Crystal World
Crystal World

For hundreds of millions of years--.
The fossil of dinosaurs, ammonite, which inhabited the earth in old days lose consciousness. Crystal, pyrite, beautiful crystal mineral including fluorite which the earth spent long time and created. Meteorite which came flying from space 4 billion years ago. Come see these stones from which we have fashioned accessories for wear.
Do you forget that time passes in charm of various stones from beginner to collector, fossil to be satisfied with to researcher, mineral specimen from accessories which we made using these stones?
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≪News & division move sale of division move≫

"Crystal World" moves to VIVACE 2F from Friday, December 1.
With it, we do with store suspension of business for from Monday, November 27 to Thursday, November 30.
In addition, we carry out big sale before renewal.

◆Wednesday, November 1 - 11/23 (thu.national holiday)  All article 30% OFF!
◆All Friday, November 24 - 26 sun article 50% OFF!
※It becomes out of nomoha object other than stones such as parts, book, drawstring bag bag, gift BOX.
※As popular item might disappear immediately as there is not the re-arrival, to hasten!
※Of product please note that cannot reserve.
※Of accessories is made, and, in the case of rush hours, repairing may decline.

≪Accessories of stone amulet for an easy delivery topaz and citrine of November, 2017≫

[Stone words & implication]

Topaz…We raise intuitive power, insight to bring happiness, friendship, hope to raise creativity, sensitivity
Citrine…It is rich and does communication to fix luck with money, work luck, health, satisfaction in the life bringing the clear nature, mental and physical balance smoothly

■As one stone amulet for birthday accessories…
・Bracelet topaz 6mm 15,420 yen
・Bracelet citrine 10mm 4,500 yen

≪First come, first served! Under 1,000 yen uniform genuine stone design bracelet sale!≫

We sell genuine stone design bracelet which it is easy to match with any clothes for any 1,000 yen.
We have design which it is easy to put on in autumn and winter abundantly.
In addition, there is what we bring in higher than two let alone one in designed one which we repeat and are easy to put on!
As there are not many things of the same design, to hasten!
Furthermore, as there is supersaver which is less than half price, we are lucky when we find♪
Please drop in by all means at this opportunity.

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Business hoursFrom 11:00 to 21:00
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