Kawasaki Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping VOL.10!

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What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping"?

What is "Ogawa-cho bar hopping"?

Kawasaki Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping will be located at whole Ogawa-cho area close to JR KAWASAKI station. Aprox 40 popular local restaurants and bars will collaborate this enjoyable special night out!

"Night spot for grown-ups and gourmet paradise" the event will be the 10th this time and held irregularly from 2011, in order to let many people know the charm of Ogawa-cho area.
You can enjoy reasonable price of foods & drinks from each bar and move from one bar to another at very popular bar hopping event. You can experience to enter new local shops while bar hopping! There must be great discoveries!

How to enjoying "Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping"

We go from one shop which wants to go to another!

First, buy an advance tickets at the participating restaurants and bars.
(there is today's ticket, too)
Individual or in a group are all welcome!

Second, It would be better to decide which restaurant or bar to go before you start bar-hopping.

Third, give 1 ticket to any of the staff in a restaurant or a bar and tell them "Kawasaki Ogawa-cho bar". Your set meal will be served at your table.

Fourth, let's continue bar-hopping and enjoy the special night out!


Men's "Sexy" Entertainment Bar!

We reproduce the world of that legendary men's bar in CLUB CITTA' which ever intoxicated carnivore girls of Roppongi!!

\ Great popularity! /
There will be female singers singing Japanese pop songs at some bars!

Showa song singers also appeared and hold the showcase of old-fashioned Japanese songs.

Limited premium menus!

Super luxurious limited premium menu comes up in commemoration of the 10th holding!
You can enjoy many supreme menus with one piece of Bar-Hopping ticket.

Special featured sweets!

Dessert & sweets appear on Bar-Hopping menu!
Please enjoy sweets at end of the meal

Bar tickets

※Pricing was changed from this time.  

⇒Advance sale tickets
 Fee 3,750 yen (750 yen×5 tickets)
 ※We begin to sell at Bar-Hopping participation store from the beginning of August  

⇒Advance sale tickets HP reservation
 Fee 3,750 yen (750 yen×5 tickets)
 ※Sale was finished.
 ※I hand ticket which you made a reservation of on homepage in exchange for rate.
 [on delivery date] Wednesday, September 5, 9/6 thu 17:00-23:00 (with both sun)
 [the place of delivery] VIA CINECITTA' headquarters box office

In addition, by credit card please note that cannot pay.

⇒Tickets (selling at Bar-Hopping participation stores and information booth) on the day
 Fee 4,250 yen (850 yen×5 tickets)
 ※We also sell separate tickets on the day

※There are a limited number of tickets on the day! We suggest everyone to purchase advance tickets if possible.
※Purchased tickets cannot refund or convert in cash under any circumstance
※In the case of participation in less than high school student, we would like protector companion.


Promotor CITTA' ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. / CINECITTA' Street Shopping District Promotion Association
Support Kawasaki-city / Kawasaki station Shopping Center Association
Cooperation Masterpiece Street Shop Society /Ogawa-cho shoeikai / Ogawa-cho street society
TEL: 044-233-1934 (Mon - Fri from 10:00 to 18:30)