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The largest boulevard Parade which regulates whole Shinkawa Main Street, front of JR Kawasaki Station!!

Approx. 2,500 maskers gathered from all over the country will parade around the Kawasaki station with the coolest DJ's and the dynamic club sound!
Do not miss this great Halloween Parade in the Kawasaki Halloween history, which will be held on an unprecedented scale!

※"Halloween parade" photos in 2016

Date & Time 10/28( sun) from 14:00 to 15:45
14:00 Support parade, road performance (Kobayashi Yuji /LIP'S)
14:30 Parade Group A ~ D group
Course JR Kawasaki Station East Exit whole area (Approx. 1.5km)
Performers AOI YAMADA (Dancer)
Onan spelling mermaid (Drag Queen)
dita star mine (Drag Queen)
Bouillabaisse (Drag Queen)
Edamame Junko (Drag Queen)
The movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!" The cast, supervision, modest lovers
And more
Participation Condition Person wearing a costume (elementary school student or higher)
Ticket Fee 1,000 yen per person
Capacity: 2,500 people ※It will be closed as soon as reach to the capacity
※It will also automatically entered in the costume contest "Halloween Awards" this year


"Halloween parade" of this year sets theme associated with concept of "Kawa Hallo" for each float (festival car) to lead parade each!

GroupFloatCostume ThemePerformers
A-1Near Futuristic Costume & DanceFree ThemeAOI YAMADA (Dancer) others
A-2-Free ThemeOnly the music by speaker
B-1Zombie & HorrorZombie Type & Horror Costumes limited onlyCLUB HOLLYWOOD (Horror film DJ)
B-2-Free ThemeOnly the music by speaker
C-1Street culture & danceFree ThemeKING OF SWAG (Dancer) others
C-2-Free ThemeOnly the music by speaker
D-1Drag Queen & Sexuality-Free PartyFree /LGBT friendly ParadeGENTA YAMAGUCHI (DJ) others
D-2-Free ThemeOnly the music by speaker
A-1 Near Futuristic Costume & Dance
A high school student dancer, Aoi Yamada, who became one of the most noteworthy topics of the music industry, CM industry, fashion industry, also the key visual of this year's "Kawa Hello" Mysterious magical evolutionary formal costume and Dance boldly and glamorously!
B-1 Zombie & Horror
On float with monumental achievement of horror film, best interesting "ZOMBIE" of George A Romero supervision as motif, spirited DJ plays sound track of masterpiece horror films of all ages and countries in re-mixture version! "Zombie dance parade" where zombie & horror disguise is exclusively as for the following participant!
C-1 Street culture & dance
From “ Kawasaki in the world! ". Dance performance group "KING OF SWAG" which plays an active part based in Kawasaki, and attracts hot eyes now from world dance scene is appearance in stage of float! We pay attention to their super parenthesis good HIPHOP-style!
D-1 Drag Queen & Sexuality-Free Party
Former masterpiece movie which featured the theme of all Drag Queen and LGBT as for the image of float, "Priscilla" "kinky boots" "hedoigu and Ann glee inch." "LGBT friendly" that Drag Queen dances in conformity to those sound tracks gorgeously on stage parade!

Appearance Aristrists




    Horror film DJ






    Drag Queen


    Drag Queen


    Drag Queen


    Drag Queen


    The cast, supervision

"LOVE Kawasaki THE SPECIAL" Oct 28 (Sun) public recording decision!

Atsushi, Hisamoto fish to eat (tvk announcer), Mayor Norihiko Fukuda Kawasaki appear!

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All 2,500 participants in the parade are eligible for the contest!
Most exciting Halloween Costume Contest!

The examination method has changed for this year's Halloween Awards! The restraint time of the day is nearly zero and easy!
For all participants of "Halloween parade", the judges will review while traveling the venue throughout the whole day.
We also offer a general vote by Official Kawasaki Halloween App and a stage where participants can definitely appeal to judges!
The impact of appearance is emphasized more than ever, and participants who surprised more spectators, scared, entertained, laughing, and moved were more likely to win the prizes. Please aim to join for the luxury prizes!!

※Prize winners of "Halloween award" in 2017. Result from here⇒

Date & Time Oct 28 (Sun) All day
Prize Grand Prix: 500,000 yen (Highest amount in the history!)
The associate grand prix: "Hokkaido or Okinawa" pair trip (with overnight hotel) available
We offer others, plural prizes.
Participation Method All "Halloween Parade" participants are targeted for the costume contest.
Please buy participation ticket of "Halloween parade", and participate.
※Judges will look around the costumes before and after the parade and during the parade Please note that you might be asked.
Examination Method Judging the costume while moving around: During the "Halloween parade", the judges will go around the venue and judge.
Appeal Stage: Stage which participant can appeal to judges! (Free-for-all)
Referendum: The number of participants "Like!" on the official Kawasaki Halloween App, also serves as a reference and used for the Costume Contest (middle of October plan to start)
Based on the above assessment, the organizer will decide the winners.
Judge Rikka Ihara (actress)
Etsuko Egawa (special makeup Aristrist)
Takashi Sakurai (model)
Ayumi Okabe (model / designer)
Risa Ai (talent)
miyako (model / unique skin gal)
akidemmegumi (Kawasaki mom brainy person)
Mayumi Narita (Kawasaki-city people's culture ambassador)
And more
Result Announcement Oct 31 (Wed) 12:00 plan
It will be announced on various SNS, official application and our website!

※Toward the prize winner, I will inform from the person in charge for prize shipment in about the beginning of November. When you do not get notification in November, please be careful as corody of prize becomes invalid.
※In one that was applied for in group, we contact representative.

"Halloween award" appeal stage

Stage is offered by participants who want to appeal to judge directly! Please come and join!
※It becomes free-for-all. As it is not essential, only wanting person, please participate in selection standard of the grand prix.

Date & Time 10/28( sun) from 16:00 to 17:00 ※Plan
Venue LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
Participation Condition Only for "Halloween parade" participants
Remarks ・Please participate by order that had you line up in venue. Please note that there is limit at stage time.
・Appeal time becomes one minute for each group. As appeal has you finish on the way, I would like appeal in time.
・When we use small tools, we would like as far as we can perform including preparations, clearing before time limit.

"Halloween award" from Kawa Hallo official application participation, examination method

Start application, "Costume Photo Contest now being held!" in home screen Please tap button.

[award participation method]
As camera in application starts, please upload after the shooting. Of course selfie is OK, too. When you upload image of one except you, please confirm consent of use by all means.
※We cannot upload image (album in personal carrying or other functions) which we photographed other than our application.
※When you upload image, please confirm terms that are displayed when we post by all means.

Examination Method
It is good for uploaded image `! Please push '.
It is how many things per person, but can push to favorite image.


  1. Rikka Ihara


    The fifth whole country high school dance championship champion! Became a hot topic by sharp "Babblee dance!"
  2. Etsuko Egawa

    Special makeup Aristrist

    She participate in movies such as "Ghostbusters" as the staff. One of the special makeup artists on behalf of Japan!
  3. Takashi Sakurai


    Worked on the cover of magazine "men's club" and numerous fashion magazines and CM advertisement!
  4. Ayumi Okabe

    Model / designer

    After the talent activity, she is currently active in magazines and catalogs as a mother model! Also active as a designer!
  5. Risa Ai


    Kawasaki Frontale's cheering program "Suki Suki Frontale" the third MC, she is also active as a voice actor and a talent!
  6. miyako

    Model / unique skin gal

    Model. "Different colored skin gals", etc., are making creative activities focusing on makeup.
  7. Akita Megumi

    Kawasaki mom brainy person

    Kawasaki citizen who is having a happy child rearing period because of Happy Mama Kawasaki.
  8. Mayumi Narita

    Kawasaki-city people's culture ambassador

    Paralympics swimming race player of Kawasaki-city native place. Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, Rio and five times participation.

Instructions, verboten

■About examination result, please note that it is not accepted inquiry by telephone and email.
■I decline participation in disguise that sponsor judged to be inappropriate. Please confirm essential point, instructions of Livepocket-ticket page before having parade participate.
■When you cannot look after rule, on the day I may decline participation in parade than the guard staff, the administration staff. In that case, please note that sponsor cannot do any compensation.

[about referendum by Kawa Hallo official application]
■There will be possibility that advertisements to perform of appearance article use contribution data for SNS such as other WEB mediums and Facebook, Instagram in future. Thank you for your understanding.
■When there is one appearing in photograph with contributor, please post after having got consent from the person beforehand.
■Contributor expresses about having legitimate right about oneself posting about contribution data and contribution data not violating all rights of third party and shall have you guarantee. Sponsor cannot take responsibility by any chance when we got into trouble.
■Please post one younger than 15 years after having with consent of protector.

On entry to this plan, we prohibit the following acts.
・Act to disturb administration of this plan
・It is nuisance, disadvantage, the damage or act to give discomfort for another person
・Act slanders another person, and slanders or to damage the honor or trust
・Act to violate copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person
・Act to violate property, privacy of another person or right of likeness
・Act to post obscenity, child porno and data promoting sexual exploitation of child on
・Reporting, advertisement for the purpose of profit or invitation act
・Act against public order and morals
・Act to violate Terms of Use, laws and ordinances of Kawa Hallo official application
・Act to judge that Kawa Hallo executive committee does not comply with purpose of this plan
・Act to judge that Kawa Hallo executive committee is vicious or inappropriate

The best Halloween Party with those artists who led the Halloween parade appear one after another, and invited all attendees enthusiastically!

※Photos from "Dancing Pumpkin" in 2017

Date & Time 10/28( sun) from 17:00 to 22:00
Venue Arena CITTA' (Futsal court)
Performers AOI YAMADA (Dancer)
Onan spelling mermaid (Drag Queen)
Bouillabaisse (Drag Queen)
Edamame Junko (Drag Queen)
The movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!" The cast, supervision, modest lovers
And more
Entrance Fee Free entrance

Appearance Aristrists




    Horror film DJ






    Drag Queen


    Drag Queen


    Drag Queen


    The cast, supervision

To Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Web site
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Very popular event of the full-time award from "Kawasaki Halloween" 1st! The performance anything can happen unlimited version! Don' miss it!

Special screening of legendary movie called "King of cult". You will be addicted with this entertainment show triggered by "Kawasaki Halloween!"

※Photos from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" 2017

Date & Time October 28 (Sun)
[OPEN] 18:00 [START] 18:30 (plan)
Entrance Fee On the day: 1,000 yen / those who disguised: 500 yen
There is not booking. Please pay at the time of entrance in the venue.

The movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!" Collaboration has decided!!

Kawasaki Halloween has been performed the special collaboration with various Zombie Movies!!
The movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD!" which became a great topic on SNS while being low-budget, small scale movie and records blockbuster now decided to collaborate with this special event!!

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD! Official site

Supervision, the cast appears in the Japanese highest possible "Halloween parade"!

Supervision, the cast appears in parade which featured the theme of "zombie" of the Japanese highest possible "Halloween parade"!

Is going to appear; place / time Neighborhood in front of city hall street Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Main Store
From 14:45 to 14:50
The neighborhood of Shinkawa Street Odoro bridge
From 14:55 to 15:00
※There is possibility to be mixed up to some extent at time.

Supervision, cast & modesty lovers come up to "dancing pumpkin" (after party)!

Supervision, the cast appears with party "dancing pumpkin" in after to be performed after parade and unit "modesty lovers" singing theme song of work appear and develop live!

Is going to appear; time From 17:30 to 18:00 (plan)

CINECITTA' determines "the screaming screening"! We carry out stage greeting by supervision, the cast before the screening!

Plan ONE CUT OF THE DEAD! on the day special "Halloween parade" in CINECITTA' We hold the screaming screening!
Before the screening, supervision, the cast appears and carries out stage greeting!

In Kawa Hallo venue "is stopped tortoise!" Crane game comes up for the first time!

In two days of 10/27( sat), 28 sun, VIA CINECITTA' of Kawa Hallo main venue "is stopped tortoise!" Booth opens a store! In booth, "crane game" with original goods comes up for the first time. Don't miss it!!