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  1. Halloween Parade

    High quality costume parade with hyper Club sound in front of Kawasaki Station!

  2. Kids Parade

    Let's enjoy adorable costume parade with parents and children!

  3. Halloween Award

    All 2,500 participants in the parade are eligible for the contest!

  4. Dancing Pumpkin

    Most exciting After-Parade Party with Halloween enthusiasts!!

  5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Special screening of legendary movie called "King of cult".

  6. Film Festival Zombie X Goblin

    Most exciting collaboration Special Live Performance Vol.3!

  7. Halloween Experience Booth

    Let's experience and make sweet memory at "Kawasaki Halloween"!

  8. The movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!" Collaboration event

    Much-talked-about blockbuster and collaboration are decided this year!

  9. Kawasaki Brave Thunders X Kawa Hallo special collaboration plan

    "Kawasaki Brave Thunders" entire surface cooperation!

  10. Kawasaki Tourist Spot Stamp Rally

    We collect stamps during Kawa Hallo period, and let's get luxurious prize!

News about event

Time Table

October 27 (Sat)
12:00 to 12:30Kids Parade 1stFrom Ginza-gai
13:30 to 14:00Kids Parade 2ndFrom Ginza-gai
15:00 to 15:30Kids Parade 3rdFrom Ginza-gai
[OPEN] 16:00Film Festival Zombie X GoblinCLUB CITTA'
October 28 (Sun)
From 14:00 to 15:45Halloween ParadeJR Kawasaki Station east exit area
From 16:00 to 17:00 (plan)Halloween award appeal stageLA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
From 17:00 to 22:00Dancing PumpkinArena CITTA'
[OPEN] 18:00The Rocky Horror Picture ShowCLUB CITTA'
From 19:00 to 21:05"Tortoise stopper!" Madly in love! The screaming Halloween nightCINECITTA'
From 21:20 to 23:20The zombie [LIVE ZOUND] screeningCINECITTA'

Oct 27 (Sat), Oct 28 (Sun) both holding / other event

Date & TimeEventVenue
Oct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)Kawasaki Brave Thunders Kawa Hallo Stamp Rally Kawasaki station square 9 commercial facilities
Oct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)Halloween Fair Kawasaki Station 9 Shopping Malls, Kawasaki Station East Exit Shopping District
Oct 8 (Mon・holiday) to 31 (Wed)Kawasaki Tourist Spot Stamp RallyKawasaki sightseeing spots (Total 9 places)
Oct 9 (Tue) to 24 (Wed)Kawasaki Brave Thunders mask present campaignSweet shop Suehiroan
Oct 10 (Wed) to 19 (Fri)Shop display contest Kawasaki station square 9 commercial facilities
Oc 24 (Wed)THUNDERS HALLOWEEN ZOMBIES NIGHTKawasaki-city Todoroki Arena
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
From 11:00 to 18:00
Halloween Experience BoothSpecial Halloween Booth in LA CITTADELLA
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)"Tortoise stopper!" Crane gameLA CITTADELLA VIA CINECITTA'
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)Costume Visitors Privilege Kawasaki Station 9 Shopping Malls, Kawasaki Station East Exit Shopping District
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)Trick or Treat Kawasaki Station 9 Shopping Malls, Kawasaki Station East Exit Shopping District

To all visitors

About around Kawasaki Station traffic regulation (10.16 update)

Oct 28( sun) from 13:30 to 16:00 for "Halloween parade" progress,
Shinkawa street is closed to the Shinkawa bridge crossing to the south intersection in front of the station, and you can not pass by car.
In the city hall street, the elevated under street of Keikyu Line in front of the station is very crowded as a section is regulated. We ask all drivers to use a detour route as much as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Concerning traffic regulation parking lot (Isago exit) of Kawasaki Azeria and parking lot of Kawasaki mowers until from 13:30 to 16:00 of vehicle cannot go in and out.

Weapons that is prohibited from / carrying about disguise about disguise item (10.19 update)

Please refrain from costumes which everyone in the surrounding feels uncomfortable or may worry about by being around.

[basic rule] "Weapon" and "thing which can become weapon" are put under ban of carrying

1. "Things that can become weapons (ex: chainsaw, ax, bullseye etc)" and "that real dummy" are not allowed to carry
2. For imaginary weapons recognized by the vast majority of visitors (eg, Star Wars lightsaber etc.) can be carried

・Genuine weapon is absolutely prohibition.
・Thing which can become weapon is prohibition. (e.g.,: chain saw, ax, tsuruhashi, kitchen knife, metal bat, wooden bat, golf club)
・Because disguise verboten "is uneasy of participant of et al., and disguise to be connected conflicts with prohibition", thing to be too real, and to see to genuine "weapon" and "thing which can become weapon" is prohibition. (thing which there is with corrugated cardboard, but is seen to genuine sword after rial e.g.. Thing which is made of plastic, but looks like genuine gun)
・Appearance is weapon, but other participants see, and carrying of thing which is identified as weapon of imitation is certainly possible. (homemade ax or sword which we, e.g., made with plastic or corrugated cardboard)


・(1)Thing not to be thing which can become weapon or (2) weapon, weapon of (3) genuine article, but to be too real, and to see to genuine weapon is prohibition.
・Carrying of item which imitated things that it can be to weapon and weapon which another person sees, and are found not to be genuine at first sight is possible.

Whether to carry or not is determined by the site staff at the venue based on the above criteria. If you have pointed out from the staff, we ask you to follow the instructions otherwise you can not attend the parade.

About Shooting

We photograph record picture and photorecording by sponsor.
Contents which we photographed provide as official material to the media, and they, please note that there is possibility using as advertising material after the next year.
Please note that there is possibility to be reflected in coverage shooting with the media on the day of the main event, and to be crowded.
When it wants to be improved by Web, we would like case that one disguised as wants to be photographed in individuals and photograph and video which we photographed to be able to understand to the person beforehand.
Since the parade course includes public road, due to safety reasons pausing and shooting are prohibited during the parade.
Shooting using drone is prohibited due to safety.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for safe event management.