shop display

"Shop Display Contest," result announcement!

We held a 'Shop Display Contest' at a large commercial facility in front of the station! From this year, we conducted general voting by application too. We introduce Grand Prix & 5 winning shop decided by everyone's voice! Please visit the shops during the Halloween period!

Grand Prix!

atre Kawasaki Lupicia

Many votes gathered to judge, referendums, and, to display which finished atmosphere of store by gorgeous decoration with united feeling more gorgeously, it was the grand prix acquisition wonderfully!
It is the delightful discerning finish clogged up that looks for decoration that was particular about small part in shop.



We won many votes next to the grand prix! As for the atmosphere drifting Halloween display which is adult based on black, good point shines sense of Hanaya! It was very popular in this.

atre Kawasaki Shinjuku Nakamuraya

We use colored paper abundantly, and display full of handmade feelings is excellent at affinity with atmosphere of Japanese confectionery to small part! Votes gathered at point that created Halloween of the warm sum.


Jack Haut-Rhin tongue and cobweb hung by lantern style match with lighting of warm color system in shop neatly, and atmosphere of shop and correct decoration are wonderful! Voices called this gathered.

razona Kawasaki plaza Stone Burg

Decoration full of humor including doll of skeleton and the cash register side of entrance is characteristic. Decoration to be able to enjoy enlivened atmosphere of Halloween both children and adults!

Kawasaki mowers Fujiya Restaurant

At store, pretty Peko in Halloween costume is met! The decoration of aspect in shop was characteristic, too.