Welcome performance

Horror performer appears in the JR Kawasaki Station east exit station square! Please enjoy horror performance not to be able to readily watch!

Date & Time October 28th (sat) from 10:00 to 17:00
Venue /JR Kawasaki Station east exit station square in front of JR Kawasaki Station wicket
Fee Free Entrance!
Performers Kobayashi Yuji

Kids Parade

supported by

Enjoyable parade with parent and child in downtown area in front of station

Date & Time October 28th, Saturday
First from 12:00 ※Reception hours 10:30-11:30
Second from 13:30 ※Reception hours 12:00-13:00
Third from 15:00 ※Reception hours from 13:30 to 14:30
Course Ginza-cho ⇒ Ginryugai ⇒ LA CITTADELLA MAP
Participation Condition Child and parents with costume less than elementary school age (parents are also required costumes)
Fee One set for 1,000 yen
Capacity Each time 500 (include protector)
※It will be closed as soon as reach to the capacity


※ Please participate in protectors (16 years or older) with child less than primary schoolchild together.
※ For one protector, child becomes to two people.
※ In friends when wish to participate, apply for parade of the same time separately.
※ After checking instructions, apply by all means.

★★ If you wish to participate please be sure to purchase participation tickets ★★

September 1st (Fri) 12:00 reception start


Participation Condition

Child (as for the primary schoolchild, impossible) less than primary schoolchild disguising himself/herself
Protector who can take responsibility for safety management of child participate in parade together

※We accept participation with wheelchair. (there are the number of people restrictions)
※Parents must be high school students or older, or older than high school students.
※Protector participates in disguise, too.
※About application of one protector, we can participate to two children.


Person who purchased ticket
※In friends when wish to participate, apply for parade of time that each protector has the same.
※Please confirm information about parade participation in live pocket "Kawasaki Halloween" page.


We accept applications and purchase tickets at Livepocket-ticket

※We accept as soon as we reach 500 people of capacity in each time and are finished.
※Ticket which we can purchase becomes to one piece for one protector.
※Point becomes HP of live pocket from button as follows.
※We become receptionist only with live pocket.


Please apply after checking all instructions.


Guidance of the day of the page for exclusive use of "kids parade" applicant
▼Common questions from here



About application, the ticket purchase Livepocket-ticket
Inquiry from here
About the parade KAWASAKI Halloween project (CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. PR Department)
TEL: 044-233-1934 MAIL: (weekdays 10:00-18:30)


Large number of Minions will be appear at the famous town of the Halloween, Kawasaki!?
We become member of minion in original costume, and let's clear mission of quiz form stamp rally together!

Participating in the opening stage that invited special guests, "Kawahallo Minion Great March", we will wear "Minion's Costume" distributed to all the participants and become a minion and enjoy quiz format stamp rally and photo shooting etc Experience type event!
In "adidas FUTSAL PARK KAWASAKI," "event-limited goods sale" holds "Kawa Hallo minion orchid park" carrying out various events "eating and drinking booth" and "fair" which can enjoy all from child to grown ups together.
Music event "Kawa Hallo midnight great evil party” will be held in "CLUB CITTA'" too"! (we will announce the details later)

Kawa Hallo minion grand march performer

peko & Ryucheru

Kawa Hallo midnight great evil party convention performer

Date & Time October 28th, Saturday
11:00-17:00 Kawa Hallo minion grand march
11:00-21:00 Kawa Hallo Minions Run park
23:00 ~ Kawa Hallo midnight great evil party convention
Venue Around Kawasaki Station commerce area
Promotor Minions run executive committee
Inquiry from here

Halloween Experience Booth

"Jack-o'-lantern handicraft classroom" and "face painting" experience. Would you like making special memories only at "Kawa Hallo"?

Date & Time 10/28( sat), 29 sun from 11:00 to 18:00
Venue Special Halloween Booth in LA CITTADELLA

Jack-o'-lantern hand craft workshop

Fee 1,000 yen
※30 people (finished as soon as it disappears) the first with both sun
Operation atodeniko

Face painting

Fee Face paint (one point) 500 yen
Operation wakku

Special make experience corner

Fee From 500 yen
Operation Technical school Tokyo VisualArt's

Neon paint

Fee Body face (one point)/500 yen
Operation -Ravi bell Tokyo - loss tile