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Halloween Special Fair

We hold Halloween special fair including stamp rally and great value service that luxurious prize is!

Period Oct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)
Venue Kawasaki Station 9 Shopping Malls, Kawasaki Station East Exit Shopping District ※For more details, see below

Let's find the service information by official application!

You can search from shopping malls, shopping districts, store genres and fair contents!
Please download before coming to Kawasaki Halloween!

When conduct content varies according to participation stores, there is. In addition, there is service to become the end as soon as we disappear.
Please refer to each commercial facility or store for the details every store and the latest situation directly.

Let's go to the 9 commercial facilities around Kawasaki station, 12 places and collect club players images!

Kawasaki Brave Thanders goods such as players autographed goods and watching tickets, and win luxury prizes by lottery.
As secret only by Halloween is to player image to collect, in fun!

Participation in stamp rally downloads Kawa Hallo official application and can enjoy!

Period Oct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)
※Stamp correspondence time is within opening hours of each facility
Prize From Tokyo (Haneda), round-trip airline ticket pair one set (two people) for Thailand (Bangkok) ※It becomes only airline ticket.
One set of 2 days and 1 night pair (two people) belonging to Hokkaido trip Hotel to go for in Skymark
Assorted gift certificates of Kawasaki station square popularity commercial facilities
Kawasaki Brave Thunders original T-shirt, uniform with signature, watching games ticket (pair)
We offer equal gorgeousness prize!
Venue 12 places of Kawasaki station square commercial facilities inner total
atre Kawasaki 7F bonuru open space
Wing Kawasaki: Around 3F rafine wide general sign
Kawasaki Azeria (two places): ①Humming garden, ② crystal rondo
Kawasaki More's The 8F up escalator front
Kawasaki LeFRONT The 7F see-through elevator side
Kawasaki DICE: In front of 6F sweets paradise
Muza Kawasaki 1F galleria open space
razona Kawasaki plaza (two places): ①The 2F synthesis information desk, the ② 2F center Halloween display outskirts
LA CITTADELLA (two places): ①VIVACE 2F, the ② MAGGIORE 2F male terrier Galileo & spice craft outskirts
Lottery date and time / venue October 26 (Fri) to 31 (Wed) from 11:00 to 20:00
LA CITTADELLA VIVACE 2F special event space
Participation Method You download Kawa Hallo official application and can participate from stamp rally page.
※There is no preparation for stamp paper. Participation only by Kawasaki Halloween application.
※Please note those who do not have a smartphone can not participate.

Halloween Fair

We offer special menu and service for limited time only!

Period Oct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)

Costume Visitors Privilege

When you use a store with a costume, there are lots of great deals!

DateOct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
ObjectThose who use target stores or who are disguised

Trick or Treat

Let's get some sweets by saying the word "Trick or Treat"!

DateOct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
ObjectPerson who is disguised (only for children under primary school student)

Shop display contest

It is contest to compete for wonderful "Halloween display" appropriate for town Kawasaki of Halloween.
You see participation store during period, and please vote for favorite shop!

PeriodOct 10 (Wed) to 19 (Fri)
Participation MethodYou download "Kawasaki Halloween official application", and please vote than "shop display contest" screen.
※Vote becomes once per person.
Result Announcement Please come to the store during Halloween period!

To customer of foreign tourist that you came to Kawasaki Halloween

"Tourist attraction stamp rally," sound interpreter "poketoku" rental, Halloween parade viewing are particularly full of great value information including guidance of space! Duty-free shop information of each facility look at this, too.


Kawasaki Azeria
Life share mall "Azeria" of all

"Monster Hunter is collaboration event with world"!

Kawasaki LeFRONT
It is full this year that rufuron is fun!

LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
It is fun in various ways! Halloween of razona