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To foreign tourists

For foreign tourists who participate in Kawasaki Halloween, we inform the special services that you'll definitely love Kawasaki!

Let's download Kawa Hallo official APP!

Sightseeing spot stamp rally can be obtained from Official Kawasaki Halloween APP!
Please download the official "Kawasaki Halloween" application covering the recommended information of the entire Kawasaki city, the venue for Kawasaki Halloween.

Let's visit Kawasaki's tourist spots while collecting stamps!

Kawasaki including "Wakamiya Hachiman shrine" where foreigners more than 30,000 a day gather by strange festival "kanamara festival" "factory night view" where mysterious night scenery calls enthusiast from the whole country New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine spot "Kawasakidaishi" where 3 million people gather on the first three days of a new year for New Year holidays is treasure house of unique tourist attractions that there is not elsewhere!

ObjectAnyone can participate
Period Oct 8 (Mon・holiday) to 31 (Wed)
※Stamp correspondence time is within opening hours of each facility
Venue Kawasaki sightseeing spots (Total 9 places)
Kawasaki Daishi Temple: Right side of the main hall
Kawasaki Marien: exchange building 1F, next to the reception.
Warehouse Kawasaki: Kowloon castle 2F, close to the escalator
Tokaido Kawasaki Shuku Koryukan: 1F next to the reception
Japan Open-air Folk House Museum: Passage behind the reception desk
Taro Okamoto Museum: Art museum entrance
Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum: 1F next to the reception
Kawasaki City Museum: 1F entrance, general information area.
Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine: Fudashyo counter
Prize exchange venue / Lottery Date & Time October 26 (Fri) to 31 (Wed) from 11:00 to 20:00
LA CITTADELLA VIVACE 2F Special event space (plan)
Participation Method "Kawasaki Halloween official APP" please download and participate from "Kawasaki City Travel Guide" Sightseeing stamp rally page.
※There is no preparation for stamp paper. Participation only by Kawasaki Halloween application.
※Please note those who do not have a smartphone can not participate.


Kawasaki traditional items which is difficult to obtain, handmade crafts with skilled craftsmanship etc.
Kawasaki's precious items for prize!

Depending on the number of stamps you gathered, you can choose your favorite prize by the first arrival during the exchange period. Those who gathered 9 (all places) got a special prize in the lottery!

Cooperation: Kawasaki specialties authorization executive committee ※Photograph is image. ※It will end as soon as prizes run out.

From 3 to 5 stamps

Doll candy, Tontoko candy, Cough stopping candy, Matcha candy

Established in the early Meiji Era (1868), Kawasaki Daishi's first "candy" specialty store opened to Matsuya Souhonzan special "skills" and "taste" that pass over generations.

And more

From 6 to 8 stamps


Souvenir popularity No.1 item in Kawasaki which is hard to get. Long-established store founded in 1909 (Meiji 42), handmade product by craftsman of Domoto confectionery.

Kawasaki Daishi special product 3 pieces set

Established in the early Meiji Era (1868), Kawasaki Daishi's first "candy" specialty store opened to Matsuya Souhonzan special "skills" and "taste" that pass over generations.

Doraemon & Dorami's pin badge(1 set with 2 pieces)

Fujiko, F, Fujio museum-limited original goods who is famous for popular character "Doraemon" all over the world.

And more

9 stamps (all points)

Transparent Koma Large & Small(1 set with 2 pieces)

Original unique Koma of the Hakushinshya that manufactures wooden toys. When you turn it, the pattern of Mt. Fuji rises up and the surroundings are seen to be transparent. Production: Hakushinshya

Glass Paperweight (Factory night view, Ukiyoe print)

Product made in Tokyo verie company, complete handmade glass industrial art object by expert craftsman. Ink-jet prints "factory night view" and "ukiyoe print" to glass. Production: Tokyo verie

Japanese fan "Kanamara festival"

Original fan of the popular festival "Kanamara Festival" held every year on the first Sunday in April and collecting over 50,000 people from all over the world.

And more

Special prize

For those collecting all the stamps, chance for winning a special prize in lottery!

Gold Award: Kintanrei Urushi Rock Glass For 1 person

Kobayashi kengyo with outstanding polishing technology which was processed by Oonami Tadashi (Awa Shibori Kogyo) approved as Kawasaki Meister in FY 2011, and painted lacquer with famous lacquer workers, collaborated by three parties "Kintanrei Urushi "is completed. The ultimate tradition beauty that craftsmanship of Japan was condensed.

Silver Award: Food Sample (Sushi・Tempura) For 1 person

Food sample which seems to be genuine article than genuine article which person coming from foreign countries is surprised at in shopwindow of restaurant of Japan. This way 50 years, work by river Tsukasa Tanaka enthusiast president of food sample manufacturer tsukasa sample which blooms, and is chosen as Meister.

Event facilities

  1. Kawasaki Daishi Temple:

    8-minute walk from Keikyu Daishi Line Kawasaki-Daishi Station

    The main temple of Shingon sect of Chizanha, famous as a master of extinguishing various disasters.

  2. Kawasaki Marien:

    "Kawasaki Marien front" by bus from JR Kawasaki Station east exit

    Registered as a night view scenery and you can enjoy a wonderful factory night view from the observation room on the 10th floor of the tower building.

  3. Warehouse Kawasaki:

    10-minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station

    It looks totally like legendary slums, Kowloon Castle of Hong Kong! It is a very popular amusement facility for foreigners.

  4. Tokaido Kawasaki Shuku Koryukan:

    10-minute walk from the JR Kawasaki Station east exit

    You can relive the cityscape of "Kawasaki Inn" which was created as Tokaido 53 next stop station in 1623 and the history and culture of Kawasaki city.

  5. Japan Open-air Folk House Museum:

    13-minute walk from the Odakyu Line Mukogaokayuen Station south exit

    It is outdoor museum which removed and rebuilt 25 cases including important cultural property including representative old folk house built in the Edo era mainly.

  6. Taro Okamoto Museum:

    17-miutes walk from the Odakyu Line Mukogaokayuen Station south exit

    A collection of artworks and materials donated by Mr. Taro Okamoto, an artist related to Kawasaki City is displayed.

  7. Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum:

    15-minute walk from the Odakyu Line Mukogaokayuen Station south exit

    You can experience various science and nature such as the planetarium where you can enjoy the world's highest standard star sky.

  8. Kawasaki City Museum:

    10-minutes by bus from Musashi-Kosugi Station

    A complex cultural facility of museums and museums with the theme "city and human". Objects created by Tezuka Osamu are also permanently installed Admission for free.

  9. Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine:

    2-minute walk from the Keikyu Daishi Line Kawasaki-Daishi Station south exit

    The "Kanamara Festival" held in Kannama Shrine in April is carried by a shrine mimicking the penes and visited by many foreign tourists too.

Sound interpreter "POCKETALK" at special service price

You can enjoy conversation freely without interpreter! Dream interpretation machine "POCKETALK" with 74 languages!

At major hotels around the station, lent out at 900 yen per place at 300 yen / day!

ObjectForeign tourist-limited
PeriodOct 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)
Rental place Kawasaki station neighboring hotels
Kawasaki Nikko Hotel, Hotel Sunroute Kawasaki, Toyoko Inn, Daiwa Roynet Hotels, Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS, JR-EAST HOTEL METS KAWASAKI,Keikyu EX Inn, Apa Hotel, TOKYU REI HOTEL, JR Kawasaki "Kita Terrace", Ikuta Ryokuchi East Visitor Center

Halloween parade viewing special space

For people coming from abroad, we have a special space for easy viewing of parades!

You can see parade filled with the audiences more than 100,000 every year from special space of roadside.

ObjectForeign tourist-limited
Date & TimeOct 28 (Sun) from 14:30 to 15:30 (plan)
VenueKawasaki city hall street special space
Capacity50 people
Entrance Fee3,000 yen

Kawasaki station 9 commercial facilities service

We offer various services for foreign tourist!

ObjectForeign tourist-limited

Event & Service

Atre Kawasaki Furumaiya [3F] Behavior liquor (sake brand: "takachiyo" sho bottle)
10/27( sat), 28 sun from 16:00 to 17:00
Furthermore, only in one of foreigner Kawasaki Halloween 2018 free paper [Kawasaki guide choice for tourist!] It is presented sake small sake cup by person having this!
※It is finished as soon as all disappear.
Wing Kawasaki Multilingual interpreter service correspondence (English, Chinese, Korean)
Kawasaki More's Book off supermarket bazaar / secondhand book, recycle shop [3F・6F] 10% OFF by the presentation of this screen!
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
※The cell-phone, game console body, noble metal, brand bag, watch is inapplicable.
Kawasaki LeFRONT Special event space [B1F] Kimono experience and photospot that are worn in three minutes
The first 50 people / Entrance fee for free
We offer man and woman, child use. We can enjoy Japanese binding with kimono you like for 60 minutes.
From Oct 28 (Sun) 11:00
Kawasaki DICE TSUTAYA Front space Pocket change [1F] We change foreign currency for electronic money
LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza General Information We distribute "LAZONA Kawasaki plaza special Coupon" by the presentation of this screen
10/19( fri) ~
※Stocks are limited.

It supports foreign language-adaptive interpreter dial (videophone) eight languages
LA CITTADELLA HAKOBUNE / Japanese sake slow food [1F] One cup of master of sake tasting carefully selected sake entrusting you gives a service by the presentation of this screen
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
※Only in the one using meal.
The ichi / accessories miscellaneous goods [1F] We present novelty by the presentation of this screen!
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
※Only as for the product purchase. ※It is finished as soon as novelty disappears.
CURAS / Event-type rental photo studio [B1F] Free shooting spot liberation event
Oct 27 (Sat) & 28 (Sun)
Seven languages support menu prepared.

Information for duty-free shop

Atre Kawasaki
Wing Kawasaki Bothe girl / cosmetics, miscellaneous goods [1F]
Kawasaki More's Aoyama / gentleman, ladies' wear [B1F]
Chuou contact lenses / contact lens [4F]
Kitamura camera / camera [4F]
Book off supermarket bazaar / secondhand book, recycle shop [6F]
Kawasaki DICE Tokyu Hands / daily miscellaneous goods [5F]
UNIQLO / casual wear [3F]
P.S.FA / men ladies' suit [3F]
MAC HOUSE / casual wear [3F]
Kojitsusanso / mountain climbing, outdoor [3F]
GU / casual wear [2F]
OWNDAYS / glasses [2F]
Fit Care Express & musee de peau Raffine / drug & cosmetics [1F]
LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza
LA CITTADELLA [1F] Yamano music guitar spot / guitar, score and more

Services to enjoy the Japanese culture

Special services to enjoy Japanese culture during Kawasaki Halloween period!

ObjectForeign tourist-limited

Old traditional art "Noh comedy admiration" in Japan

Date Oct 27 (Sat) from 14:00 to 16:30
Venue Kawasaki Noh Theater
Performers Tojiro Yamamoto (living national treasure) others
Entrance Fee 3,000 yen

Kimono experience to be worn by yourself

※Kimono sales also carried out.

Date Oct 27 (Sat), 28 (Sun) from 10:00 to 17:00
Venue Tohteru honten 2F (1-8-9, Honcho, Kawasaki-ku)
Entrance Fee 3,000 yen (20 first arrival)
Those who wish to participate, come to the venue directly.

Planning / Inquiry: Miyauchi Kimono Institute (044-740-2656)