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"Shop Display Contest," result announcement!

We held a 'Shop Display Contest' at a large commercial facility in front of the station! From this year, we conducted general voting by application too. We introduce Grand Prix & 5 winning shop decided by everyone's voice! Please come and check out the shop during the Halloween period!


Totally like a theme park! The atmosphere of display and shop is the best match, welcoming skeleton and ceiling, wall decoration at the shop front are all together with the judges and the general voting become the first prize! A display with full of playfulness, such as poster of horror series being posted etc!

Winning 5 stores

Kakiyasu Sanjaku Sanzunbashi (Lazona Kawasaki plaza)

Pumpkin accessories and attention to small details are so much fun! Contents of great praise!
Please pay attention to the blue hands in the liquid at the buffet…!

Dean & Deluca (atre Kawasaki)

A stunning match of adult chic decorations and product displays!
And there were many comments that is eye-catching even from far distance.

BIANCA BARNET (Lazona Kawasaki plaza)

The display which made use of the characteristics of the florist blends into the atmosphere and wonderful! Invention full of originality including' that letter of HALLOWEEN had a big impact!

Raffine (Wing Kawasaki)

We directed quality of Halloween in salon system including effectively utilizing of display of staff handicraft and glass surface gorgeously by far!

Sweets Paradise (Kawasaki DICE)

Pay attention to the photo spot! A lot of votes were gathered for photogenic Halloween space t and ingenuity for menu. Pretty Halloween lantern in the shop must see that.