We released "Kawa Hallo photo studio"!
Participation of a lot of all of you, thank you very much!


Costume quality is Japan's best!! Disguise contest "Halloween award 2017" result announcement!
Despite the unfortunate weather, many Halloween awards have been participated and the contest has become a higher level than usual! Please see these prize winners!!


"MINIONS RUN KAWASAKI Halloween 2017" Peko & Ryucheru guest participation is decided!
Great evil party convention, luxurious DJ formation are decided in Kawa Hallo midnight, too!


On Sunday, October 29, we prepare international "Multilingual language information booth" of six languages!


"Shop Display Contest," result announcement! Please visit the shops during the Halloween period!


"Kawa Hallo application!" Stamp rally participation you might win Hokkaido trip and valuable event information from here!

To all drivers!

Information of vehicle regulation at Shinkawa Street, City hall street, Keikyu line underpass street

Oct 29th Sun from 13:30 to 16:00 (plan)
For "Halloween parade" progress, it will be regulated vehicle at some sections of the street which mentioned above. We request all drivers to use detour route as much as possible.
and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Bicycle users!

It will be very crowded around Kawasaki station whole east exit area on Oct 29th Sunday during the "Halloween parade" until 16:15.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.
In addition, you cannot use South bicycle parking lot (whole) and North bicycle parking lot (the whole) along city hall street and along Shinkawa Street from Oct 28th Sat 19:00 until 29th 16:15.
Thank you for your understanding. and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Request about photograph and video shoot of participants

If you find suspicious act, please tell security guards nearby immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, if you take any photograph of a person, we would like to ask proper manner in any case and ask to the person before taking the photo.
When photograph and video which photographed the participants are released by personal blog or YouTube, I would like consideration such as getting consent of the person beforehand. In addition, we prohibit photography by using drone for the safety.

To all the participants and the audiences, we would like to ask consideration to each other too.


KAWASAKI Halloween presents LOVE&JOY photographed by LESLIE KEE


All fees listed on the page of "Kawasaki Halloween 2017" are tax-included.



You can obtain the latest information of event & campaign in various official SNS.
As information only for here including inside story from the person in charge and special discount information is full loading, please register early!

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