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For hundreds of millions of years--.
The fossil of dinosaurs, ammonite, which inhabited the earth in old days lose consciousness. Crystal, pyrite, beautiful crystal mineral including fluorite which the earth spent long time and created. Meteorite which came flying from space 4 billion years ago. Come see these stones from which we have fashioned accessories for wear.
Do you forget that time passes in charm of various stones from beginner to collector, fossil to be satisfied with to researcher, mineral specimen from accessories which we made using these stones?
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≪In a limited quantity! Bargain bracelet feature!≫

1.Peruvian amazonite bracelet
 6mm 1,650 yen, 8mm bracelet 5,000 yen

[stone words] We heal hope, mind and body and give vitality

We strongly work on mind side and fix mental and physical balance forward, and it is said that he/she supports realization of aim and dream.

2.Milky kunzite bracelet
 6mm 2,500 yen, 8mm 3,500 yen, 10mm 6,500 yen, 11-12mm 7,500 yen

[stone words] Generosity, everlasting love

We develop mind of consideration widely and restrain critical feeling for person, and it is said that we do communication wealthily.

3.Orange moonstone bracelet
  7-8mm 2,900 yen, 11mm 5,400 yen

[stone words] It grows and it is abundant and is embraced each other love

We overcome inferiority complex that we hid inside of heart, and it is said that we bring brightness.

White light (scilla) characterizing moonstone and both lam-formed glitter (glitter) characterizing sunstone appear, and orange moonstone may be called "sun moonstone".

4.Labradorite AA quality bracelet
  8mm 4,450 yen, 11mm 6,750 yen

[stone words] Game strength, strong faith

We bring sharp inspiration and raise intuitive power, insight, originality.
We are said to heal mental damage such as stress.

5.Golden rutilated quartz bracelet
  7-8mm 1,500 yen, 8-9mm 2,000 yen, 9-10mm bracelet 2,500 yen, 10-11mm 3,000 yen, 11-12mm 3,500 yen, 12-13mm 4,000 yen, 13-14mm 5,000 yen

[stone words] Luck with money, work luck, healthy luck

When "money is included," we are said to be, and it is done with symbol of luck with money, fortune luck by "stone which line of fri enters".

It is said that length and gold rutile (line of needle-formed fri) spreading aside play a role such as antenna and catch neighboring information and can tell owner.
It is said that we lead intuitive power and judgement for fortune to high success.

6.Amethyst bangle bracelet 
 2,300 yen

[stone words] Love, beauty, healing, home harmony

We heal heart that was tiring for stress, and it is said that he/she gives calm ease.
We raise inspiration and are said to raise intuitive power.

≪Stone amulet for an easy delivery accessories of June, 2017≫

Stone amulet for an easy delivery of June is moonstone and pearl.

[stone words]
 ・Moonstone…We are connected with lucky charm, easy delivery of traveler bringing up mysterious intuitive power, future foresight to raise sensitivity, woman-related symbol to call miracle, space consciousness.
 ・Pearl…There are beauty, strong protection power and protects having person. He/she raises resistance, creativity.

■As one stone amulet for an easy delivery accessories…
・Rainbow moonstone design bracelet 3,200 yen
 (rainbow moonstone X crystal cut X Frost crystal)
・Fresh water pearl design bracelet 2,500 yen
 (fresh water pearl X rainbow rondelle)
・Rainbow moonstone pendant top 2,750 yen

≪Recommendation of June, 2017≫

A lot of ... aura crystal clusters ...
Inspiration, power of expression improves and softens negative feelings.
It is said that there is power that draws potence, and amplified power of crystal.

・Aqua aura crystal 1,000 yen
We heated natural crystal from China in vacuum and we added high temperature heat and fri which ionized and coated.
By temperature of heat and metal kind, we can change to various colors.
Color becomes clear than normal crystal, and there is considerable impact when we display as interior.

・Golden aura crystal 800 yen
We added heat and fri which ionized like aqua aura and coated.
But we are coated with heat more low temperature than aqua aura.

・Rainbow aura crystal cluster 2,200 yen
We added heat and silver or other a very small amount of metal which ionized like aqua aura and coated.

Ammonite ... which emits ... red light

・Red fire ammonite 1,800 yen
Scientific name: Clio false ras
Time of period Mesozoic Cretaceous approximately 140 million - 65 million years ago
Produced area: State of Majunga of Madagascar
Because we look red like flame, we are called red fire.
Because, as for the cause of this red fire, iron oxide and silicic acid in stratum attach to the surface of husk of ammonite thinly, and part of warm crazing gives off fire such as opal.
Fire becomes more beautiful when we wipe the surface with dry cloth well.

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