Kawasaki Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping 2018 3.31 Sat and 4.1 Sun

Request to all customers

【Please confirm the followings and participate the event safely】

・"kanamara festival" is a holy event of Kawasaki ancient times in hope of descendant prosperity and the peaceful world without discrimination.
Everyone who participates in this event, please do not drink too much and take moderate action.
※Please keep in mind that there are many other guests, small children, families around the venue.

・Please note that movies taken and shooting with still camera will be at the event on the day.
Pictures taken on the day may be used for media or organizer advertisements. Thank you for your understanding

・If we see an act of inconveniencing other participants or general pedestrians / residents, you may leave the venue or refuse to participate the event. Thank you for your understanding

・Participant's wristband can be used both days unless separated.
Although the wristband is not separated even if it gets wet such as a shower and taking a bath, please be careful not to pull after long bathing or intentionally pulling.
※In case of detachment, please note that it becomes invalid regardless of the reason.

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What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping night?"

What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping night?"

Kawasaki Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping will be located at whole Ogawa-cho area close to JR KAWASAKI station. Aprox 40 popular local restaurants and bars will collaborate this enjoyable special night out!

We hold this exciting event since 2011, and it is the 9th time to let people know treasure of high quality restaurants and charm of gourmet paradise Kawasaki Ogawa-cho area for special night out!
You can enjoy reasonable price of foods & drinks from each bar and move from one bar to another at very popular bar hopping event. You can experience to enter new local shops while bar hopping! There must be great discoveries!
>> Check the list of participating restaurants and bars!

Ogawa-machi, Kawasaki Bar-Hopping official Facebook Ogawa-machi, Kawasaki Bar-Hopping official Twitter

Our latest information on official Facebook and Twitter from here!

How to enjoying "Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping"

1 purchases wristband in advance or on the day (500 yen)
Online reservation is available (100 yen plus for online fee). You can also purchase on the day.
Individual or in a group are all welcome!

2 Show participation wristband at each bar!

3 You can enjoy great value of bar-hopping menus by 1,000 yen cash for 1 drink &1 food

"kanamara festival" eve ALL NIGHT CLUB PARTY "UTAMARO"

March 31st Sat 18:00 ~ 5:00 (plan) following day

"Kanamara festival" eve ALL NIGHT CLUB PARTY

All night club party celebrating for night before the Holy Festival "Kanamara Matsuri" which bring tourists from all over the world to Kawasaki!

"Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping" participating in the neighborhood around Kawasaki station on the same day as a tourist aimed at "Kanamara Festival", "involvement of descendants prosperity", "marital couple union", "amateur marriage" , "LGBTQ Friendly" and "Cool Japan" as a theme, the super high-tension party rising until morning!

>> Details from here

Special 'Cool Japan' contents

Let's take a rickshaw ride and get souvenir picture on Jinrikisha!

☆Ogawa-cho "Cherry blossoms road"
How about beautiful cherry blossoms and photo taking in Ogawa-cho?

☆"Ogawa-cho bar hopping" in kimono
KAWASAKI Kimono Walk special night out event!
Let's enjoy pub crawl at popular "Ogawa-cho Bar- Hopping" and full of 'Cool Japan' contents in authentic kimono!

☆Japanese idol group live
Popular local idol "Kawasaki Junjo Komachi☆" ☆will be gathered at Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping venue!

☆Kawasaki Warehouse -Kowloon Walled City Arcade
Large game arcade "Kawasaki Warehouse -Kowloon Walled City Arcade" presents a special service for Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping participants.

☆Samurai experience
Let's transform yourself into Samurai!
Great fencing experience to conflict with Japanese tradition!

>> Details from here

Bar tickets

[Wristband for participant] Entrance fee 500 yen
※500 yen in advance & on the day
※1,000 wristband only · It will be closed as soon as it's sold out!
※WEB reservation 100 yen additional handling fee
※Wristband can use both March 31, Sat & April 1, Sun
※Wristband which took off becomes invalid to use.

[Participation wristband sales location]
・Each participation restaurants and bars
・LA CITTADELLA special sale booth (the VIA CINECITTA' headquarters INFORMATION side)
※Sale time: From 17:00 to 22:30
・Official HP reservation

Advance reservation from here!

※Reservation of advance sale ticket until 3/30( fri) 13:00

※There are a limited number of wristbands on the day! We suggest to purchase advance wristband if possible.
※Purchased wristband cannot refund or convert in cash under any circumstance
※Participation in event of minors are not prohibited.
If you are under twenty, please order only soft drinks.
In addition, in case of participation by under high school students, we would like protector companion.


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Support Kawasaki City / Kawasaki Station Shopping Mall Association / Kawasaki City Tourist Association / Kawasaki International Association
Cooperation Masterpiece Street Assosiation/ Ogawa-cho Shyoueikai / Ogawa-cho Shopping Street Association / Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine, Kanayama Shrine
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