KAWASAKI Halloween 2016


Around Kawasaki Station whole area = Halloween paradise

A lot of & interesting information advantageous around Kawasaki Station!


It is full of information of commercial facilities and mall in front of Kawasaki Station!
We publish participation store and menu of "disguise visitors privilege" and "extremely hot dishes fair", stamp paper of "Skymark Kawa Hallo stamp rally" in Kawa Hallo perfection hints-and-tips book "PERFECT GUIDE" of issuance in the end of September.

※We distribute in 10 following commercial facilities or participation mall, other public facilities. Stop by at our store.

Participation store each mark in store!

Costume Visitors PrivilegeCostume Visitors Privilege

Trick or treatTrick or treat

Asskicking hot cooking is fairAsskicking hot cooking is fair

Let's check restaurant information on "GURUNAVI"!

Restaurant information of each facility and mall is placed in "GURUNAVI".

Shop & information that we want to look for is easy to find and there immediately! Please search.

Costume Visitors Privilege

There is a lot of discount when we arrive in disguise!


10/29 sat, 30 sun, 31 mon

Participation Condition

Disguising itself

Trick or treat

We say password, and let's get cake!


10/29 sat, 30 sun

Participation Condition

Chisel lower than primary schoolchild disguising ourselves as

Asskicking hot cooking is fair

Is in Xmas sweet ...; "cake!" To Valentine chocolate! And we eat asskicking hot menu which `chili pepper' becoming charm fully entered, and let's invite good luck to "Halloween"!


Saturday, October 1 - 31 mon


Restaurant of large-scale the commercial facilities and mall around Kawasaki Station

We are presented during period by customer first arrival 750 people of "asskicking hot menu" order!

Friend of extremely hot dishes that sweat gradually comes out
"Kawa Hallo" original high quality oil absorbing facial paper

※As it becomes first-come-first-served basis, it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.
With KAWASAKI Halloween logo
With 20 pieces of fri oil absorbing facial paper [bamboo charcoal combination] 9cm *9cm Book types

Skymark Kawa Hallo stamp rally

Let's obtain luxurious prize over ten places of facilities!
It is active and carries out gorgeousness lottery where Hokkaido, trip to Okinawa deal with to 20 sets of 40 in commemoration of the Kawa Hallo 20th anniversary from Skymark suggesting Winterreise spending time!

※Besides, we offer luxurious prize.

Stamp rally holding schedule

Saturday, October 15 - 31 mon

Lottery period

Wednesday, October 26 - 31 mon from 11:00 to 20:00

Participation Method

We obtain stamp paper of preparation holder in each station square commercial facility, and let's get ten places of stamps!

Lottery Venue

razona Kawasaki plaza "razonakurabu" 5F

Participating stores

atre Kawasaki

Inquiry TEL: 044-200-6521

Wing Kawasaki

Inquiry TEL: 044-233-8673

Kawasaki Azeria

Inquiry TEL: 044-211-3871

Kawasaki More's

Inquiry TEL: 044-211-1131

Kawasaki LeFRONT

Inquiry TEL: 044-210-3800

Kawasaki DICE

Inquiry is this

Marui Kawasaki shop

Inquiry TEL: 044-245-0101

Muza Kawasaki

Inquiry TEL: 044-555-8341

LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza

Inquiry TEL: 044-874-8000


Inquiry TEL: 044-223-2333

Kawasaki Station east exit mall participates in Halloween campaign, too!

※Please confirm the details at Kawa Hallo perfection capture "PERFECT GUIDE" of the introduction mentioned above or each mall and participation store.

Nakamise Street / According to peace / Tachibana Street / Ginryugai / Ginzagai / Station square main street / Sand street / VIA CINECITTA' / According to masterpiece / Pareru Stores Society / Ogawacho Shoueikai / Bath street of matsurigoto

Movie "aiamuahiro"
AR photo spot

Powered by

In commemoration of DVD & Blu-ray release of movie "aiamuahiro"; Kawasaki Halloween and collaboration!
A large quantity of life form "ZQN" (zokyun) where people underwent a transfiguration by mysterious infection attacks you who take a picture?


Friday, October 14 - 31 mon



※Downloading of exclusive application is necessary for shooting.
※About shooting method, please confirm information for venue panel.

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