KAWASAKI Halloween 2016


Trace of 1997 through 2016 Kawa Hallo 20 years!

Opening of "Kawasaki Halloween"

Of 1997, familiarity still most in Japan "Halloween" when there was not, local entertainment company "CITTA'" started what sent spirit and charm of street of Kawasaki to toward the whole country in main purpose!

About 150 parade participants at the time of the first holding! About 500 audiences of roadside!
They increased scale whenever they repeated times, and about 2,600 number of parade participants of last year, audience of roadside grew up with about 120,000 people afterwards before it was called Halloween event of the biggest in Japan scale now.

"Kawasaki Halloween" will continue to evolve further unknown possibilities!

We matched pace with development of Kawasaki-city, and "Kawa Hallo continued growing up, too"!

Main visual of the past 19 times of "Kawa Hallo" and change of population of Kawasaki-city

The leading role of "Kawasaki Halloween" is always participants!

Too wonderful maskers who colored "Kawasaki Halloween" in the past