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We post wonderful photograph of MIMOSA Festa 2019 on SNS, and let's participate in contest!

Trip to grand prix Italy (for trip ticket 200,000 yen)

Country, Italy which is popular in Europe including world heritage sightseeing and delicious gourmet. One which features different culture and manners and customs every Rome, Venice, Florence, town including Milan. In wonderful country, Italy which became model of LA CITTADELLA, please spend best time♡

\ others, a lot of luxurious prizes ♡/

  • For 1 person

    Mimosa bouquet with Maryjun Takahashi handwriting message

    Original bouquet only for one only in the world. With luxurious message which Takahashi of "MIMOSA Festa 2019" Muses wrote with thought♡
    ※Photographs are image.

  • Two people

    100 ml of Santa Maria Novella cologne Mimosa

    It is sweet floral single notebook that bitterness is fragrant in notebook slightly in the last.

  • For 1 person

    With Joseph Perrier prize ① kyuvurowaiyaruburyutto 750 ml Mimosa pair glass

    With Joseph Perrier prize ② kyuvurowaiyaruburyutto 375 ml Mimosa pair glass

  • For 1 person

    kurun TOKYO ballet shoes

    Pointed toe 
    KOLOR: Yellow
    New brand kurun TOKYO (kuruntoukyo) where we wear world's most and arrived at for good ballet shoes of feeling is born on March 1, 2019! Prettiness of appearance is confidence product which kept on being particular about all in spite of being leaving.

  • Five people


    Size: 100 X 140㎝ 
    Material: 100% polyester
    Microfiber half blanket of easy feel that printed motif of flower Mimosa which told spring. You can feel spring positive damarinoyona warmth.

  • Five people

    miamimoza Imabari towel hand towel

    KOLOR: Cream / green 
    Size: 35*34cm material: 100% cotton
    It is hand towel of Imabari towel which assumed flower Mimosa telling spring motif.

  • Five people


    510 g of damage repair shampoo
    510 g of damage repair treatment
    170 g of damage repair hair masks
    botanikarusaiensu prescription that concentrated advanced technology of botanikaru ingredient and LUX which selected carefully. 100% pyuaoganikkuoiru combination from Andes

The application deadline
Until Sunday, March 10, 2019 23:59
Application method
We respond in LA CITTADELLA official account!
Instagram: @cinecitta_lacittadella
twitter @la_cittadella
We take a picture in MIMOSA Festa!
We add hashtag "#MIMOSAFESTA" to photograph and post on Instagram or Twitter!

Successful announcement
・As you tell elected person by direct message of Instagram, please respond in official account of LA CITTADELLA by all means.
・Dispatch of successful notice plans about March 13
・After the successful notice reception, please inform contact information, the prize destination of necessary matter by designated method for less than seven days.
When you cannot hear from before time limit, please be careful as you invalidate election.
・Shipment of prize is limited to Japan.
・Successful right is effective only for elected candidate. Successful transfer, realization is not possible.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

・You can apply even for how many times per person, but please refrain from posting the same contents.
・In the case of several contributions, we do the first piece photograph at the same time if targeted for examination.
・Plural layout photographs are out of winning a prize video contribution.
・Please apply in state with contribution of account as "exhibition" on application by all means.
・As you are not considered to be application when contribution is closed, please be careful.

●About application
Entry (photograph, comment. About), please let me limit to thing that all of rights such as copyrights belongs to applicant with thing that applicant you were photographed and thing which got approval of rightful claimant among works including rights of others including right of likeness of subject as follows. Agreement of protector is necessary for application of minor. When application, contribution to this campaign is carried out, we consider that protector agreed to application terms. It is free and shall consent to applicant reprints contribution contents of contribution data and others in Web site, application, SNS, other advertising media (including Japan and the world) that CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. manages without prior consent of applicant with application to this campaign or doing reproduction, editing, processing (including case to use in combination with patching and other material).

●Disclaimers of this campaign
We do not take responsibility for contribution contents of user at all. When disputes occur between third party by contribution of user, user you shall solve the disputes concerned in the responsibility and shall not trouble for us and other users at all by any chance.
On application to this campaign and other contribution reading, please do not make a comment as follows.
・Or, against public order and morals, it might be.
・We slander third party and slander and violate privacy. Again; can cause.
・In violation of laws and ordinances, we are tied to criminal act. Again; can cause.
・We violate right of third party. Again; can cause.
・We disturb appropriate administration of this campaign. Again; can cause.

●Privacy Policy
・We manage personal information that we acquired by this campaign based on privacy policy of CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. safely and appropriately. We use for shipment of prize to elected candidate, communication and may use personal information in statistical information not to identify individual.
・Personal information may not provide to third party without prior consent of applicant unless it is required trust based on case and laws and ordinances to provide earlier as far as it is necessary for trust of this campaign duties.