CITTA' Summer Festival 2018

Exciting summer event "CITTA' Summer Festival"!
This year we will hold the venue expanded to VIA CINECITTA', VIA CLUB CITTA', also Arena CITTA' futsal court!
With the theme of "Cool Japan", the entertainment show "Japanese Style Show" will be more powerful this year and focusing on the performances by Japanese instruments!
Original Summer festival of LA CITTADELLA which is gorgeous and fashionable, where you can enjoy good old Japanese tradition and culture from fair to exciting entertainment contents!

CITTA' Collection "Japanese style show"

CITTA' summer festival's entertainment show Vol.5!

Focusing on the masterpieces of Japanese musical instruments, dancers and performers also added to the show, and dynamic yet elegant CITTA' summer festival original entertainment will unleash the festive feeling!

Date From August 10th Fri to 12th Sun
Time Coming Soon
Viewing area LA CITTADELLA VIA CINECITTA', Sky bridge access

Free entrance / The event will be canceled in case of rain.
※We'll inform about holding the event in case of bad weather on official Twitter.

Summer festival 2017

Shyamisen Yutaka Koyama

Tsugaru Shyamisen player Yutaka Koyama
He is taught from Oyama Mitsuou of Oyama Ryu, one of the greatest schools in Japan from a young age. 2001, 2002 Continuous award for excellence at the Tsugaru Shamisen Competition of the Nippon Kyokusho Association. Currently, as a third generation, not only folk songs, classical music, but also POPS, Jazz, ethnic music, etc. are regarded as genres, and they are active in TV, radio and live.
In overseas performances, he performed in more than 25 countries including Carnegie Hall performances in 2011, NY. Saburo Kitajima, Chiharu Matsuyama, Keisuke Kuwata, Ayako Fuji, Naoto Intiraimi, Momoiro Clover Z, Arashi, Takio Ito, Mansai Nomura, Hideki Noda participate in recording and costarring, game of Aristrist, animation music.
[Soothe] [OYAMAxNITTA] [YO] Koyama youth group [Takio Ito TAKiOBAND] [Yutaka Koyama meets island Yusuke] Also work on those units.

Japanese drum Masaki Otawa

Japanese drum player Masaki Otawa
"Visual" solo performance based on musical education obtained from classical piano performance, based on highly flexible, solid feeling is a masterpiece. As a percussion instrument capable of fusing Japanese drums with various arts, it develops collaborate widely including Japanese music, jazz, Latin, classical.
As a member of the Chiba Prefectural Cultural Mission Association, performed in the USA, Romania "Sibiu International Performing Arts Festival", Taiwan "International Taipei Percussion Summer Camp" invited for lecturer. 2005 received the Chiba City Art and Culture Freshman Prize. Beijing Olympic Games "Bicycle Racing" TVCM, NHK Taiga Drama "Female Castle Owner Naotora" Recording.

Trumpet Yusuke Shima

Started professional activities since 2002. Participate in over 400 titles of albums, whether or not it has become a reputation in the industry with a unique style and soft and hot timbre "blowing like to sing", and CM recordings exceed 100.
Trumpet piano DUO organization leader unit"Shima & Shikou DUO" (piano Shihiro Ito) appeared in this unusual FujiRock 07 as an organization, won 1st place nationwide Tower Records J-Jazz chart, and played a major debate including major label release. Also released three albums as the original song main leader project "SilentJazzCase". The iTunes limited cover album "Jazzin 'R & B" records an exceptional long hit (1st place in the 2010 jazz division), and as a producer he works on numerous jazz works. On JaZZJAPAN magazine, keeping a series of jazz trumpet works for 4 years, is quite a jazz mentality.
Currently presiding over "Jefferson Jazz Records" and continuing to release jazz works unique to Japanese.

Guitar Junichi Saito

After winning special prize by Gibson jazz guitar contest at 23 years old, he began activity as solo guitarist. March 2011 1st ALBUM "A Thousand Leaves" released from Wangan Music Records. Although it is a guitar work based on jazz, pop and catchy melody sense which does not fit in the category of jazz calls reputation, ("You can listen to a tasty melody using acoustic and full acco, as an excellent melody maker Talent attention too " ※ Guitar magazine from the July issue of 2011) Started cover album of Studio Ghibli "Ghibli Cafe" and released 4 cover albums so far. Collaboration with BEAMS Guitar, participating in arrangements etc, expanded the range of sound, and performed with top artists of various genres.
Together with the appearance of the new sensory music read aloud sound theater "eclipse (Eclipse)" sponsored by Toho, formed Post-Japanese BAND ALIAKE 2015. February started from Shibuya JZBrat. November ALIAKE 1stALBUM "Rapid Promotion" release. In addition, developing a wide range of performances such as live support of artists, recording, offering music, NHK World "Blends" guitar and arranger.

And more ...


Traditional summer fair which both adults and children can enjoy together comes up!
Our summer festival includes popular menus such as scooping goldfish, Yakisoba and Yakitori, food stand from LA CITTADELLA restaurants, offering their special festival dishes for all visitors!
※Menu or stores may changed by unavoidable reasons.
※Price becomes all tax-included price.
※Photographs are image.

Date From August 10th Fri to 12th Sun
Time From 11:00 to 21:00 (LO 20:30)
Venue VIA CINECITTA', VIA CLUBCITTA', Arena CITTA' (the Futsal court) access

Food and Beverage LINE UP


Hakkaisan -12℃ 950 yen

Summer tradition of HAKOBUNE. "Hakkaisan" cold Sake cooled down on the verge of freezing! With a smooth mouthfeel, dangerous alcohol that can be drunk quickly!

HP >>

Kirin City

Frozen Ichiban shibori <Draft> 500 yen

Frozen Ichiban shibori that can enjoy the frozen texture in mouth (Draft)

HP >>


Fruit wine and summer drink 600 yen

Please enjoy original drink which there are good frozen fruit wine and summer taste in hot summer.

HP >>

Table895 by ELOISE's café

Homemade ginger highball 600 yen

Home made ginger ale of our restaurant original comes up as bathtub gin jar highball only in summer festival of CITTA'!

HP >>


Chicken Thika 500 yen

Spice craft specialty dish that several kinds of spice was mixed! It is the best to snacks!

HP >>


Squeezed Lemon Sour 500 yen

Lemon sour which "can drink even several cups" is big impact of appearance! That you are toast with one cup that is indispensable to festival of this summer, too!

HP >>


Skewers of beef 500 yen

We warmed fleshy beef by charcoal fire with Jushi luxuriously. Please with recommended lemon sour!

HP >>


Authentic Napoli Pizza (three kinds)
400 yen (1 cut), 1,500 yen (1 hall)

We offer real Naples pizza to bake by firewood kiln which Italian pizza kiln craftsman made from 1 cut.
Please enjoy.

HP >>


Juicy smell of soy sauce! Grilled squid 600 yen

Grilled whole fish of meat quite popular every year and squid of oyster market. Sweet flavor of soy sauce is fresh, and please enjoy grilled whole fish of fleshy squid.

HP >>


Grilled beef tongue 700 yen

It is particularly thick and cuts and brings down meat for beef tongue shabu-shabu of nabezo popularity NO.1 and bakes. At opportunity by all means particularly this by limited menu!

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Kawasaki brewing craft beer 600 yen

Exclusive craft beer, straight from the in-house brewery!
Please enjoy fresh beers that has living yeast without filtration!


Chopsticks roll 500 yen

It is Seoul food of the Kyushu district that "wind up chopsticks" that we wrapped chopsticks with okonomiyaki dough which we lengthened thinly round and round. Crunchy pork back ribs and sauce are exquisiteness!

Yakitori Sumire Kawasaki shop

Oyama fried chicken & potato 500 yen

As for the batter, the contents are juicy in saku! We attach potato to popular "Oyama dorinokaraage" of violet pride in fair and sell in particular♪

Kawasaki steak center

Beef steak skewers 500 yen

Limited special soft beef skewers are goes well with cold beers! Try and enjoy!


Grilled aged pork skewer 400 yen

We matured slowly in tue store built in a godown style and hit skewer carefully and did delicious pork even if we just ate. Delicious! It is one of the confidence!


Deep-fried Nagoya-style wing 500 yen specialty from red

Know, specialty of Nagoya! It is deep-fried wing. We matched specially made pepper with deep-fried juicy wing from red and it was spicy and finished.

Bearni Inokuma

Roast chicken 600 yen with bone

It is juicy brown and bakes chicken thigh which we pickled to specially made teriyaki sauce with oven not to miss sauce and meat juices which soaked.

Fritellia · Napoleania Ile · Patchoccone

Home made salsiccia (sausage) 500 yen

Using Miyuki Mochi pork from Niigata, salsiccia which let garlic and spicy grass work is distinguished for affinity with wine let alone beer!

Lings Kitchen

Sticky potato 600 yen

Basic popular sticky potato came over this year! Furthermore, original topping sauce increased, too. Please enjoy.


Warm duck; skewer 400 yen

The inside baked leather in juicy ducks gently lightly.


Deep-fried ancestor Niigata sauce 500 yen

It is ancestor toriino large deep-fried deep-fried specialty of Niigata sauce.

Michinoku dining Hareruya

Sweetfish grilled with salt 700 yen

It was fragrant and made Tochigi natural sweet fish from the Naka River "foods grilled with salt" plumply.


Fujinomiya Yakisoba 500 yen

Grand prix championship. All the 17th Fujinomiya Yakisoba academy noodles, please appreciate taste of biography.

Heart cafe

Heart ice 500 yen

Heart-shaped ice without instagenic mistake!

ZEN Yoshimaru

Noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth Shirasu-don 600 yen

You are very simple, but please feel taste of material.

North taste

Zangi 600 yen

Speaking of Zanki, it is Seoul food of Hokkaido. Appreciate difference with deep-fried chicken by all means!

Store specializing in meat sauce superurantsua

Meat sauce dog 600 yen

We provide hot dog which, besides, there is not which we fully put meat sauce featuring store specializing in popular meat sauce on in Ginza, Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku.

Kebab pita

Doner kebab 500 yen

Delicious kebab that pickles meat with its own spice sauce and is aroused by fragrant smell when its baked. A dish you want to eat again!

Nakatsu, Oita deep-fried chicken good luck

Nakatsu, Oita deep-fried chicken 600 yen

It is founding 35 years in sacred place Nakatsu-shi, Oita of deep-fried chicken. It is meal bechokure with exquisite Tang deep-fried chicken which we pickled slowly and carefully to hang down of our restaurant secret!

Fourth generation Tokujiro

Nature snow cone Tochiotome 900 yen of Nikko

Nature ice which accumulates beautiful wed of Nikko in saihyoike, and is completed in cold wave slowly and carefully. It is hard to melt firmly and melts gently when we eat snow cone.

Rainbow cotton candy

Rainbow cotton candy 600 yen

Rainbow cotton candy of Harajuku extreme popularity participates in summer festival!
It is sure to get instagenic!

We have other stands too!

Product sales LINE UP


Character T-shirt 1,296 yen

Affordable village vanguard original T-Shirts!
Let's get favorite character!

HP >>

Crystal World

Summer festival! Lottery of stones! 500 yen

Lottery with stones to choose 500 yen At least 3rd.
You can get any favorite prize from among being hit.
There is premium of up to 10,000 yen equivalency!

HP >>


Scooping goldfish

Scooping goldfish 500 yen

Scooping Super Bowl

Super Bowl scoop 500 yen

Yoyo fishing

Yoyo fishing 500 yen

Target practice

Target practice 300 yen

Punching lottery

Punching lottery 500 yen


Puyopuyo scooping 500 yen

"Japanese" performance & workshop

Please enjoy performance and workshop of the best part which featured the theme of Japan!

Date From August 10th Fri to 12th Sun
Time From 11:00 to 21:00
Venue Each site in the LA CITTADELLA access

Entrance free
※Performance schedules has several stages during the summer festival

Mikoshi carry

Mikoshi carried by more than 100 adults is a must-see masterpiece!

Date From Friday, August 3 to 5th sun, 12th sun
Time August 3rd Fri [Ceremony of the Holy Spirit] Coming soon
August 4th Sat Coming Soon [Ogawa-cho neighborhood association mikoshi]
August 5th Sun Coming Soon [Inage Shrine miniature shrine]

Summer AKARI

Fantastic and cool summer illumination with the theme of bamboo akari and fireflies. Please come and join us for a cool evening.

Period From Friday, July 27 to Friday, August 31
Lighting time From 18:30 to 24:00
※With event holding, schedule may be changed. Thank you for your understanding
Decoration produce
CHIKAKEN - chikaken -
Bamboo light director / Chikao Ikeda, Kenshi Mishiro
Unit centered on "Chika" and "Ken" who met at Sojo University. Based on "Festival type of town planning" advocated by Mr. Keiichi Uchimaru and studied together, production company of "bamboo akari" which opens a hole in bamboo (candles and LED) · producer company "CHIKAKEN" Established in April 2007. Currently active in 6 people.
We turn on "bamboo light" in each places of the whole country based in Kumamoto and continue making "scenery" and "story" that only the land has. "Bamboo Akari" connecting "People and People, People and Town, People and Nature" aims not to be consumed as a temporary business but as a new Japanese "culture".

Official HP >>

Guidance to all visitors

・Please refrain from carry-on food and drink from outside of the event.

・Eating and drinking space are limited, please make mutual concessions.

・For smoking, please use smoking area.

・Please refrain from sit-in in front of shop.

・Shooting with movie steel enters. Photographed material may be used for the media and sponsor trade rag. Thank you for your understanding

・The event might be cancelled in case of natural disaster or other inevitability cause.

・It is subject to change due to unavoidable reasons such as store openers, store opening menus and performers, opening times. Thank you for your understanding

Promotor CINECITTA'Street Shopping District Promotion Association, CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.
Support Kawasaki-city
Cooperation adidas FUTSAL PARK KAWASAKI
Planning & Production CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.
Venue LA CITTADELLA access
Inquiry TEL 044-233-1934 (weekdays 10:00 to 18:30)