We improved detailed page of 2018.3.20 Haisai Festa fair

We improved detailed page of 2018.3.20 workshop

We improved detailed page of 2018.3.20 eating and drinking stand, product exhibition

We improved detailed page of 2018.3.15 EISA

We opened 2018.2.15 Haisai FESTA2018 WEB site

Eating and drinking stand, product exhibitionEating and drinking stand, product exhibition


We increase venue scale and unfold this year!
Furthermore, "Ishigaki beef"
As for "Agu pork" "beauty and others Sea tuna,"
We used brand ingredients which Okinawa was proud of
It is attention on menu!

Eating and drinking stand product exhibition

Eating and drinking stand, product exhibition photographSoul Food



"EISA" that is bloom of Haisai Festa,
This year at last from home Okinawa-shi,
Three EISA groups!

Appearance group information

EISA photographCulture

Outdoor free liveOutdoor free live


From old and new Okinawa pop music
Until traditional folk song, sanshin, dance
Artists from Okinawa gather very much!

Free live photographMusic

Music festival @ CLUBCITTA'Music festival @ CLUBCITTA'


As for this year to reach the 15th, it is held in 2DAYS!
"Okinawa folk song" and "Okina one on the rocks"
Sense this bodily!

Music festival, bell rung in the early morning festival photographEntertainment

Folk song barFolk song bar

We drink, and song dances
Quite popular plan that Okinawa experience is possible!

Folk song bar photograph

Absorption in Okinawa folk song! Haisai Cafe!Folk song, cafe

Kazufumi Miyazawa produce
"Absorption in Okinawa folk song!
Haisai Cafe!
It is limited if we listen to song of Okinawa to know Okinawa!
We thoroughly enjoy the world of splendid Okinawa folk song!

Haisai, cafe photographOkinawan Song


First held!
We were affected by American culture
We feel deep Okinawa
It is OPEN in live house of one-night stand!

Koza LIVE MUSIC BAR photograph


Traditional arts of Okinawa
We can experience manufacturing!

We see the details

Workshop photographCulture

Haisai Festa fairHaisai Festa fair

At each VIA CINECITTA' mall store
It is full of Okinawa fairs to be able to enjoy!

Tuna fair from Okinawa Fair product introduction Trip to Okinawa is successful! Great lottery

Haisai Festa fair photograph

★Haisai FESTA2018 visual design

Attention gathers toward world natural heritage registration of "northern part of Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Okinawa Island and Iriomotejima" in 2018. As "Haisai Festa," we produced visual design that assumed plant and animal of "northern part of Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Okinawa island and Iriomotejima" symbol in hope of beautiful nature being inherited as world common property to coming ages.
It is essential for world natural heritage registration that each one is conscious of importance of nature. We are happy if you can be interested in nature of "northern part of Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Okinawa Island and Iriomotejima" through visual design even a little. All of you think that it can come by all means to sense splendid Nature bodily.
About site proposed for world natural heritage registration

Illustrator pokke104

We are from Okinawa. The name pokke104 is from a thought, to send things we saw or felt through an art from the pocket of our heart. Developed free style of art, media illustration, store's fresco, live paint and workshops which featured the theme of "art X communication" to send people's thoughts inside and outside of the country.

★Recruitment of Haisai Festa volunteers

Let's make up wonderful event together!
Offer essential point is this

★Recruitment of support companies

Product sampling, display, flyer distribution, the picture screening are possible in the event site.
Sightseeing in Okinawa PR booth recruits here too.
Please contact us for further details.
Contact information
Public information publicity department charge: Horiguchi
E-mail address

★With Haisai Festa

We focus on unique culture, art of deep Okinawa of relationship for Kawasaki-city very much for a long time and hold "Haisai Festa" in commercial complex "LA CITTADELLA" in front of JR Kawasaki Station every year for Golden Week.
We mobilized record-high approximately 230,000 people in five days for period and came to be said to be Okinawa-related event largest in the country last year.

Held summary

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