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March 9 (Sat) & 10 (Sun) from 11:00 to 17:00
Free entrance

※We hold the event in rain (we may cancel the event, in case of stormy weather. Thank you for your understanding)

It is called "Day of Mimosa" on March 8, which is an International Ladies' Day in Italy. That tells the arrival of spring, there is a custom of giving beautiful yellow Mimosa flowers from men to women, vividly coloring the city of Italy with a feeling of love and daily gratitude.
From our thought "To spread more of this wonderful customs", we have been holding this event commemorating to "Mimosa Day" for more than 10 years and looking forward to many visitors to enjoy the event every year. It is a wonderful festival of Mimosa dedicated to all women, produced by LA CITTADELLA with the image of Italian hill town. Mimosa blooms in profusion during the event period, and the whole venue is surrounded with vivid Mimosa yellow. In addition, the fragrance of the Mimosa blended with the orignal envelopes the entire venue, and the glass tower of LA CITTADELLA shines in golden color. We will continue to actively send out the importance of cultivating flowers as a gift at new spring event.
Original aroma dispersion period: From February 18 (Mon) - March 17 (Sun)


Mimosa (Acacia decurrense) leguminous Acacia genus

Flower language
"Appreciation" "Elegance" "Secret Love" "Friendship" "Steadiness" "Consideration" "Mystery" "Rich sensitivity"

Mimosa is native to Australasia, and was introduced as an ornamental plant or fragrance in the Europe around the 19th century. It is popular as "flower telling coming of spring" in Europe.
It is said that there is work to heal heart in flavor of slightly sweet flower.

Why don' you give flowers of mimosa to loved ones and those who are indebted?

Event Contents event contents

OPENING CEREMONY opening ceremony

Opening ceremony imageIn commemoration of holding the MIMOSA Festa 2019, we are holding the opening ceremony. We are pleased to invite Ms. Maryjune Takahashi who is currently actively participating in films and dramas as an actress and model, Mr. Jun Nagai an event promoter of MIMOSA festa, and Mr. Misu president of the event site of LA CITTADELLA will continue to expand their talks about the importance of flowers and the wonderful life with flowers. We release yellow balloon with all guests at the end of the ceremony and will let "Mimosa" bloom in the sky!

Date & Time
March 9 (Sat) Reception from 11:30 / Start 12:00
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space / Free entrance
Balloon and mini-bouquet of Mimosa to launch are presented in the sky by the first 300 people!

Maryjun Takahashi instagramTwitter

Maryjun Takahashi photograph

I am delighted to participate in MIMOSA FESTA 2019 as a Muse. I would like to cheer this event, so that a society where more women will shine than ever before by introducing the "International Women's Day" and "Mimosa flower as a gift". I am looking forward to see everybody at the event.

Born in Shiga prefecture on November 8, 1987.
Act as contracted model of "CanCam" from 2006, and 2012 NHK continuation TV program "love purely" actress debut. After that she enlarged place of achievement including movie and TV drama and challenge various positions. Her major appearances include the movie "Rurou ni Kenshin -Kyoto Fireworks / The Last Story of the Legend" (14), "Dropped smart phone" (18) and more. She is appearing on TV drama currently "The law of happiness life" (19 / YTV, NTV).

Nagai Jun photograph

MIMOSA Festa event producer
CEO Nagai Jun

Misu Alessandro photograph

CEO Misu Alessandro

MIMOSA GIFT Mimosa gift

We give flower and are imaged boyWe present mini-bouquet of Mimosa to woman who had you arrive with feeling of thanks from MIMOSA Festa. We jumped out of LA CITTADELLA which was event site, and present in front of Kawasaki Station was decided this year, too. You are healed indulgently by gentle flavor, and please spend a happy time in MIMOSA Festa.

Give flower; boy

Date & Time
March 9 (Sat) & 10 (Sun) from 11:00 to 17:00
※1,000 people are limited to the first arrival, and one bundle becomes only for every day per person. Stocks are limited. ※Flower boys who are active to give, and to give flower with boy, and to spread culture. Nagai Jun who is MIMOSA Festa event producer founds.

Atre Kawasaki

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9 ① 13:30 ~② 15:00 ~
The first floor of atre Kawasaki camellia open space
※100 people are limited to the first arrival, and one bundle becomes only for each time per person. Stocks are limited.

Kawasaki Azeria

Date & Time
Sunday, March 10 ① 13:00 ~② 15:00 ~
Azeria sunlight open space (in front of white day fair venue)
※250 people are limited to the first arrival, and one bundle becomes only for each time per person. Stocks are limited.

Furthermore! Flower Shop "bukeo! We stop at buke
Holding simultaneous as for the workshop made with bouquet of Mimosa!

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9 13:00 ~
Azeria humming garden
※Reservation of participation at store reception desk

Kawasaki Azeria image


The grand prix goes on an Italian trip!
Post wonderful photograph of MIMOSA Festa 2019 on SNS,
Let's participate in contest!

Photocontest image

MIMOSA MARCHE Mimosa Marchais

Marchais such as blue sky market of Italy comes up in VIA CINECITTA'!
Approximately 50 stores including Flower Shop and accessories of various tastes open a store. Does person that you came with clothes of yellow have wonderful privilege?♡

Mimosa Marchais image

Date & Time
March 9 (Sat) & 10 (Sun) from 11:00 to 17:00
VIA CINECITTA' special event space

List of people from branch is this

TALK SHOW talk show

Marie that strange sun advanced from popular talent as there was not to way of design with TV and magazine. Is it anything with "zero design" which Marie raises as designer of "PASCAL MARIE DESMARAIS" (Pascal Marie demare) which we launched by oneself after having gone to noble university of arts of NY? We carry out thought put in it and special talk show talking about future aim!

Date & Time
Sunday, March 10 reception desk start 11:30 ~ / start 12:00 ~
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space / Free entrance

Marie (talent designer) instagram


It was born in June 20, 1987. We are from Tokyo. Half with father of French-Canadian and Japanese mother. We start activity as model from about 10 years old and play an active part in many aspects including talent activity with contracted model and TV of "ViVi" afterwards. We go to the United States alone in September, 2011 and study in noble "Parsons The New School for Design" in NY among well-known world's three biggest schools in the field of fashion. We major in fashon. We come under an influence of interview to many designers and seem to send deep interest to art fashion culture. Hobby makes a tour of movie, music, galleries. Under J-WAVE "SEASONS" navigator (every Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00 live broadcasting) regular appearances. Designer of apparel brand "PASCAL MARIE DESMARAIS" which we launched by oneself serves now.

Marie (model talent) photograph

Japanese X Italian international couple special talk show! What is true thought put in sun of ~ Mimosa? ~

Meg and Mimmo who encounter decides marriage in three months, and are developing sustainable business as yogini and designer now based in Japan. "Every day it is often that two people called memorial day" send flower each other. It is right romance-style of Italy to value time of two people above all while being mom and daddy. We have you talk about culture to introduce love of Italy into from viewpoint only by two people going back and forth in Italy and Japan and how to celebrate on international ladies' day!

Japanese X Italian international couple special talk show! Image

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9 from 14:00 to 14:30
/ Free entrance in front of VIA CINECITTA' Mimosa fresco


Floral yoga producer. We meet yoga at 19 years old. It is started in floral yoga by own experience that experiences miscarriage, and was saved by power of plant. We hold yoga event in space among plants and collaboration event with brand which came out of power of plant under the theme of "we live with plant". We send "hint to make daily life bloom" that snuggled up to heart and body, lifestyle of woman in her 20s and 30s to women.

[feeling Arno mimmo]
GENUINE combination company's representative director

STAGE stage performance

Special free live only for MIMOSA Festa 2019!
In space colored by Mimosa, please enjoy wonderful live and entertainment!

Hana Yuri (Singer song-writer) instagram

Crowd funding: [Hana Yuri] #The achievement is commemorative for 1 cover 1,000 days a day!
We challenge for the first time independent live & first album!

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9 from 13:00 to 13:30
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space

Hana Yuri (Singer song-writer) photograph


Godo, Hyogo native place, 22 years old Singer song-writer. We are born as the second daughter of four sisters in 1996. Encounter, songwriting are started at 16 years old by guitar. After the graduation from high school, we go to Tokyo aiming at Budokan alone performance. We sing approximately 70 pieces of original piece of music on street of Shibuya, Harajuku and continue singing one piece of cover in Instagram every day, and we exceed 960 days now, and the number of the followers reaches approximately 45,000. In addition, it is completion on street live tour for 1,280,000 yen that we spend four months on ~10 mon in July of this year and gathered by crowd funding nationwide. Autocratic live is scheduled in Shibuya egg man on March 10, 2019.

Heroine (comedian) of 3:00

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9 from 15:00 to 15:30
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space

Heroine (comedian) photograph of 3:00


It is yumetchi (the left) / Maki Fukuda (the center) / or pats (the right)
Much-talked-about young woman trio, "heroine of 3:00" characterized by play-based conte. In 2017 of age that they formed, we show high conte of completeness with sexy chorus & dance in "woman entertainer No. 1 deciding match THE W" (Nippon Television system) and make a foray into the semifinals. We achieved advance for 2 consecutive years in the semifinals.

Indie Suzuki

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 10th sun ① from 11:00 to 11:30 ② from 14:30 to 15:00


Lifting performer who takes a trip to the world. Event appears in Shanghai expo, LA JAPAN EXPO, 20 countries including Edinburgh festival fringe of the world. We make use of own experience, and, in addition to lifting, Freestyle football, clinic, lecture is active widely. We perform school visit including domestic and foreign child nursing homes positively. (the Eiken first grade, English conversation lecturer of 975 points of TOEIC again in book "metal English" "the actual fighting! There are speeches in English. The English material shows "laughter to o motto for English conversation learning!", too. We host INDY English conversation school, metal English lesson.)


Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 10th sun from 16:00 to 16:30
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space


We repeat jag ring and encounter, daily exercises at the time of second grade at a junior high school and appear on local event half a year later and experience debut. We shine with the popularity vote first place at the youngest 17 years old with street performance World Cup 2002 that we participated in as eleventh grader and become professional performer. We give a performance in 71 countries of the world and show performance in front of dezumondo Tutu and Michael Jackson until now. Look at eccentric live performance for all any people regardless of age or sex.

SPECIAL special contents

Rosa and Takahashi of donkey

The Kawasaki's first landing! Donkey Rosa of selling flowers introduced by TV or magazine a lot. We sell wonderful flower mainly on Mimosa on the day of the event!

Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 10th sun from 13:00 to 16:00
※It is in a limited quantity and is finished as soon as we disappear.

Rosa and Takahashi photograph of donkey


It is spoilt child very much. We parade around town while deciding place putting together in Shibuya, Daikanyama, Nakameguro, image of flower of each day including Hiroo around Ebisu. We appear on TV show including "leech naan death" "ZIP!" a lot. We cooperate with promotion video and CD jacket production of Naoto intiraimi and citron. Idol who attracts people everywhere!

We are from Hokkaido Shiretoko Shari-cho. We learn horse by self-education while doing guide business at hotel in Hokkaido and turn into Flea. We are engaged in horse sleigh and carriage, tourism including horseback riding with horse afterward and begin selling flowers donkey in the next year including ponytail holder taxi in Yokohama in 2007. We handle event or shooting by horseback riding or previewing of a horse to be entered in a race and deal with work of the animal event work widely now.

Face meal fortune-telling of ska Chan, Miyamoto

Chance that has ska Chan, Miyamoto playing an active part in various media including TV and magazine tell directly now!
Please experience much-talked-about mole fortune-telling among entertainers saying "we hit!".

Date & Time
Sunday, March 10 from 12:30 to 17:00

Face meal fortune-telling image of ska Chan, Miyamoto


October 23, 1986 Nissei. We quit, and cause creative agency belongs. We are active as comedy duo "ska Chan". We assume mole fortune-teller understanding fortune and character on seeing mole, mole judgment special ability, and there is experience that told more than 1500 faces from 3-day event and is quite popular when we hit from many people! Under "!mole fortune-telling & make good luck of ska Chan, Miyamoto" great admiration release!

Blue sky yoga classroom

It is instructor top of LAVA, and main visual of event refreshes mind and body in yoga among plentiful Mimosa which can taste mirei of model to act as under meeting, the spring blue sky only here together now, too!

Date & Time
Sunday, March 10 from 13:00 to 14:00
LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
※We will tell about the details such as application methods later! Don't miss it!!

seriikurisutina bi* (yoga instructor model)

Blue sky yoga classroom image


We begin yoga as one of the body work in the days of university student commencing with ballet for childhood. We sense that the life becomes rich bodily with impression that own body turned into and we are attracted and begin to learn, and it is to instructor under the influence of mother with experience of yoga instructor. We are active as instructor top of Hot Yoga Studio LAVA now while aiming at telling charm of yoga to many people alone. We are in charge of event a lot without staying only in studio of Lava.

CITTA' WEDDIND X MIMOSA Festa 2019 special interlocking movement plan ten sets 20 people limited photowedding present! Under recruitment of great admiration participants♡

There is stand-alone chapel having wedding ceremony having meaning called "church of angel" in LA CITTADELLA. Season when MIMOSA Festa period is one year when LA CITTADELLA is stained with Mimosa and is the most beautiful. Do you not leave moment when two people of the leading role shine most in the life for the best memory in dreamlike space?

For more details, please see this, staff blog of CITTA' WEDDING.

Photowedding present! Image

Information for Access access, traffic

Location: 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

Information for traffic
5-minute walk from JR Kawasaki station by Tokaido Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Nanbu Line and Keikyu line from Keikyu Kawasaki station.
For more details, from this

Event Outline event outline

CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. / CINECITTA' Street Shopping District Promotion Association
Planning & Production
Living-in-Italy Japan Embassy / Quirinal sightseeing station (ENIT) / staying in Japan Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry
C' BON/Joseph Perrier/ nesukafedoruchiegusuto /LUX
Atre KawasakiKawasaki AzeriaYamano and associates
TEL: 044-233-1934 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30)
  • The living-in-Italy Japan Embassy
  • The Italian chamber of commerce in Japan
  • C' BON
  • Joseph Perrier
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