CITTA' Summer festival 2017

Exciting summer event "CITTA' summer festival"! Variety of food stands will be line up at VIA CINECITTA' and VIA CLUBCITTA' streets.
"Summer festival" Our summer event has a "Japanese style show" with some musical instruments and can enjoy Japanese tradition from variety of fair to exciting entertainment show!
We hold German beer Festival "Octoberfest" at the same time this year! Enjoy our great combination at this summer festival!

CITTA' Collection "Japanese style show"

The entertainment show for this summer at CITTA'!
We prepared a stage at LA CITTADELLA and hold an exciting show featured the theme of "festival" of Japan.
You can enjoy fantastic and powerful show with beautiful lights and traditional musical instruments such as Japanese drum and shakuhachi led by syamisen for this year.

August 11 Friday (holiday) - 13th sun
First stage 19:00 Second stage 20:00
※Each show is about 15 min
View area
Free entrance / Show will be cancelled in case of rain
※We will inform about the cancellation of the event on official Twitter.


Yutaka Oyama ShyamisenKoyama youth group

Yutaka Oyama profile
He learned Tsugaru Shyamisen style from head family (grandfather) Mitsugu Oyama from childhood.
He works on performance as the third generation of Oyama style that is one of the biggest group in Japan. He won excellent prize in 2001, 2002 by Japan folk songs Tsugaru Shyamisen contest consecutively. He performed overseas more than 25 countries, and NY concert hosted by Carnegie Hall succeed in 2011.
We participate in recording and live in appearance to live of Momoiro Clover Z, Red and White Singing Contest at end of year and record award appearance, other various genres. He performs workshop and lessons and classify into developing instruction recently. With the success of traditional musical piece, he is playing an active part in flexible style not to get snagged on frame.
He attracts a great deal of attention by costarring with 25 drones becoming participation and the world's first attempt in stage "Macbeth" of the Mr. Noh comedian Mansai Nomura script lead recently.
We participate in FujiRockFestival2017 appearance and recording of storm Satoshi Ono lead movie theme song storm "" to tie in 2017.

Japanese drum Masaki Otawa

His music has essense from classic piano performance and flexible sensitivity. When we hear his solo performance, it is said we can hear some melody.
His original music beyond limit of musical instrument and genre from percussion instrument attracts many people by performance by "visual" sound with high technique.
Drum performance of 2008 BEIJING OLYMPIC "bicycle race" TVCM "LIVE! SPORTS KEIRIN" edition. 16 years NHK TV saga 2017 "woman lord Naotora" recording.

Shakuhachi Akihisa Kominato

He was born in1978 as the eldest son of folk song Kominato style in Sukagawa-shi Fukushima and stand on stage at 4 years old. From 1990 leaned shakuhachi from Mr. Dai Sasaki from the basics and studied under national treasure Mr. Goro Yamaguchi from 1995.
He graduated Tokyo art university in 2001. Major Debut in 2004 from avex as shakuhachi, Vo ZAN. Debut in U.S. 2008 as ZAN. Thereafter he performs as individual unit in the world dozens of countries. He appears for music channel of NHK, broadcast relations including concert without title a lot.
While a lot of costarring such as CD recording with domestic and foreign famous Aristrist regardless of genre from classic to contemporary music commencing with Susan boyle.

Guitar Junichi Saito

After winning special prize by Gibson jazz guitar contest at 23 years old, he began activity as solo guitarist.
1st ALBUM "A Thousand Leaves" is released in March, 2011 by Wangan Music Records. Jazz based guitar play has pop and catchy melody with high sense brought him great reputations, "we can listen to tasteful melody and ability, he has as superior Melody Maker talent" ※ guitar magazine July, 2011. His pattern is jazz-based guitar work releases four pieces of cover albums including cover album "Ghibli cafe" of Studio Ghibli.
Participation widens width of sound by guitar, arrangement to collaboration CD with BEAMS and plays with top Aristrist of various genres. We form post-traditional Japanese music BAND ALIAKE triggered by new sense music reading drama sound theater "eclipse (ECLIPSE)" appearance hosted by Toho in 2015. We start from Shibuya JZBrat in February. November ALIAKE 1stALBUM "Rapid Promotion" release. In addition, while they give live support, recording, musical piece of Aristrist, and NHK World "Blends" guitar and arrangers develop wide performance activity.


Traditional fair for both grown-ups and children can enjoy together!
Our summer festival includes popular menus such as scooping goldfish, Yakisoba and Yakitori, food stand from LA CITTADELLA restaurants, offering their special festival dishes for all visitors!

August 11 Friday (holiday) - 13th sun
From 12:00 to 21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Kawasaki Octoberfest 2017 is held in Arena CITTA' (Futsal court)


Food & Beverage

Fourth generation Tokujiro

Natural shaved ice from Nikko
800 yen

Natural ice with airy texture!
This shaved ice menu is used in a bar at luxurious express train "Train suite shiki island".


Beef Harami with special sauce
800 yen

Special home made fruits soy sauce!
We provide small cut beef which is easy to bite.


Fried corn
500 yen

We baked corn of Hokkaido carefully! Please eat corn with sweetness!


Grilled Sweetfish with salt
600 yen

Popular sweet fish from Naka River, whole fish wii be grilled on charcoal! Bite into the soft body and enjoy the taste!


500 yen

We cook juicy grilled skewer by open fire including sirloin skewers, horse and deer skewers especially for CITTA' summer festival!


Kebab sandwich
500 yen

Enjoy juicy meat kebab hot sandwich with original sauce!
That goes well with beers!!

Sound garden

Taiwan shaved ice and snow flowers
800 yen

Very fluffy new texture snow cone called snow ice in Taiwan!
Enjoy rare milk-based snow cone in Japan!

Sound garden

700 yen

It is Kansai-style burning hot airy okonomiyaki. Please come to both expectation of liquor and meal!


Roasted aged beef
1,000 yen

Roasted Japanese black beef matured for 140 days!
Please enjoy the taste of aged meat!


Sparkling sake
500 yen

Let's brow hot summer with sparkling sake! Fizzy and refreshing taste! It is easy to drink for ladies!


Charcoal fire grilled chicken and fried chicken
500 yen

Enjoy charcoal fire BBQ chicken and special deep fried chickens from TOUJURO!
※8/11 Friday (holiday) from 16:00

Kirin City

Frozen Ichiban Shibori
500 yen

Frozen beer of Ichiban shibori can enjoy the icy texture. Coldness and taste 30 min keep! You can enjoy until last sip.


Rice croquette skewer
500 yen

We arranged Aranchini which is specialty from Sicily into grill market style and put Mozzarella inside and fry with bread crumbs crisply!


Curry and naan
700 yen

Special dishes you can eat only at this festival with original spices from Spice craft.


The best crab cream croquette in Japan
500 yen

Our special crab cream croquette which used fresh ingredients from Hokkaido!


1,000 yen

Popular PIZZ marugerita. We bake by kitchen car with pizza kiln in front!


Grilled whole squid
500 yen

Grilled whole squid that constant seller at festival with sweet soy sauce fragrant.


Grilled beef tongue
700 yen

Beef tongue shabu-shabu cut thick and grilled simply with Goto salt from Nagasaki. Please have them with green onion.

Soba no mi

Hot sausage
350 yen

Perfect menu for hot summer day with cold beers!
How about hot sausages? Very popular festival menu regardless of age.


Kawasaki self brewing craft beer
600 yen

Original craft beers directly shipped from the factory! Please enjoy fresh beers that has living yeast without filtration!

Bistro POCHI

Daisen chicken Negima Yakitori
300 yen

Delicious Salt taste blended Daisen chicken from Shimane. Our original sauce stewed with chicken stocks and vegetables are recommended too. You can taste the sweetness of onion.

Kawasaki steak center

Grilled beef steak skewer
500 yen

Limited special soft beef skewers are goes well with cold beers! Try and enjoy!

Party dining bearnee Inokuma

Large octopus Takoyaki
350 yen

Jumbo takoyaki with large octopus has airly texture ♪ Crisp outside ♪ Very popular menu at festival!

FamilyMart CITTA' store

Corn dog
150 yen

Dough has sweet taste and soft texture, very popular menu everyone can enjoy♪


Okinawa hot sausage
350 yen

Crispy hot and juicy! Spicy jumbo sausage from Okinawa, cost performance is great!


Naruki special Yakisoba
350 yen

Meat and soy sauce-based Naruki home made Yakisoba with yummy large noodles is one of the most popular menu at the festival. Please enjoy!

THE Karuizawa beer

Table 895 Karuizawa
500 yen

Refreshing taste of Karuizawa beers with homemade sausages goes well together without any doubt, please enjoy!

New Zealand company

Oedo sauce Yakisoba
600 yen

Traditional sauce Yakisoba with thick noodles. Ongyoku and soboro enhance the taste. It is delicious even if it cools down.

Lings Kitchen

Sticky potato
600 yen

Unique form of sticky potatoes both taste and texture are quite unique and you better try. This potatoes are so addictive and you will enjoy!

Brother 69

Hida beef burger
1,000 yen

It is the best hamburger using Hida beef. Please enjoy real hamburger from real hamburger shop!

Octopus fires

Osaka leek Takoyaki
600 yen

Original creation Takoyaki shop, Octopus fires. Originally from Osaka with salt ponzu vinegar over plenty of leek. Please enjoy!


Round sausages
600 yen

We round up long sausages round and round. How about having one for both children and grown-ups?


Electric bulb soda
500 yen

Popular electric bulb soda strikes Kawasaki abroad! Appearance is pleasant soda, too!


500 yen

Soft noodles and soup stock of Kansai, finished with secret spice and original sauce. Sweet fragrance will attract your appetite!

IBUSHI kitchen

Shaved strawberry ice
600 yen

We froze fresh strawberry rapidly and shaved them to enjoy with plenty of condensed milk!

Colorful cotton candy

500 yen

We have other stands too!

Product sales


2,484 yen

Cute animals have become soccer ball! Please play as cute pet for small children together!

Dr. Martens KAWASAKI

Boots shoes sandals
5,000 yen

We prepared some games besides bargain products. You will get a chance to win luxurious items!

Crystal World

Genuine stone designed bracelet
1,000 yen

We sell up to 70% of genuine designed bracelets by 1,000 yen, maximum 70% Off!


Smart biz polo shirts
5,292 yen

Heat dissipation cloth for hot summer! You can use either business or casual scenes.


Refreshing Coca-Cola goods
2,052 yen

Coca-Cola T-shirts, cola towel, cola beach ball attracts cola lovers and can refresh from the summer heat♪


Scooping goldfish

400 yen

Scooping Super Bowl

300 yen

Yoyo fishing

300 yen

Target practice

300 yen


300 yen


1,000 yen

※ Menu or stores may changed by unavoidable reasons.
※ Prices are all tax-included.
※ Photograph are image.

Kawasaki Octoberfest 2017

Extreme popular beer estival from Germany! "Kawasaki Octoberfest 2017" will be back this year! Enjoy German beers in European themed town.

August 10th Thur to 13th Sun
10th Thur 15:00 to 22:00 (LO 21:30)
11th Friday (holiday) - 12th Sat 12:00 to 22:00 (LO 21:30)
13th sun from 12:00 to 21:00 (LO 20:30)
Free entrance

What is Octoberfest?
World's largest beer Festival starts in middle of September every year in Munich Germany for 16 days until the beginning of October!
This event is known as 6 million visitors come from all over the world, and 220,000 sausages and 6 million glass of beers will be consumed in Germany, the event includes music and songs of toast and quite exciting!
After this event landing in Japan, we hold it in Kawaski this year again! Prost! (toast)!

Event stage

Edelweisskappelle with Maria

German style of enjoying music and beers!
Performance of Alps folk music has great reputation not only in Japan but in Germany too.
Let's enjoy the festival and PROST! (toast!)

Appearance date
August 10th Thur to 13th Sun
Will be informed soon!

Please find further information at "Kawasaki Octoberfest 2017" official HP.

"Japanese" performance & workshop

Enjoy rare performances and workshop which featured the theme of Japan!

August 11 Friday (holiday) - 13th sun
Will be informed soon!
※ Performance schedules has several stages during the summer festival
Central fountain open space / VIA CINECITTA'
※As for the performance, view is free



Using balloons, he builds up an amazing space without expectation. He movement matches with traditional sword and fan for audience in show-style in pursuit of quality of Japan.

Appearance date
August 12th Sat
Will be informed soon!
Center fountain open space area

Yusuke Ito

He wears Japanese dress, and perform with Japanese-style music as BGM using traditional toy called Kendama play.

Appearance date
August 13th Sun
Will be informed soon!
Center fountain open space area


Very unique long mysterious head will presents original entertainment. Seems nostalgic also the future. Performance that nonsense, and is wonderful, and is pleasant praises highly in all the countries of the world!

Appearance date
August 13th Sun
Will be informed soon!
Center fountain open space area


Fuekoubou wako

Wako is producing traditional musical instrument from ancient times, bamboo flute, ability pipe and holds demonstration. Please experience the traditional skills. Traditional Shishimai dance we vary see nowadays, exorcised evil spirits if they have bitten by lion head.

August 11 Friday (holiday) - 13 Sun
From 12:00 to 21:00 ※Lion dance holding time from 18:00 to 21:00
Entrance fee
Bamboo flute personal lesson 500 yen for 15 minutes

Original goods workshop using stamp

You can enjoy new experience by stamp and album making with children!

August 11 Friday (holiday) - 13 Sun
From 12:00 to 21:00
Entrance fee
500 yen made with stamp de Japanese towel
Stamp de Eco bag making 500yen

Mikoshi carry

Miniature shrine which more than 100 adults carry on their shoulder parades around VIA CINECITTA'!

From Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 6
August 4th Fri 11:30 ※ It is spirit put ceremony into Mikoshi
August 5th Sat 13:25 ※ Ogawa-cho neighborhood association Mikoshi
August 6th Sun 10:45 ※ Inage Shrine Mikoshi

※ There is possibility to be mixed up at traffic time.

Glass tower decoration

We liken tower of glass to big water tank and become decoration that is full of feelings in the summer that goldfish swims refreshingly inside.

From July 15 Sat to August 31 Thur
Lighting time
From 18:00 to 24:00

※ With event holding, schedule may be changed.
Thank you for your understanding.

Guidance for all visitors

・Please refrain from carry-on food and drink from outside of the event.
・Eating and drinking space are limited, please make mutual concessions.
・For Smoking, please use smoking area.
・Please refrain from sit-in in front of shop.
・Photography with movie steel enters. Photographed material may be used for the media and sponsor trade rag. Thank you for your understanding.
・The event might be cancelled in case of natural disaster or other inevitability cause.

Summer event information of LA CITTADELLA

There are plans you can fully enjoy beers and summer at CITTA' this year!

  • CINECITTA'Street Shopping District Promotion Association
  • Kawasaki-city
Planning & production