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For hundreds of millions of years--.
The fossil of dinosaurs, ammonite, which inhabited the earth in old days lose consciousness. Crystal, pyrite, beautiful crystal mineral including fluorite which the earth spent long time and created. Meteorite which came flying from space 4 billion years ago. Come see these stones from which we have fashioned accessories for wear.
Do you forget that time passes in charm of various stones from beginner to collector, fossil to be satisfied with to researcher, mineral specimen from accessories which we made using these stones?
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≪Meteorite summer of 2017 special feature that came from space!≫

・gibeon meteorite (iron, nickel meteorite) 9,600 yen

Fall place: Namibian desert
The fall year: European pays the attention in 1836
Crystal structure: uidomanshutatten structure

Piece of central nucleus of asteroid in between Mars and Jupiter.
Design that iron which dissolved in center of protoplanet gets cold with very slow speed in the ratio of several degrees for 1 million years, and iron and nickel separate, and there is is characteristic.
After cutting this meteorite, and having studied hard, design appears when we wipe with nitric acid.

・Ulu lye meteorite (iron, nickel meteorite) 3,900 yen

Fall place: Goias, Brazil
Discovery: It is said that we fall to ranch of Brazil in 1992, and owner of the ranch discovered.
Crystal structure: Neumann line
Ingredient: 0.46% of Co (cobalt), Ni (nickel) 6.43%, Ga (gallium) 89.6 ppm, As (arsenic) 11.6 ppm, Ir (iridium) 3.36 ppm, Au fri 1.46 ppm

・Ulu lye meteorite wire art pendant top 3,050 yen

Using artistic wire, we process into pendant top to be easy to wear meteorite.
As shop is limited to Kawasaki, to hasten!

・shihotearin meteorite (iron, nickel alloy) 4,100 yen

Fall place: Russia, the neighborhood of shihotearin mountain range
The fall year: February 12, 1947 fall

Piece (approximately 4 billion years ago) of center of protoplanet or stars which did not grow up in planet.
This meteorite erupted on small piece after atmosphere plunge in the sky and dropped while dissolving the surface.
It is evaluated rather higher than thing broken by shock that crashed into ground.

・Chondrite meteorite NWA (aerolith) 1,500 yen

Fall place: The northwestern part of Sahara

We consist of native iron, iron oxide, chondrule.
There is round drop included in with silicate minerals such as olivine, pyroxene in chondrule.
In late years many meteorites are discovered in the Sahara and are called NWA (abbreviation of North West Africa).

・Chelyabinsk meteorite (aerolith) 3,800 yen

The fall year: February 15, 2013 8:14 a.m.
Fall place: Chelyabinsk south Ural district of Russia
Classification: Normal chondrite LL5

It became topic with Youtube videos of net in recent meteorite.
Of asteroid after being said partly, and breaking into the atmosphere of the earth, was divided on plural pieces at sky around 20km of Chelyabinsk.

■Meteorite memo
In the meteorite, solid material which existed in outer space out of the earth fell to planets such as the earth.
Most come flying from domain called asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
We are greatly classified in three kinds by the ratio of ingredient (alloy and silicate mineral of iron, nickel).
1."Ferrous meteorite" (iron meteorite)…Alloy of partial iron, nickel of central nucleus (core) of solid material.
Cooled off in the ratio of several degrees slowly for 1 million years, and was able to do it; it is thought.
We consisted of alloys of iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), and a large quantity of metal gathered and hardened mainly.
We are classified by content of nickel (Ni) more finely.
2."Aerosiderolite"…Border domain (clear border does not come with one of now) of central nucleus (core) - mantle of solid material
Meteorite consisting of iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) alloy and silicate minerals of about the same quantity.
We are classified more finely by kind of silicate mineral.
3."Aerolith"…We become the master of mantle part of solid material from silicate mineral.
Furthermore, there is not, and we are greatly separated by (enkondoryuru) that there is chondrule (silicate minerals such as olivine, pyroxene).

≪Recommended fossil, mineral feature≫

・Agate slice 1,200- yen

It is good in summer! We give glory with cool color, and fashion of stone which is usable to coaster is right here!
It is easy to display and, with agate as slice, dyes color.
There is natural color.

[implication & stone words]
Health, eloquence, symbol of courage.
It is said that he/she guarantees good dream.

・Hail stone 500 yen

Produced area: Spain

Hail stone is made from ingredients same as calcite, but hail stone is different from orthorhombic system whereas calcite is hexagonal system.
The reason why six angles of parts of crystal look like pillar shape is that three crystals become twin crystal.
We call this "three twin crystals".

・Ammonite fossil (approximately 7cm in diameter) 4,400 yen

Scientific name: perisufinkutesu
Time of period: The Mesozoic Jurassic
Produced area: Madagascar

Mollusk Cephalopoda of friend of squid and octopus that ammonite prospered for the Mesozoic (approximately 250 million years ago - approximately 65 million years ago Triassic period, the Jurassic, the Cretaceous).
We disappear with dinosaur suddenly from the face of the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous and do not inhabit now.

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