Ogawa-cho, Kawasaki bar hopping VOL.9

What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping night?"

What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping night?"

Bar-Hopping night! Various restaurants and bars in Ogawa-cho close to JR KAWASAKI station will cooperate this enjoyable Bar-Hopping night out!

We have started this fun event since 2011, and it is the ninth time this year for let people to know the treasure of high quality restaurants and bars, charm of Ogawa-cho area in Kawasaki for grown ups.
You can enjoy reasonable price of foods & drinks from each bar and enjoy them from one bar to another, famous bar hopping night out in Ogawa-cho! You can experience to enter new shops while bar hopping! There must be discoveries!

>> Check the list of participating restaurants and bars!

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How to enjoying "Ogawa-cho bar hopping"

We go from one shop which wants to go to another!

First, buy an advance tickets at the participating restaurants and bars.
Online reservation service is available (100 yen plus for fee).
Individual or in a group are all welcome!

Second, It would be better to decide which restaurant or bar to go before you start bar hopping.

Third, give 1 ticket to any of the staff in a restaurant or a bar and tell them "Kawasaki Ogawa-cho bar". Your set meal will be served at your table.

Fourth, let's continue bar-hopping and enjoy the special night out!

If ticket remains; "bal more"
For five days until from Wednesday, July 5 to Sunday, July 9, we can use "more as cash voucher in bal participation shop". But change does not appear.
※We publish "more bal participation shop" in the introduction frames of each store.
※Only one piece is available in 1 store.

Special contents

Besides foods and drinks, Ogawa-cho bar hopping event has full of entertainment for grown ups to enjoy! !

☆Asakusa comedy bar@ CLUB CITTA'
Comedians from Asakusa will be at CITTA'!!

☆Songs and ballads of the Showa era, woman sink
Much-talked-about woman nagashiga appearance!

☆Is it first among the world? Professional wrestling, fighting spirit sink
Popular professional wrestling group "HEAT-UP" of local Kawasaki participates in Ogawa-cho bal!

☆Yes, you can get druk!
Ogawa-cho Jinrikishya will help you!
Jinrikisha comes up from Asakusa for your movement between stores of Ogawa-cho bar.

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Bar tickets

Advance tickets (tickets will be selling at participating stores)
3,500 yen (700 yen×5 tickets)

≪Advance sale ticket reservation≫
You can purchase ticket at advance sale price on the day if you have you make a reservation from HP.
※It costs 100 yen fee per one set.

On the day (we sell in sale and headquarters booth at bal participation store)
4,000 yen (800 yen×5 tickets)
※As for the day ticket, selling from 1 ticket is possible.

Advance ticket reservation from here!

※Day tickets has limited number. Please purchase advance ticket if possible.
※Purchase ticket cannot refund or convert in cash under any circumstance
※Participation in event of minors are not prohibited.
If you are under twenty, please order only soft drinks.
In addition, in case of participation by under high school students, we would like protector companion.


Promotor CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. / CINECITTA'Street Shopping District Promotion Association
Support: Kawasaki-city / Kawasaki Station wide area mall alliance society / Ogawa-machi, Kawasaki neighborhood association
Cooperation: Kawasaki masterpiece street store society / shokawachoshoutsurikai
TEL: 044-233-1934 (Mon - Fri from 10:00 to 18:30)
When not connected; TEL: 044-223-2333 (Sat/Sun/National holiday from 11:00 to 19:00)