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Halloween award result announcement!

Costume quality is Japan's best!! Costume contest "Halloween Award 2018" result announcement!

This year, all 2,500 participants in the parade were eligible for the award! It was held at the largest scale ever! Thank you all for your participation

Best Pumpkin Prize (Grand prix)

Paintings who came to Halloween party!

Prize Prize 500,000 Yen
Judge comment Paintings are three-dimensional work and excellent. The idea is also splendid and novel.
There is a curator as well, we can feel the details of the situation.

Happy Halloween Prize (Second Grand Prix)

Heavy Metal Stationery

Prize Choice of Hokkaido or Okinawa 1 day 2 nights travel ticket by SKY MARK (with paired hotel)
Judge comment It is wonderful to see small details, accessories are stationary as well.
”Glue” is particularly pretty.


Special Makeup Award

Mushroom man and Mushroom errand

Prize AI speaker
Theme park pair ticket
Judge comment All handmade craft is well done. Clothes are elaborately prepared and very impressive.

Best Horror Prize


Prize *5 case of canned 350 ml of Heineken
*5 case of canned 350 ml of Ichiban Shibori

Offer: Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.
Judge comment Matching reminiscent of the high quality of the face and the fast food store idea was brilliant.

Best Character Prize

Buddha statue came to Halloween for pleasure!

Prize sumuzuninguoiru
Offer: WELLA
Judge comment Expression was outstanding and Japanese theme was great.
Pumpkin was on top of the Buddha and had a great impact.

Kawasaki-City Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum Prize

Family zombie

Prize Kawasaki-city Fujiko, F, Fujio museum assorted original goods
Offer: Kawasaki-city Fujiko, F, Fujio museum
Judge comment We had a great impression how they are enjoying the Kawasaki Halloween.

LOVE Kawasaki Prize


Prize TV tvk Invite you to "LOVE Kawasaki" studio recording!
Cast star signed program poster and tvk goodies assortment
Judge comment Among the participants of various themes, they chose "train!"
They were very popular with children who love trains and remained great impression!

Trick or Treat Prize

Prize Coca-Cola
Offer: Coca Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.

Space fantasy nostalgic future

Judge comment They were conspicuous.
We link to theme of Kawa Hallo of this year.

Near future battle vehicle

Judge comment The inside is a wheelchair, astonished at the high quality.

FLAVOR of caramel popping potion 31

Judge comment They were cute, expressive and very popular from many visitors.

Miniature Shrine

Judge comment It had an impact and unique, the costume attracted everyone.

Happy Bath Time

Judge comment The theme is unique and matching costumes are very cute.

Dance Laboratory

Judge comment Everyone was having fun. Many super woman were very pretty.

Thank you very much for your vote! Please look forward next year!!