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Crystal World

We have stone, fossil, meteorite of all the countries of the world!
As we have items by overseas direct import, the price is considerably reasonable.
We can feel wonder of the nature which earth created and can sense the mysterious view of the whole world.
We can create some attractive space by displaying beautiful stones like flowers at home or at the work place.
How about making mysterious space for yourself?
If you are interested any of the items, please stop by at our store.
There might be new discovery.
In addition, we have genuine stone accessories such as genuine stone bracelet, pendant, strap abundantly.
As for the genuine stone, all power stone of them is said, and each stone has a meaning and is said to be even if we can feel power that the stone has.
Is there that we put on in the body for trial?
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≪New product information!≫

1.ametorimburesuretto 5,000 yen ~
It is said that ametorin has both power with stone that citrine mixed with amethyst.
We integrate energy of harmony of amethyst and lasting circulatory energy of citrine, and it is said that he/she does support to draw ability of having person really.

2.Natural aura quartz bracelet 5,500 yen ~
raimonaito and hematite are contained rare stones in crystal.
We convert negative energy to positive energy, and it is said that he/she does support to give power to advance forward.

3.gurandidieraito 1,500 yen ~
Produced area: Madagascar
With very hard mineral of hardness 7.5, thing which the production unusually polished worldwide receives evaluation of rare stone jewel.

4.Blue lace agate 500 yen ~
Produced area: Namibia
We soften stress and strain and bring feelings side healing, and it is said that he/she does support to stabilize heart.

Stone amulet for an easy delivery accessories of 5.3 mon
・March stone amulet for an easy delivery bracelet 2,100 yen ~
・March stone amulet for an easy delivery pierced earrings 1,110 yen ~

Stone amulet for an easy delivery of March is "aquamarine" and "coral".
Aquamarine is alias called "stone of angel" and is stone symbolizing "happy marriage" and "joy".
Coral is said to be recommended stone as lucky charm of charm and good luck charm.

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