Participating Stores | Kawasaki Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping VOL.10!

Bar-Hopping participation store menus & map

VOL.10 memory PREMIUM menu

Premium menu provided for ten meals per day, super luxurious menus in commemoration of the 10th holding!

You can enjoy carefully selected special menus with a bar-hopping ticket that will serve Ogawa-cho area gourmet participants' expectation.

※Each menu is ten meals of daily limitation
※It becomes first-come-first-served basis.

Nabezo [Vegetables shabu-shabu sukiyaki]

The meat is softer than the shoulder loin and has melting texture in the mouth!
One of the best dish you can enjoy balanced taste of red meat and lean meat!

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Domestic beef Sukiyaki with marbled meat ribloin
Drink: It is 1 drink from premium Malt's, all 30 kinds including ship eight plan (1 go bottle)

THE GRILL MARKET [Grill restaurant]

Please enjoy the luxurious dish with raw urchin and caviar intertwine with the roast beef which cooked especially at the low temperature.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Domestic roast beef with raw sea urchin and caviar
Drink: Sparkling wine or strong carbonate highball or lemon sour

HANABI [Japanese bistro]

Among the fresh horse meat that can enjoy the lean flavor of the meat and black beef with a good balance of lean meat with luxurious sea urchin on top.
Enjoy the marriage of fragrance of sparkling with refreshing sweetness and taste of meat and rice.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Finest meat sushi 2 piece (sea urchin and roasted Japanese black beef・horse meat fillet)
Drink: Dassai sparkling (purely brewing sake from the finest rice 1 gou)

Nakameguro table tennis lounge Kawasaki [Restaurant]

Oil pickled large-size smoked oysters from Ishinomaki and special peperoncino which taste of the oyster flavored oil.
Enjoy the taste of smoked oysters matches with selected craft beer. It is considerably deluxe one article.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Peperoncino (half size) with smoked oyster from Ishinomaki
Drink: Premium craft beer

Negishi [Seasonal vegetables with Japanese ambiance]

Slightly roasted delicious Nodoguro with baked Matsutake mushrooms along with Fukushima and Aizu premiere sake expedition which is difficult to obtain.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Slightly roasted Nodoguro with Matsutake mushroom.
Drink: Hiroki Junmai-ginjou

Seem to do; Yoshikawa Sakimoto shop [aged beef tongue]

Please enjoy the fatty and finest beef tongue that only 1.5-2 portions are removed from one beef with cold drink.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Aging thick-sliced deluxe tongue
Drink: Draft beer or lucky gold highball or soft drink

ON THE MARKS [Craft beer and meat, smoked dish]

Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping-limited special menu!
Please enjoy rich marriage of dessert wine with caramerized foie gras!

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Caramelized Foie gras
Drink: Colosi passito siciliane (dessert wine)

KiKi [Japanese gastropub]

Fried cheek meat of tuna, very rare part which only two pieces could take out from one tuna.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Fried cheek meat of tuna
Drink: Draft beer, highball, lemon sour, Oolong high or soft drink

Standing bar Kemuri [Yakitori bar]

Special dish which combined high quality chicken used at specialty stores in Tokyo.
Amakusa Daiou, rare species chicken from Kumamoto are offered for only in Ogawa-cho Bar-Hopping menu.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Amakusa daiou and Aomori gamefowl skewers, Miyazaki chicken sashimi
Drink: Sparkling wine (Chandon) or Dassai

Fritteria Napoletana Il Pacioccone [Fritto and wine bar of Naples]

Enjoy the compatibility of soft pressed for 18 month fresh ham which directly imported from CLAI company of Italy, Parma and assortment of Niigata Joetsu and full body "Barolo".

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Direct import Parma ham and 18 months aged ham, Joetsu fig assortment.
Drink: Direct import "baloro" -the King of Italian wine

Bistro Pochi [grilling foods on an iron plate]

South-West France Cahors has 2,000 years of wine history. Only ones had more than 70% of Malbec given its name of "Cahors".
Please enjoy precious rich wine and mariaju with Rossini.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Rossini of Japanese black beef and foie gras
Drink: Black wine "Cahors" (Cahors)

Harebare [Oden and Niwasaki pedigree chicken]

Please enjoy deluxe oden and excellent marriage of foie gras with Japanese daikon radish which stewed for three days.

[Bar-Hopping Menu]
Food: Foie gras with Japanese daikon radish Oden
Drink: One drink from luxurious drink menu

VOL.10 commemorative finest sweets menu

THE CAMP CAFE & GRILL [Community cafe]

Put the chestnut paste on Maron ice cream and accents with fresh cream and fried burdock!
Enjoy our special dessert!

Table 895 by Heloise cafe [french toast & cafe]

Table 895 No.1 popular menu French toast will be served with crisp outside and a fluffy texture in the middle!
It is Bar-Hopping limited sweets menu!

THE GRILL MARKET [Grill restaurant]

Special pudding with sweet fragrant of vanilla beans and crisply taste of Carameliser.

Stands Nisshin by bio ojiyan café [cafe]

New sweet with delicate Whipped cream
Enjoy moist and crispy texture of dried fruit and granola entangled with sponge dough which fresh orange fragrant in rich fresh cream of milk and vanilla ice cream.

ON THE MARKS [Craft beer and meat, smoked dish]

Please enjoy chef's recommended sweets!