Lunch Grand Prix 2017

2017 "second lunch Grand Prix" receiving a prize store decision!

Thank you for application of 1,699!

As a result of vote from all of you grand prix receiving a prize "STARBUCKS COFFEE!"
The associate Grand Prix was decided in "nabezo" of the grand prix last year!

[about present shipment]

We present "CINECITTA' in all facilities common admission ticket" to 200 people by lot than visitor who had you vote.
We get announcement of elected candidate with shipment of prize to visitor.
Thank you for your understanding

Your one vote selects the king!

Popular restaurants from LA CITTADELLA will have confrontation by lunch menu!
We hold second lunch Grand Prix 2017 to decide "No, 1 lunch"!
We decide the grand prix by vote of visitors! Don't miss this hot and delicious fight!!

Conduct period

From Tuesday, August 1, 2017 to Sunday, August 20 (finished)

Participation stores

All restaurants at LA CITTADELLA

Result announcement

We will announce the winner at this page and a prize at store on Friday, September 1st.

Participation method:

We eat lunch at each store and vote!
All shops will prepare their proud menu for your visit! Come and enjoy the lunch and please vote!

  • ① Please order a target menu at participating shops.
  • ② In participation shops, we hand one piece of ballot for each menu order.
  • ③ Please fill in evaluation about menu which you had, and please put in vote BOX in three places at LA CITTADELLA.

Vote BOX is here!

・In front of MAGGIORE 1F elevator
・In front of MAGGIORE 2F elevator
・VIVACE 1F entrance

We will present CINECITTA' all facilities use ticket from who vote by lottery for 200 people!
※We will send the present middle of September. We will announce winners by shipment of the present.

Lunch for free coupon present!

900 people in total will win lunch for free coupon at LINE@!
From August 1st Tuesday to August 18th Friday, we carry out lottery for 18 days for free of charge coupon for lunch targeted Grand Prix for 900 people in total, 50 people every day day at LINE@!
Please register official LINE@ "@lacittadella" of LA CITTADELLA before the period!
(present of lunch for free coupon was finished)

>>We add to friend right now!