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For hundreds of millions of years--.
The fossil of dinosaurs, ammonite, which inhabited the earth in old days lose consciousness. Crystal, pyrite, beautiful crystal mineral including fluorite which the earth spent long time and created. Meteorite which came flying from space 4 billion years ago. Come see these stones from which we have fashioned accessories for wear.
Do you forget that time passes in charm of various stones from beginner to collector, fossil to be satisfied with to researcher, mineral specimen from accessories which we made using these stones?
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≪Recommendation of May, 2017≫

... blue ... that we breathe and seem to be crowded
・Covellite (covellite) 2,700 yen
 Produced area: The United States, Montana, Leonardo mine
 Sulfur was combined with copper, and chemical formula is very simple with Cu (copper) S (sulfur).
 Because elemental simple bond is hard to be caused because many elements mix, and the natural world exists, covellite is very rare.
 Metallic blue with luster cannot help attracting many people.

Fossil ... which develops the fluorescence with ... black light 
・Bivalve fossil 800 yen that changed to calcite
 Produced area: The United States, Florida, okichobi county
 The times: The new generation fourth (approximately 2,600,000 years ago ...)
 Shell is made of materials called aragonite ("we come, and there is not worth" cleavage) of calcium carbonate, but changes into calcite with cleavage in the same ingredient when it becomes fossil.
 When shellfish fossil of this production center irradiates black light, we give the yellow fluorescence.

Fossil ... of ... horn-shaped coral
・Horne coral fossil 500 yen
 The generation: Paleozoic era Mississippi period (Subcarboniferous) approximately 325 million years ago
 Produced area: The United States, the class of Indiana kuroufoudo county Indian springs Cher

Crystal ... which glitters in response to ... ultraviolet ray light
・Crystal 2,500 yen with oil
 Produced area: Pakistan, Balochistan
 Oil enters crystal, and it is very unusual.
 Oil has difficult that we confirm by the naked eye, but can confirm as we shine brightly by irradiating long wave ultraviolet ray light.
 Thing glittering like bright green becomes oil in photograph.

≪Stone amulet for an easy delivery accessories, mineral of May, 2017≫

Stone amulet for an easy delivery of May is jade (jiedaito) and emerald (beryl).

[stone words]
 ・Jade…We are pure and innocent and are symbolized integrity, health, longevity, immortality with the noblest stone in the Orient.
     We develop composure and patience, and it is said that there is power to protect the body from misfortune.
 ・Emerald…We raise memory and sharpen wit and strengthen foreknowledge power.
        Calm feelings and raise intellectual power, and it is said that there is power to power up mind and body.

■As one stone amulet for an easy delivery accessories…
・Jade bracelet 10mm 7,650 yen of Myanmar
・Jade design bracelet 4,270 yen of Myanmar
・Emerald design bracelet 6,915 yen
・Jade pendant top 2,050 yen of Myanmar

■As one mineral…
・Jade 3,000 yen of Itoigawa
 Produced area: Itoigawa-shi, Niigata
 We were authorized in September, 2016 by Japanese country stone.
 Pure jade is colorlessness (a certain translucency white), but color changes by including a very small amount of ingredient.
 We change in violet when we include titanium in green when we include chrome.
・Jade 4,500 yen of Miyazaki Beach
 Produced area: The Miyazaki, Asahi-machi, Toyama shore
 Jade rock obi is distributed over mountain of this area, and it begins to flow in small Takigawa and Itoigawa, and it features that we are polished naturally at river and the shore, and it is in form such as onigiri.

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