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Kawasaki Halloween will coordinate the costume for your family!
It is family, and do you not do exceptional disguise that professional dealt with on 1st to remain for memory?

During campaign period, participation qualification of 10/27( sat) Kawasaki Halloween "kids' parade" hits 30 sets by lot from one that had you enroll in "Yokohama Toyopet e-mail magazine"! Furthermore, total coordinate does disguise of the whole family only in one set of state from that!

Privilege contents "Kids parade" participation qualification + "family de disguise" present [one set of state]
・By election, you can participate in "kids parade" to adult two people + child four people free.
・Is free in disguise of the whole family; total coordinate! It is with taking a ceremonial photograph (free)!
"Kids parade" participation qualification [29 sets of states]
・By election, you can participate in "kids parade" to adult one person + child four people free.
Application condition One that had you enroll in "Yokohama Toyopet e-mail magazine" during period
Saturday, October 27 "kids parade" family who on the day can arrive to venue
Family who has child less than junior high student
Campaign schedule ・The 10/14( sun) 23:59 application deadline
・Announcement successful on Wednesday, October 17
※We decide elected candidate after fair lottery.
※We contact only elected candidate by email.
※About person who did not get communication by Friday, October 19, we invalidate the election right.

・Parade public performance kids' on Saturday, October 27
Remarks ・When you purchase participation ticket of "kids parade" before election, we refund.
Cooperation: Hair make: Moridoll studio (harpoon Dole studio)
Clothes: clear stone
Disguise produce: refana

Application terms

■We do notification to elected candidate from the Kawasaki Halloween secretariat.
[phone number] 044-233-1934 [MAIL]
・We may enter "unwanted e-mail" folder. Please confirm by all means.
・When you receive email with cell-phone, please cancel domain setting.
■We decide in organisers about contents of disguise. Thank you for your understanding.
■Protector, please perform application to this campaign by all means.
■Each person, please bear transportation expenses to venue.
■Application to this campaign is limited toward the residence in Japan.
■Only the person is effective and cannot transfer successful right. On the day we may do person confirmation.
■Please note that movies taken and shooting with still camera will be at the event on the day. We are tinged with the media and sponsor, and photographed material may be used for trade rags of support company. Thank you for your understanding.
■We may ask for cooperation of coverage.
■Elected candidate is health one that we do not have to worry about, and group action does not have trouble, and confirmation communication limits to produced by date.
■Bad weather may be called off by unavoidable circumstances.
■We use personal information (zip code, address, full name, phone number, e-mail address) that had you register by this campaign in Yokohama Toyopet and CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. jointly and use CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. for communication to applicant, elected candidate, administration on the day. In addition, each manages based on the following privacy policies in the use appropriately.
Yokohama Toyopet

Promotor Kawasaki Halloween project
Sponsorship Yokohama Toyopet
[production administration] CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.
Inquiry Kawasaki Halloween project (the CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. promotion headquarters)
[phone number] 044-233-1934 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30) [MAIL]
We would like inquiry about attention) book campaign until the above.
We cannot accept inquiry at each Yokohama Toyopet and Yokohama Toyopet store.

Acceptance of application was finished.