugar cotton candy 500 yen

Cotton candy using Okinawa brown sugar.
Brown sugar flavor have lingering effects.
[Okinawa biento]

Ocarina trombone 1,620 yen

This can perform music, bird singing, finger whistles.
From children to elderly, it is a fun musical instrument to enjoy together.

Sweet potato tart 756 yen

From Okinawa popular seller souvenirs to Okinawa traditional cakes.
We are particular about sweet potatoes from Okinawa.
Recommend to heat in the oven for 2~3 min.
[Washita shop]

Standard Sanshin 13 sets 19,800 yen

You can play Umi no koe and Nada sou sou. Very easy understanding Shyamisen set for valuable price. Five sets of limitation.

Blue seal ice 350 yen

Blue seal ice cream raised in Okinawa, born in USA.
Absolute popular Okinawa sweet!
[Okinaya & BLUE SEAL]

Masu stone 3,990 yen

It is not exaggeration even if we say three major stars of Okinawa.
Pendant top well balanced with star sand, Ryukyu glass and salt.

Uruma gelato 450 yen

It is regional farm products and low calorie low-fat healthy additive-free gelato that we kneaded special product into mainly on milk, sugar millet sugar from Okinawa.

Zanpa citron sparkling (400 yen)

Low alcoholic drink based 3% of Yuzu juice from Kitagawa-mura, Kochi prefecture. Sweet and sour taste with Yuzu fragrance.
[Higa brewery]

Orion beer-related goods

Very popular Orion beer goods!
Wearing this T-Shirts and holding beer tumbler makes you feel like you are in Okinawa!

Natural stone bracelet 1,000 yen

1,000 yen equivalency to 2,500 yen!
[Crystal World]

Super non ironing shirts 5,292 yen

High function non ironing shirts.
As they are made from knitted material, recommended for summer time!!

We begin diving as hobby! The sea is full of many encounters and impressions♪

We prepare for event-limited campaign privilege. The details in venue!
[Diving Club Aqua gift]

Haisai cafe

Okinawa folk song cafe produced by Kazufumi Miyazawa! Haisai Cafe!
Former THE BOOM Kazushi Miyazawa produced Okinawa folk song cafe! Haisai Cafe will be ready!!
Okinawa folk songs live recommended by Mr. Miyazawa, audio listening (with fee) and Okinawa live movie screening etc. On Friday, May 5th record audition gathering will be held by Mr. Miyazawa as a commentary.
Please enjoy the world of splendid Okinawa folk songs while enjoying dishes and liquors.

Date & Time
From Thursday, May 4th to Sunday, May 7th. ※Folk song bar until Saturday May 6th.
Haisai cafe
OPEN 11:00 / CLOSE 19:45 (LO19: 00)
※Use of basic restaurant
Folk song bar
OPEN 20:00 / CLOSE 23:00 (LO22: 00)
※Admission 1,000 yen (including one cup of Awamori Zanpa) ※1 menu order system

Okinawa folk song LIVE

May 4th Thu 14:00 /16:00
"Song of Okinawa Island" 

Hajime Nakasone, Narise Arakaki

Hajime Nakasone, last disciple of great master Seijin Noborikawa and Narise both are in their 20 and leading Okinawa music will be coming to Kawasaki!

Hajime Nakasone

Narise Arakaki

May 5th Fri 12:30
"Song of Okinawa Island 2" 

Hajime Nakasone, Narise Arakaki

As for Okinawa folk song, rhythm, words, Magnolia Kobus, de is constructed unique scale, but it is “ utterance “ that must not forget one more. Please enjoy island unique singing voice of two people who inherited art of guide.

Hajime Nakasone

Narise Arakaki

May 5th Fri 14:30
"Special feature duet Okinawa folk song"

Oshiro Claudia, Takashi Hirayasu

Folk song of Okinawa Island has a lot of negotiations (duet) songs of man and woman and is got close widely.
From song (sympathy song) of quiet love to song funny happily, we feature tactics of man and woman of Okinawa.

Oshiro Claudia

Takashi Hirayasu

May 6th Sat 14:00 / 16:00
"Miyakojima, song feature of Yaeyama"

Nanae Kawamitsu, Keitarou Kinmine

Even “ Okinawa “ varies in both words and culture by island. Of course song is so, too.
Scholar of folk song song, Nanae Kawamitsu and Yaeyama of Miyakojima, please introduce Miyakojima, songs of Yaeyama to kimminekeitaro from Shiraho of Ishigakijima.

Nanae Kawamitsu

Keitaro Kanemine

May 7th Sun 14:00
"Sannin Utakai"

Nanae Kawamitsu, Oshiro Claudia, Takashi Hirayasu

Three people varying in birth island sing masterpiece representing Okinawa.
Everybody ear familiar songs will surely jump out a lot!

Nanae Kawamitsu

Oshiro Claudia

Takashi Hirayasu

May 7th Sun 16:00
"COMBI song feature (duet song) 2 of Okinawa folk song"

Oshiro Claudia, Takashi Hirayasu

Oshiro Claudia was born in Argentina, her father is from Nago and mother is from Osato, Nanjo-shi.
She was grown up while getting close to the culture and songs of Okinawa in Buenos Aires since she was small.
As for Takashi Hirayasu, guitarist of the first "Shokichi Kina & Chanpuru", song of COMBI of unique two people are exquisite.

Oshiro Claudia

Takashi Hirayasu

Okinawa folk song live screening and Okinawa movies

We hold Okinawa folk song live screening and free Okinawa movies recommended by Mr. Miyazawa.

May 4th (Thur) in "Rinsho Kadekaru memorial performance Shirakumunu gutoni…"
From 17:30 (127 minutes)

Rinsho Kadekaru memorial service performance Shirakumunu gutoni.…Memorial service performance of the latest songs by Rinsho Kadekaru (1920-1999) it was called god of Island memorial service performance Shirakumunu guto ni" and energized as the highest peak of Ryukyu folk song world.
While people with connection showed music with connection to "Rinsho Kadekaru, the cause of significance called" to talk about anecdote of the deceased, and to bear, influential people of current Okinawa folk song world assembled in full force.

May 5th (Fri) "Katabui to live in Okinawa"
From 19:00 (approximately 80 minutes)

Spanish Swedish Daniel Lopez's first long documentary of 13 years resident in Okinawa from creators directed "mitsubachi no daichi" (Switzerland) and "Kara-Kara" (Japan).
Okinawa where changes figure by development frequently. We close up the original feature of Okinawa snuggle up to people, history, culture and search "heart of Okinawa" yuntaku (chattering) with friends.
© kukurubijon "- to live in katabui - Okinawa" 2016

May 6th (Sat) "Shirayuri club going to Tokyo"
From 18:00 (approximately 90 minutes)

The next year of end of the war. Youths who lived in Ishigaki Island of Okinawa formed in one group. Called Shirayuri club.
The club named by shore "Yurigahama" and the village "Shiraho", they used to live and sang.
Oji and Obaa sing and dance reminds of Cuban old musicians who appeared in "Buena Vista social club". Tokyo live titled "THE BOOM presetns uchina Vista, Shirayuri club" was carried out in autumn of 2002 when movie director Yuji Nakae introduced to member of THE BOOM. Movie is Shirayuri club in Shiraho and documentary about connection of person and person in their background mainly on hakono design "going to Shirayuri club Tokyo"

May 7th (Sun) 15th anniversary concert of Hajime Nakasone art of tanka poetry.
From 18:00 (approximately 180 minutes)

This picture was recorded from the concert of three hours when he learned folk songs from his great master, the last pupil of Seijin Noborikawa and just performed in commemoration of the art of tanka poetry 15th anniversary in Uruma-shi, Okinawa art theater in August, 2015.
Young successor of influence of Okinawa Island folk songs, Yuki Yamazato Akira Yamauchi and Yaeyama folk songs influencer Kota Ito and others will join.

Shop BGM

"Collection of Miyako Yaeyama folk songs (1)" Kazufumi Miyazawa supervision

Collection of Miyako Yaeyama folk songs from Okinawa(1) Utakata
October 27, 2016
Article not for sale
Song project Facebook page
Three pieces of Class 17 pieces CD Okinawa Island 11 pieces + Miyako three pieces +8 Shigeyama
167 pieces of Okinawa Island, Miyakojima 38 pieces, 40 pieces of Yaeyama districts 245 pieces in total
Commentary book
A4 size 140p (lyrics and Kazufumi Miyazawa writing commentary)
Outside the prefecture, overseas association of people from the same prefecture, prefecture librar, prefecture University, technical college library.
It is donated prefecture High School, junior high school to special support schools

Okinawa folk song, excellent record audition corner

We hold excellent record audition corner of Miyazawa recommended Okinawa folk songs in a cafe.
From analog record to cassette tape. We digitize sound source that super rare & is precious and play for all of you and do.

From 11:00 to 23:00
"Kawasaki record town CITTA'"

※Cooperate: Sale corner recommended by Mr. Kazushi Miyazawa Okinawa folk songs, excellent records at TOWER RECORDS Kawasaki store.
 Period From Tuesday, April 25 to Sunday, May 7

Special plan, folk song music audition!! (commentary: Kazufumi Miyazawa)

For Okinawa folk song fan!!
"Absorption in folk song size audition fair to have masterpiece which selected music the person from excellent record of Okinawa folk song which Kazufumi Miyazawa collected for a long time, excellent performance played before buying with commentary! We hold "! Sound source to rarely listen to comes!

May 5 (fri) opening: 16:30
The start: The 17:00 / curtain: 18:30
1,500 yen (including one cup of Awamori Zanpa) ※1 menu order is different
Advance reservations system
We take reservation at THE CAMP CAFÉ&GRILL.

Folk song cafe & folk song bar with special Menu

We prepared special menus associated with Okinawa.

Zanpa Awamori sour 594 yen
We make it easy to drink by putting 1/4 lemon and brown sugar syrup.

Zanpa Awamori rising 648 yen
Awamori of Tequila Sunrise, very classic.

Zanpa THE CAMP original cocktail 702 yen
Cocktail imaged of the sea of Okinawa or southern island. We add MALIBU to Awamori and mix with pineapple.

Taco rice and tacos etc.

Okinawa folk song live bar

It transforms to folk song bar at night time for Kachashi!! Would you like to experience Okinawa folk song bar ?

Kenya Kakihana / Mami Tafuku
Date & Time
May 4 Thur - May 6 sat from 20:00 to 23:00 (plan) ※It is OPEN at 20:30 only on 5 Friday
1,000 yen (including one cup of Awamori Zanpa) ※1 menu order system
We take reservation at THE CAMP CAFÉ&GRILL.

Kenya Kakihana

Mami Tafuku