Christmas ... of NATALE 2014 - LA CITTADELLA

Illuminations lighting type

Date&Time : 11/14 fri 18:00 ...
Venue : Center fountain open space area

Toyama mirei
Toyama mirei

Next-generation dancer songwriter who appeals for rial of active high school girl via ... NY from Osaka.
By powerful message and dance performance, global possibility attracts attention as "the last monster born in 20th century".

Little Glee Monster
Little Glee Monster

It which strongest song girls who held "... to leave scratch for heart of people by singing voice that whetted" such dream gathered from the whole country, and was formed "Little Glee Monster." Monsters of small song aim at full-scale singer unit passing to weapon in powerful singing voice and transparent harmony in the world.

We invite 100 sets of 200 people to Kato millimeters shop special collaboration illuminations fountain mapping pre-show!

In commemoration of "Kato millimeters shop X LA CITTADELLA" special collaboration,
With Kato millimeters person illuminations fountain mapping show
We invite 100 sets of limited 200 people to pre-show that you can appreciate!

Furthermore, you can see talk show with Muramatsu Ryotaro dealing with produce of this show!

In addition, match with theme KOLOR of Christmas 'NATALE (natare)' of LA CITTADELLA of this year; and dress code "blue!"
You are exceptionally dressed up, and please arrive.
Date&Time 12/19 fri 18:00 ... (plan)
Application method: Please apply than the application form mentioned above.
The application deadline: Sunday, December 7
Application condition: Woman limitation
Successful announcement: We return successful announcement with shipment of letter of invitation.
Notes ・Photography with movie still camera enters on the day. Photographed material is used for person of media and coverage trade rags.
・It is said that application is to once per person.
・We change meeting place in case of rain and hold talk show. In addition, in the case of meeting place change, we guide with "LA CITTADELLA official blog".

10th Anniversary Kato millimeters shop X LA CITTADELLA

Original postcard present

Postcard made in commemoration of Kato millimeters shop collaboration is presented by visitor who used shop, CINECITTA' in LA CITTADELLA!

※It becomes one piece per person.
※Present in CINECITTA' becomes weekdays only.

Period The end up to - nakunari on Friday, November 14


Kato millimeters shop handwriting extra-large panel with signature comes up! Please take photograph in commemoration of arrival by all means.

Period Saturday, December 20 - 25 thu

Special collaboration illuminations fountain mapping show held decision!

Date&Time Saturday, December 20 - 25 thu
18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00 / 19:30 / 20:00 / 20:30 every day six times ※Once about 7-8 minutes
Venue LA CITTADELLA center fountain open space
Illuminations fountain mapping show
Kato millimeters shop
Collaboration musical piece of Kato millimeters shop and HY Izumi Nakasone "YOU...We make feat. Izumi Nakasone (HY) Christmas version,
By picture creator who dealt with show and event on behalf of Japan using projection mapping, Ryo Muramatsu Taro produce,
Fantastic show that we can experience only here that "music" and "picture" synchronized carries out "illuminations, fountain mapping show".

Producer Muramatsu Ryotaro
Recommended view spot
MAGGIORE 2F Balcony, VIA CINECITTA' sky bridge, "rotondanao" terrace (eating and drinking store)

Contact 044-233-1934 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:30)