CITTA' Summer Festival 2019

CITTA' Collection "Japanese Style Show"

"CITTA' Summer Festival" entertainment show Vol.6!

Under the theme of 'Japonism', in addition to the striking performances of Japanese musical instruments such as Japanese drums and shamisen, dancers and performers & additional great renditions, you can enjoy dynamic and fantastic entertainment show in the summer evening!

Mikoshi carry comes up on August 10 (Sat) & 11 (Sun) to heat up the event!

Date August 10 (Sat) to 12 (Mon・holiday)
Time: 1st stage: 19:00
2nd stage: 20:00
※Each show will take approx 15 to 20 minutes.
Viewing area LA CITTADELLA VIA CINECITTA' Street / Sky bridge access



※For producing the show, we will ask you to move within the viewing area during the show.
※Free entrance / event will be canceled in case of rain.
※Information of event holding due to the bad weather will be announced on official Twitter.

Photos from 2018


Shyamisen Yutaka Koyama

Shyamisen Keiichi Koyama

Shyamisen Yoshimune Oyama

Flag performer Yokohama Kishidoh

Paul dance EMIJAY

Paul dance KAMI

Stiletto performer Yuji Kobayashi

Aerial dancer PILO

Aerial dancer Aki Yoshida

Night Market

It is quite popular as tourist attractions of the world! We hold "Night Market" where street food gourmet can enjoy as CITTA's original for the first time!
In addition to offering special stall food at a select restaurant, you can also enjoy popular festival stall food and games such as shooting game and Yo-yo fishing!

Date August 10 (Sat) to 12 (Mon・holiday)
Time: 11:00-21:00 (LO 20:30)
Venue VIA CINECITTA', VIA CLUBCITTA', Arena CITTA' (Futsal court) access
※Free entrance!
Night Market Special Plan

Aomori Nebuta Display


"Night market" first holding special plan! Special display of Nebuta operated by "Aomori Nebuta Festival" in 2018. Please take a close look at the powerful Aomori Nebuta.

Date & Time August 10 (Sat) to 12 ( 11:00-21:00
Venue Arena CITTA' (Futsal court) access
Display contents Saiyuki -Journey to Tenjiku-
It was created to represent a scene where Son Goku fights against the brothers devils Kinkaku and Ginkaku at Haychozan rengedou.
Son Goku / Sagojo / Sanzouhoushi / Chohakkai / Kinkaku / Ginkaku
※Kinkaku and Ginkaku will be on the face only, others will be exhibited as the doll.
※[Producer] Master of Nebuta Ryusei Uchiyama

[Aomori Nebuta Festival]
A colorful, large Nebuta walks through the city of Aomori at night, and it is a festival representing Japan that attracts approximately 3 million people every year with its powerfulness and beauty. Important intangible folk cultural property of the country (designated in 1980).
Holding from August 2 to 7 every year (regardless of the day).
For more details from official HP.

Food and Beverage Line up

■ In addition to local gourmets in Japan, popular dishes from Asia and Europe are lined up!


Summer fes popular seller, grilled squid, takoyaki, yakisoba and lots more Japanese gourmet menus will be line up! We prepared from beers to other beverages as well. There will be 50 kinds of Japanese sake!

Japanese Sake ichigou bottle shop ICHIGOU

Nationwide Japanes Sake 50 kinds of ICHIGOU bottle ¥ 500

We consume sake of each place, and the north offers the south with 1 go bottle of size to Oita from Hokkaido.

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Japanese style melty Takoyaki 500 yen

Melty and soft takoyaki using tasteful large octopus from Hokkaido.
The taste of Japanese-style soup stock spreads in the mouth.
This is the soul food of Japan!


Miso Tanpo 300 yen

"Miso-tanpo" which we added lightly-salted miso to specialty of Akita Kiritanpo.
Please enjoy snacks of the country side.


Grilled Sendai Beef Tongue 800 yen

Please enjoy specialty of grilled beef tongue and roasted duck skewers from Sendai !

Michinoku Dining Hareruya

Grilled Trout from Naka River 700 yen

Grilled Trout from Naka river from Tochigi with soft texture and great scent.

Fourth generation Tokujiro

Nikko Natural Snow Cone Tochiotome 900 yen

Natural ice made from clear Nikko water by storing in pond.
It is hard and does not melt easily, shaved ice melts softly in your mouth.


Hakata ramen 700 yen

We provide 100% of pork bones thick soup and ramen of the home Hakata stand-style characterized by barikata saimen of Hakata direct shipment!


Shouronpo from China, popular cheese hot dog from Korea, Taiwan speciality Zha Chipai, and Tandori Chicken skewers from India! Please enjoy taste of public performance.

Shanghai Delica

Grilled Dumpling
400 yen (three), 600 yen (five)

Everything is handmade from the dough, and the bowl is made from Kanagawa Prefecture "Sagami pork" and has five flavors.


Korean style Cheese Hot Dog 500 yen

It is topic in SNS! nobiru cheese is unbearable! Have delicious chizuhattogu.


Tandoori Chicken 500 yen

An Indian standard chicken skewers, using pickled yogurt and secret spices.
This is the specialty of Spice Craft!

HP >>

Bell Wood

Taiwan style Deep Friied Chicken (Zachipai) 600 yen

Please enjoy difference between common deep-fried chicken and texture using powder of sweet potato.

Tanakaya Corporation

Tapioca drink 400 yen

Hot topic of Tapioca drink!
We offer each flavor that is recommended to instagenic.


Cheese Takkarubi Skewer 600 yen

We had unrivaled article including melty cheese in hot chicken!

[/others European]

Other than Naples pizza loved in the world, it is ... with Sangria with Italy-producing ham, Brazilian sausage, much-talked-about aging Uruguay beef by all means!


Kiln Baked Naples Pizza (2 kinds)
400 yen (1 cut), 1,500 yen (1 hall)

Naples Pizza from 1 slice which we bake with Italian craftsman made firewood kiln.
Please enjoy the taste of Naples.

HP >>

La Petite Fromagerie -small cheese shop-

Grilled Cheese Corn 500 yen

Sweet and juicy grilled corn with plenty of Parmigiano Reggiano!


HP >>


Sangria 500 yen

In addition to the perfect summer sangria with plenty of fresh oranges, also offering delicious Italian ham.

HP >>

G&J Aging Meat Bashyamichi

Aged Uruguay Beef Steak 800 yen

From country Uruguay eating beef world's most, please fully taste specialty local beef.


Fried Tapioca 500 yen

Deep-fried pie of the rice cake new touch paying fast which we made with tapioca powder.

■ Besides, we have festival constant seller or seasonal menu!


Juicy smell of soy sauce! Grilled Squid 600 yen

One of the annual popular menu, grilled squid from meat and oyster market.
Please enjoy the fresh and thick squid with the sweet smell of soy sauce.

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Akakara Kawasaki east exit store

Akakara Hot Yakisoba! 600 yen

Pan and Yakisoba performed collaboration from red.
We season with secret miso using for pan and are exquisite Yakisoba becoming hot ga habit.


Tamasen 400 yen

It is not an Okonomiyaki nor a Takoyaki, Osaka & Nagoya's specialty called "Tamasen".
Recommended for children as well as adults for alcohol snack.

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Hot & delicious! Shibire Sukiyaki Bowl 500 yen

Sukiyaki with thick soup stock and black molasses from Okinawa.
Excellent for stamina & more Hotness added, we finished it especially for summer! ※Hotness adjustment is possible.

HP >>

Table895 by ELOISE's cafe

Crunchy Pork 500 yen

Try our crispy fried Spams!
It is perfect snack for beer and wine. Also snack for kid's as well.

HP >>

Lara Caruso

Fresh Squeezed Juice 410 yen

Whole fruits become a container!
Take a look at the fresh taste of squeezed juice and the photogenic form of those fruits.

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Japanese Sake Hakkaisan ー12 ℃ 500 yen

Please enjoy grilled Sazae and Anago from Hokuriku with icy cold -12℃ Tanrei karakuchi Hakkaisan marriage.

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Squeezed Fresh Lemon Sour 500 yen

Refreshing lemon sour with half sized lemon.


HP >>

Kirin City

Tarunama Frozen Ichiban Shibori 500 yen

Popular beer of the Summer Festival!
"Frozen Beer" with icy foam from Kirin City!

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Pork specialty store KIWAMI

Kamuipork Juicy Tonkatsu Skewer 500 yen

Hidaka-yongen Kamui pork is characterized by soft flesh, fine texture and sweet fat.
The ingredients that can be eaten even for half finished in exquisite pink color.


Kawasaki Own Brewing Craft Beer 500 yen

Exclusive original craft beer, direct shipping from the in-house brewery!
Please enjoy crafts man made unheated and non-filtered fresh brew beer!

Bistro POCHI

Okonomiyaki 500 yen

Rolled up crunchy pork and cheese, finished as one heck of stunning Okonomiyaki.

Kawasaki Steak Center

Beef steak skewer 500 yen

Limited special soft beef skewers, goes well with cold beers!
Please try and enjoy!

Chopsticks Bar Pokkura VIA CINECITTA' shop

Atsugi Shirokoro Grilled Innards 500 yen

We use Atsugi shirokoro hormone of B-1 gold Grand Prix receiving a prize. It is muscular and is delicious

Toriyoshi Kawasaki VIA CINECITTA' shop

Deep-fried wing (six-pack) 500 yen

The 35th anniversary of the foundation! Deep-fried wing which we fried by the traditional skill using discerning sauce which we let idle for one month carefully. Taste of store specializing which worked in spice by all means♪

Tanakaya Corporation

Premium beef steak skewer 800 yen

Premium beef steak skewers, you will want to eat more when you bite.
It is the repeater series by each event, festival.


Smoked Turkey Leg 800 yen

Turkey leg that smoked flavor is greatly appetizing!
It is most suitable for eating the way with one hand by summer festivals.
Have bony chops with full of meat juices!


Frozen Pine 300 yen

Juicy pineapple is No.1 popular dessert for midsummer!

Shimizu JAPAN

Cotton Candy 500 ~ 800 yen

It is cotton candy which is rainbow of cute form that is popular by national festival!

Sugar pop Sendai

Character Cotton Candy & Cheese Hotdog 800 yen

Character cotton candy comes up in CITTA' , it is popular topic in Harajuku!
Authentic cheese hot dog, rainbow shaved ice etc. are photogenic items to post on Instagram!

Other stand menus available too!

Product sales LINE UP


Character T-shirts 1,296 yen

VILLAGE VANGUARD provide character T-shirt this year again!
VILLAGE VANGUARD-limited item 1,200 yen (tax-excluded)

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Crystal World

Stones with luxurious lottery gift! 500 yen

A prize worth up to 10,000 yen by 500 yen stone draw!
You can choose one item you like from the prizes that you hit.

HP >>

Dr. Martens KAWASAKI

Dr. Martens boots 10,800 yen

You can find seasonal items of Dr. Martins at bargain price!

HP >>


Malin pendant 1,000 yen to make with 3D pen

We mend Malin pendant of original design using much-talked-about 3D pen!

HP >>


Drone simulator operation experience for free

You steer much-talked-about drone using shumireta, and do you not experience?

HP >>


Super Ball Scoop

Super Bowl Scoop 300 yen

Toy Shooting

Toy shooting 300 yen

Yoyo Fishing

Yoyo Fishing 300 yen

As for others, quoits and lot, toy scoop, paper fan, mini tote, the drawstring bag painting experience,
We offer a lot of games to be able to enjoy both children and adults!
Fee Flat 300 yen

※Photographs are image.
※Prices are all tax-included.
※Menu or stores may changed by unavoidable reasons.

"Japanese" Performance & Workshop

You can enjoy the performance with the theme of "Japan" up close!

Date From August 10 (Sat) to 12 (Mon・Holiday) ※Please confirm each Aristrist introduction column at holding time.
Venue Central fountain open space/VIA CINECITTA'/Arena CITTA' (the Futsal court) access

※Free Entrance!
※Performance schedules has several stages during the summer festival!


Date: August 11 (Sun)
Time: (1) 14:00 ~/ (2) 18:00 ~
Venue (1)Arena CITTA'
    (2)Center fountain open space area
Present the performance that resonate with the spirit of Japan!


Date: August 12 (Mon・holiday)
Time: (1) 14:00 ~/ (2) 18:00 ~
Venue (1)Arena CITTA'
    (2)Center fountain open space area
Original performance with mysterious long head!


Date: Saturday, August 10 to August 12 (Mon・holiday)
Time: We appear between 17:00-21:00 several times
When the lion bite your head, you'll be exorcised.

Japanese drum [Musashino drum preservation society]

Date: Saturday, August 10 to August 12 (Mon・holiday)
Time: 15:00 ~
Venue Center fountain open space area
Let's enjoy Japanese drum for the summer memory!

Mikoshi Carry

Summer feature of Kawasaki! Mikoshi line of "Sanno, Kawasaki festival" held in Inage Shrine is the best part! You can enjoy historical festival of Japan. Mikoshi of Ogawa-cho with LA CITTADELLA comes up in Japanese style show!

Date August 2 (Fri), 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun)
Time: August 2 (Fri)
  13:00-13:30 [Holy spirit ceremony]
  [Ogawa-cho neighborhood association mikoshi]
   19:00-19:25 [adult mikoshi]

August 3 (Sat)
  [Ogawa-cho neighborhood association mikoshi]
  12:50-13:40 [child mikoshi]
  11:30-13:45 [adult mikoshi]

August 4 (Sun)
  10:25-10:35 [Inage Shrine mikoshi]

At the time mentioned above, it is time of indication that mikoshi comes in LA CITTADELLA.
about "Kawasaki Sanno festival" from here

Appearing in CITTA' Collection "Japanese style show"!
August 10 (Sat)
  [Ogawa-cho neighborhood association mikoshi]
  19:00 ~ [first]
  20:00 ~ [second]

August 11 (Sun)
  [Ogawa-cho neighborhood association mikoshi]
  19:00 ~ [first]
  20:00 ~ [second]
※The time might be changed.

Summer AKARI

"Summer AKARI" where the second becomes held secondary to last year. We use about 100 bamboo inhabiting in Kawasaki-city and it is artistic and directs summer night by streamlined light that we made use of characteristic of flexible cleaved bamboo in this year.

Period From Thursday, August 1 to September 16 Monday (holiday) plan
Lighting Time 18:30-24:00
※Schedule might be changed by the event holding. Thank you for your understanding.
Decoration produce
Taiki Kusakabe
Contemporary Artist
Producing and presenting works that connect Japanese tradition with the theme of flowing life.
He has also worked on live drawings at various festivals and stages, as well as directing the space.
In late years, FUJIROCK FESTIVAL. SUMMER SONIC. and other space direction.
Live drawings at an event hosted by the African embassy (AWAAJI), and exhibited folding screens at the BCTION in an abandoned building in Kojimachi.
Joined Jogja International Performance Festival at Indonesia as a performer and stage artist. The scope of activities has been broadened, such as hosting the session event ARTRIUM for visual expression and auditory expression.

>>Official HP

Gift ticket (10,000 yen equivalent) for 10 people!

Let's take some photos at CITTA' Summer Festival and participate in the photo contest!
Gift certificate (10,000 yen) which is usable in LA CITTADELLA will be presented for 10 people!

Prize LA CITTADELLA gift certificate 10,000 yen…For 10 people
Application method [STEP1] Follow La Cittadella official account!
[STEP2] Take photos at CITTA 'summer festival!
[STEP3] Add a hashtag "#CITTA' Summer Festival" to the photo and post it on Instagram or Twitter!
Application deadline Until 2019 August 12 (Mon) 23:59
Announcement ・Winners will be notified via a direct message on Instagram or Twitter, so make sure to follow the official account of LA CITTADELLA.
・We are planning to send a notification of winning around August 19th.
・Within 3 days of receiving the winning notification, please contact us with the required information, such as your contact details, in the designated way. If you do not contact us within the time limit, we will invalidate the winnings.
・The right of winning is valid only for the winner. Winning transfer or cash can not be made.

Application conditions
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・In case of posting multiple copies at the same time, the first photo will be considered.
・Video and multiple layout photos are not eligible for the prize.
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Guidance to all visitors

Exciting summer event "CITTA' Summer Festival"!
This year's event will be held for the first time as CITTA' original "Night Market" where you can enjoy gourmet food stands as the most popular tourist attraction in Asia!
The entertainment show “Japanese style show” centered on performance by the Japanese musical instrument group on the theme of “Japonism” is also powered up!
Summer festival of "LA CITTADELLA" which is gorgeous, and can enjoy good old Japanese tradition and culture from gourmet to entertainment contents fashionably original!

・Please refrain from carry-on food and drink from outside of the event.
・Eating and drinking space are limited, please make mutual concessions.
・Please use smoking area for smoking.
・Please refrain from sit-in in front of the shops.
・There are plans for movie and steel shooting. The materials taken may be used for media and organizer advertisements. Thank you for your understanding.
・If the event is not possible due to a natural disaster or other forced reasons, the event may be canceled.
・It is subject to change due to unavoidable reasons such as store openers, store opening menus and performers, opening times. Thank you for your understanding.

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Planning & Production CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.
Venue LA CITTADELLA access
Contact TEL 044-233-1934 (weekdays 10:00 to 18:30)
※Inquiry received on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays will reply on next weekdays

※We forbid using photos or other reproduction, conversion on our site without permission.