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We have abundantly to stone, fossil, meteorite of all the countries of the world!
As it is sale by overseas direct import, we offer price considerably at reduced prices.
We can realize wonder of nature which the earth produced and can sense mysterious view of the world bodily.
We can build up attractive space for preference even if we display stone to display flower in home or the workplace.
Do you not make mysterious space of oneself preference?
Even slightly, if you are interested in, come by all means.
There may be new discovery.
In addition, we have genuine stone accessories such as genuine stone bracelet, pendant, strap abundantly.
As for the genuine stone, all power stone of them is said, and each stone has a meaning and is said to be even if we can feel power that the stone has.
Is there that we put on in the body for trial?
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≪New product information≫

1.fosufoshideraitoburesuretto 1,400- yen

[stone words]
We soften uneasiness and strain and we do heart calmly and build good human relations

fosufoshideraito relaxes feeling of having person and we soften uneasiness and heal mental fatigue, and it is said that he/she does support to do heart calmly.

2.Rhodochrosite ring 3,000 yen

[stone words]
We draw circulation, charm of symbol, love of the rosy life

Rhodochrosite brings circulation of love and gives the joy of being alive and pleasure, and it is said that we lead so that it is love and the rosy life filled with hope.

3.Herkima diamond 4,500- yen
Produced area: The United States

[stone words]
We call in realization, chances of dream

Herkima diamond fixes balance of energy of having person, and originally make flower of talent to have bloom, and it is said that he/she supports that we grant dream.

4.Blue Peter site 1,800 yen
Produced area: South Africa

[stone words]
Good-luck omen, solution to the problem, spirit of self-advancement

Call blue Peter site with "stone opening heaven door" and raise intuitive power and insight and tell good-luck omen for the future to advance to good direction, and it is said that he/she does help to realize dream.

≪Valuable product information≫

1.First come, first served! 1,000 yen uniform genuine stone design bracelet
We sell any genuine stone design bracelet which it is easy to match with various clothes for 1,000 yen.
There is that we bring in two or more as we are designed that we repeat and is easy to put on!
As there are few things of the same design, to hasten!
Furthermore, we are lucky when we find as there are bracelets more than half price♪
Please drop in at this opportunity.

2.Peruvian amazonite pendant top 1,200 yen ~

[implication & stone words]
 We fix mental and physical balance and do support to go to dream or aim positively.
 Activation of mind and body bringing peace in hope, good luck, mind and body

3.Fluorite pendant top] 2,100 yen ~

[Stone words & implication]
 We raise talent flowering, mind stability, concentration, intellectual power

From the outside let receive good stimulation, and talent of confidence flower, and is said to be when purify it at the time of bad stimulation, and stabilize.

≪Recommended crystal, crystal≫

1.Smoky quartz (dim-colored crystal) cluster 2,400 yen ~

Produced area: Brazil

A very small amount of aluminum included in crystal caught radiation in the natural world and changed brown.

[Stone words & implication]
 Health, recovery, stability, charm of mind

2.Iris quartz globe 5,500 yen ~
Crystal shining in rainbow color in particular in crystal is called iris quartz.
We come from goddess "Iris" (Iris) of rainbow to come out to Greek myth and call "iris" in English.

[Stone words & implication]
 Purification, good luck charm which grant wish

3.Is it trace of oasis? Rose (desert Rose) 300 yen ~ of desert

Produced area: Mexico

After oasis which there was in desert drying, and having missed, we are found.
As it seemed that crystal gathered like rose, this name was attached.
Mineral which dissolved in wed matured into crystal, and it is said that wed does not exist in place that there is not.
Place where rose of desert appeared tells about there having been oasis or lake in old days.
Rose of desert of photograph is crystal consisting of gypsum including sand

≪Recommended fossil, mineral≫

1.Ammonite fossil 1,500 yen ~

Scientific name: perisufinkutesu
Time of period: The Mesozoic Jurassic
Produced area: Madagascar

Mollusk Cephalopoda of friend of squid and octopus that ammonite prospered for the Mesozoic (approximately 250 million years ago ~ approximately 65 million years ago, Triassic period, the Jurassic, the Cretaceous).
We disappear with dinosaur suddenly from the face of the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous and are not inhabiting now.

2.Is it time capsule that ancient insect was shut in? Copal amber 500 yen ~ with insect

Time of period: Before 1,000,000-20,000 years
Produced area: Madagascar

In Copal, the generation is young (less than 1 million years) says thing which property of resin still remains.
We do not change with amber visually.

In movie "Jurassic Park," we took out DNA of old mosquito shut in to amber and we produced dinosaurs and became topic.

3.Ull lye meteorite (iron, nickel meteorite) 3,600 yen ~

Fall place: Goias, Brazil
Discovery: It is said that we fall to ranch of Brazil in 1992, and owner of the ranch discovered.
Crystal structure: Neumann line
Ingredient: 0.46% of Co (cobalt), Ni (nickel) 6.43%, Ga (gallium) 89.6 ppm, As (arsenic) 11.6 ppm, Ir (iridium) 3.36 ppm, Au fri 1.46 ppm

"Meteorite memo"
In the meteorite, solid material which existed in outer space out of the earth fell to planets such as the earth.
Most come flying from domain called asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Meteorites are greatly classified in three kinds by the ratio of ingredient (alloy and silicate mineral of iron, nickel)

a."Ferrous meteorite" (iron meteorite)…Alloy of partial iron, nickel of central nucleus (core) of solid material
Cooled off in the ratio of several degrees slowly for 1 million years, and was able to do it; it is thought.
We consisted of alloys of iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), and a large quantity of metal gathered and hardened mainly.
We are classified by content of nickel (Ni) more finely.

b."Aerosiderolite"…Border domain (clear border does not come with one of now) of central nucleus (core) ~ mantle of solid material
Meteorite consisting of iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) alloy and silicate minerals of about the same quantity.
We are classified more finely by kind of silicate mineral.

c."Aerolith"… We become the master of mantle part of solid material from silicate mineral.
Furthermore, there is not, and we are greatly separated by (enkondoryuru) that there is chondrule (silicate minerals such as olivine, pyroxene).

≪Recommended genuine stone bracelet≫

1.Bracelet garden amethyst 2,900 yen ~
Amethyst version of garden crystal appears!
It was similar to garden crystal and was accompanied by the name called garden because we joined, and stones such as mud stones to register in amethyst were put together and were seen in scenery and garden.

[Stone words & implication]
 Work luck, healthy luck

2.buresurettokoparuchirukuotsu 3,500 yen ~

[Stone words & implication]
 Luck with money, gamble luck, success

3.Bracelet Milky kunzite 4,500 yen ~

[Stone words & implication]
 Generosity, everlasting love, human relations

4.Bracelet high-quality Chinese amazonite 3,800 yen ~
Another name: Ice amazonite, amazonite silica
We are considered to be friend same as moonstone in ferudosupa (feldspar)

[Stone words & implication]
 Hope, healing, good luck

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