Kawasaki area's first roof top Futsal court who can enjoy play comfortably without minding rain and sunlight. Blanding is done stylish clubhouse in adidas and prepares for rental kit of product made in adidas Corporation latest futsal line. Furthermore, event, meeting to be able to fully enjoy to think various classrooms becoming good at futsal and unit monkey, team play that we try arm happily, and there is to be is holding at any time. Menu is added to abundant cafe, too and can enjoy substantial time.
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Futsal class -super beginners class is holding!

In "adidas FUTSAL PARK KAWASAKI," we hold "futsal for super beginners class" for those learning futsal for the first time.
Coach from Football Association official recognition in Spain instructs kindly from the beginning.

Date & Time Every other week Thursday from 20:00 to 21:30
Fee Member 1,850 yen, visitor 2,050 yen
Capacity: 10 men, 10 women

※You can make reservation by phone or at the front desk from a month before.
※Sign-in is free.
※Cancellation on the day will occur 100% of cancellation fees.

Come and join us! Valuable information for "student discount!"

You can use Futsal court at the most reasonable price around Kawasaki. We are happy if you can make "adidas FUTSAL PARK KAWASAKI" as Home Town for everyone!!

≪Target team≫
Member team which consists of student
※Student team is 100% of annual registration charges OFF!
※Member registration of the minority need agreement of a protector.

Weekdays until 18:00

≪Use of court charges≫
3,240 yen per one hour
※In the case of participation, it is 324 yen Japanese yen per person in ten people! Even if use two hours, only 648 yen per person!

In case of applying at reception desk, please show student identification card of representative two people.
※When users include above student, please pay usual fee.

・Court charge (one hour) member / visitor

 Weekday   From 9:00 to 18:00   5,400 yen / 7,560 yen
  From 18:00 to 23:00 12,960 yen / 15,120 yen
 Sat / national holiday (except mon national holiday)   From 9:00 to 23:00 14,040 yen / 16,200 yen
 Sun / mon national holiday   From 9:00 to 18:00 14,040 yen / 16,200 yen
  From 18:00 to 23:00 10,800 yen / 12,960 yen

・Member registration rate (renewal) 10,800 yen

※We offer various privileges in team which had you update before team registration expiration date by update years.
※Please contact the staff for update service, update method.

・Cancellation rate

  Until seven days ago    Free entrance
  6-3 days ago     50%
  100% of day of the two days ago ~

・Rental service

 Uniform shirt pants socks For each 320 yen
 One set of uniform  870 yen
 It is / pisute bottom in pisute  430 yen
 pisutesetto  760 yen
 Shoes  430 yen
 Goal keeper Grove  430 yen
 Towel (very much)  320 yen
 regasu  110 yen
 Bench coat  540 yen

※Available in limited quantities. In the case of out of stock, forgive.
※Ball and bibb are free.