The BISTRO Kawasaki CITTA' stands
Bistro Kawasaki CITTA' Stand

Thank you for usually using our restaurant and did.

Our store will close on Monday, October 31.

We would like to send our sincere appreciation to all visitors.


Information for closing our shop

Thank you for always favoring "the BISTRO Kawasaki CITTA' stands".

We are sorry,, "the BISTRO Kawasaki CITTA' stands" will close on Monday, October 31, 2016.

We are very grateful to customer who had you favor than all the staff until now.

Recommended menu debuts!

Part that is the nearest to fins in ribs of beef.
Versatile part that had the softness of red meat which stayed good of fins though it was rib.
CURAS high-end as for fat, the good Balance of taste of red meat in beef.

Flap meat chi chisel steak (300 g) 1,620 yen

Let's enjoy Jim Beam♪

New way of enjoying Jim Beam which added fruit juice of citrus fruit system fruit including lemon orange to highball.
Refresh drink which is quite popular with women with refreshing highball full of a feeling of fruit!

For each 756 yen
Jim Beam lemon
Jim Beam orange
Jim Beam goes wrong; fully

For each 648 yen
Jim Beam highball
Jim Beam cola
Jim Beam ginger

Lunch Menu ~ sat/sun/national holiday from 11:45 to 15:00-limited ~

Lunch menu for each 842 yen
・Today's fresh pasta
・Today's plate
・Stands curry

※All menus have salad & drink.
※Please choose drink among coffee (Hot or lce), tea (hot or Ice), vegetables or orange juice.
※Only for customer of lunch menu order, we can change beer with soft drinks to one cup (+ 216 yen)
※Order is 14:30 in the last.

Basic information

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