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Event Summary

The 22nd anniversary this year! Japan's largest Halloween party "Kawasaki Halloween"!!

In 1997, local entertainment company "CITTA'" launched the Halloween event in the aim of transmitting the energy and charm of the Kawasaki city to the whole country when "Halloween" was still unfamiliar in Japan!
About 150 people participated in the parade at the time of the event and about 500 people along the road. We expanded the scale each time and in 2006, we have grown to about 2,600 participants in the parade and about 120 thousand audience along the road.
"Kawasaki Halloween" will continue to evolve further unknown possibilities!


The main visual of this year expresse its own world view with active hair designers in the world!

The affinity of dance and art make-up is very high, make-up directs not only the beauty but also expression and gesture of dancers much more gorgeous and mysterious way.
This year's dancer appointed Aoi Yamada, a notable dancer who will be attracted to all audience and fascinate what is seen with her strong dance and somewhat sorely feelings. This main visual aimed at looking like a hairstyle using different items, everyone expressed with a material that is familiar.
"DANCE × ART MAKE" will transmit "Kawahalloism" which is a challenging avant-garde to the whole world beyond language, border and gender.

Making videos

  1. Croissant

  2. Match Sticks

  3. Vegetables

  4. Broom

  5. Mascot

  6. Niboshi

※The staff had ingredients which we used deliciously.


Hair designer: RYOJI IMAIZUMI Dancer: AOI YAMADA

Make: MICHIRU Photographer: Takahiro Igarashi


In 1990, he moved to the United States at the age of 16 and worked at a local salon, moved to France in 1999 and became an assistant for a hair artist. After independence in 2001 and the activity in Japan, in 2008 moved to NY. Since 2009, contracted with Shu Uemura US as a creative director. Started activities such as hair show and workshops in the world.
In addition of advertisements of domestic and overseas fashion brands and high brands, including VOGUE, domestic and overseas fashion media, also handles numerous celebrities such as Madonna, Victoria Beckham and other overseas celebrities, Erika Sawajiri, Aya Ueto etc.


She was born in Nagano in 2000. We begin to learn dance and are awakened to thought expression in about 2017 from the childhood period.
Notable face and distinctive body expression reached to an artistic industry and appeared in MV, CM, magazines etc such as MAN WITH A MISSION, MONDO GROSSO.

Kawasaki Halloween Official Application

Event news and "Halloween Special Fair" infoformation about 500 stores participate around Kawasaki station!
Full of valuable service information!

This application allows you to participate in the Kawa Hallp stamp rally collaborated with Brave Thunders to win the luxury prize.
In addition, referendum allowed "Halloween award" from application from this year! By this vote, is the Grand Prix decided?
Besides, various contents to be able to enjoy Kawa Hallo including tourist attraction stamp rally which Kawasaki specialties get when we go round guidebook of Kawasaki-city and popular spots!

Let's participate in "Halloween award" from Kawa Hallo official application!

Everyone can become judge! Favorite photograph niiineshiyo!
Grand prix prize winner gets 500,000 yen!

Kawasaki Halloween official APP contents

List of Halloween Special Fair participation stores
Area Map & Multi-purpose Map
Application-limited coupon delivery!
Kawasaki Brave Thunders Stamp Rally
Shop display contest
Kawasaki-city popularity tourist attraction stamp rally
Halloween award referendum

QR cord for DL

Kawa Hallo official application special present

"Halloween parade" special spectator seats for 10 pairs of 20 people by lottery!

Thank you for downloading Kawa Hallo official application!
We will present a special occasion "Halloween parade" popular event at Kawaharo by lottery. You can see the costume parade with the highest level in Japan at nearby seats. Please enjoy enthusiasm and excitement!

Application method Please complete the information from the application form below and submit it by Oct 23 (Tue) 23:59.
For those who are elected, we'll send the information of the day by Oct 24 (Wed) to the email address you applied.
※We won't accept any questions regarding winning, please understand.

Application acceptance was finished.


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