KAWASAKI Halloween 2016

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Shop display contest

We held a 'Shop Display Contest' at a large commercial facility in front of the station!
Judge chooses and introduces splendid grand prix & winning a prize 6 store. Please visit the shops during the Halloween period!

Grand Prix:


Cobweb hung from ceiling, some flying Jack-o'-lantern and bats. We made use of characteristic called Rose shop, and there were many voices called' which view of the world' of `Halloween that melted into flower and Green in shop was fantastic and was expressed, and seemed to be `CITTA'. By the first participation, it became the grand prix!


atre Kawasaki "Lupicia" B1F

It is the second place by grand prix and only narrow margin! A feeling of glitter in shop and decoration of Halloween are very gorgeous, and Balance & sense is great! Ghost is in the depths of shop.

DICE "thirty one ice cream" B2F

It is shop of winning a prize with regular approximately every year! It has a big impact this year! Many ghosts make welcome.


Weird featured decoration and ghosts of entrance are the points!

razona Kawasaki plaza "Maison Kayser" 1F

Sense and harmony of display are outstanding! It is full of senses of fun including bread of finger and pumpkin of person♪

Wing Kawasaki "RL" 1F

Pretty ghosts of waffle parade praise highly very much! It is winning a prize by the first participation♪