Kawasaki Bar-Hopping 2019.4.7 (SUN)

Special collaboration event with Kawasaki's time honored "Kanamara Festival!" Foreign visitors most welcome Bar-Hopping with "Japanese cuisine and Sake" at Kawasaki station east area‼

Notice to all visitors

Please confirm following and participate the event for smooth operation.

・"Kanamara Festival" is a holy event of Kawasaki ancient times in hope of descendant prosperity and the peaceful world without discrimination.

Everyone who participates in this event, please do not drink too much and take moderate action.
※Please keep in mind that there are many other guests, small children, families around the venue.

・Please note that movies taken and shooting with still camera will be at the event on the day.

Pictures taken on the day may be used for media or organizer advertisements. Thank you for your understanding.

・If we see an act of inconveniencing other participants or general pedestrians / residents, you may leave the venue or refuse to participate the event. Thank you for your understanding.


Date: Sunday, April 7, 2019
Time: From 14:00 to 22:00
※It varies according to participation stores
Participation Method 1. Present evidence of "Kanamara Matsuri" visit when you enter stores! (ex: photo, souvenir or event flyer)
2.Enjoy special menus or services! *Food & Beverage fee separated.
※Food & Beverage fee varies according to the stores.
Venue LA CITTADELLA & JR Kawasaki Station East Exit Ogawa-cho area

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※English ver.

Special Menus

Those who visited "Kanamara Festival"
will receive the special menus or services from each participation stores!


Geisha Asobi, Samurai Experience, Sumo Wrestler, Japanese Sake and more!
Special entertainment to experience the traditional culture! !

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Reception hours Weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30
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