About the whole Kawasaki Halloween

Is there any changing room?

There are changing room preparations for parade participants and general visitors. Please refer to link for the details.

About the Livepocket-ticket, ticket purchase

Are cancellation, refund of ticket, contents change possible?

After buying a ticket, we can not accept change / refund of the ticket type unless the parade is canceled. Please purchase after confirming well in advance.
If you do not come to the venue at the meeting time on the day, it will be automatically canceled. In that case there is no refund. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I issue the tickets?

Tickets will be QR codes. Please check with 'My ticket' on Livepocket-ticket My page.
QR code is required on the day of the parade, please bring your smartphone, other tablet's terminal with fully charged the battery or print the QR code and bring it.

● If I changed the registered address at the time of application.

Please change your e-mail address from Livepocket-ticket's My Page "Account setting".
Livepocket-ticket and announcements from organizers etc. will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
We will not resend e-mails, please change as soon as possible if your e-mail address has been changed.

● Do you issue receipt?

When using credit card payment: The statement by the credit card company will be the receipt.
The convenience store settlement in the case of the use: Receipt at the time of payment becomes receipt.
The carrier settlement (and get rid of docomo mobile phone, and gather up au payment, the au simple settlement) in the case of the use: Use statement of portable carrier becomes receipt.

About the parade

● Where can I buy the tickets for the parade?

At Livepocket - ticket, we accept applications and sell tickets. For more details, it is event prior application page Please confirm this.
Sale of participation ticket becomes the end as soon as only Livepocket-ticket disappears. There is not sale of today's ticket.

● How old can you participate in parade from?

Halloween Parade From elementary school students can participate. Preschool child cannot participate.
Kids Parade Less than junior high school students (including preschool children) will be eligible, you can participate from the age of 0. Children under 4th grade at elementary school need to participate by parents who are responsible for safety management.

● The parade for participation is different between brothers, what should I do?

Please note, for the convenience of security, parade participation targets are separated by age and please apply in accordance with the application guidelines.

● I would like to participate in a group, how many people can be in a group?

Halloween Parade: Up to 15 people in 1 group. Tickets can be bought for 15 people at once.
Kids Parade: We do not accept participation in group. In friends when wish to participate, please purchase the same ticket separately.

Will it be held in case of rainy weather?

Events will be held in case of small rain. The event will be canceled in case of stormy weather such as heavy rain and strong wind that may be dangerous to participants and visitors also for the parade progresses.
In case of subtle weather, it will be announced on official twitter etc. before 9:00 on the day of the event.

● If I can not participate, can someone on my proxy participate?

Participation by proxy will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
If a parade participant is found by a transfer ticket, we will refuse participation in the parade In addition, about trouble that occurred by ticket transfer, we cannot take responsibility in organisers at all. Thank you for your understanding.

● Do you have any cloakroom to leave luggage?

There is offering. Please refer to information for Changing room, CLOAK.

● I want to distribute sweets etc. to the viewer while the parade is in progress.

Distribution of sweets etc. to the parade visitor is prohibited at all while the parade is in progress.

● What if I feel sick in the middle?

There is a rescue area available. Please speak to the nearby security staff.

About Halloween parade

● Can I choose a group to join or a leading DJ?

It can be specified at the time of application.

● The number of participant has changed, can I change it?

When we increase: You can participate in the same group if you can purchase ticket of the same classification.
When it decreases: After buying a ticket, we can not accept change / refund of the ticket type unless the parade is canceled. Thank you for your understanding.

● Can I drink alcohol and participate?

Drinking in progress of parade is prohibited entirely.

About kids parade

● Can I join with a stroller?

For the safety during the parade, we are not allowed to participate in the stroller.
When we have you participate by stroller by circumstances out of necessity, ticket is necessary in "one child one + protector of stroller" each. In addition, in the position in parade file, most backward. Thank you for your understanding.

● I want to join the parade alongside my friends.

You can participate together if you have ticket of the same time and same group. Please come to the reception together on the day of the event. Also, please tell the reception staff that you want to join "together.
※Please note that you may not meet request.


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