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Patronage of long time, thank you very much.
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"Cherry cranberry soda" bittersweet taste of cranberry and fragrance of cherry blossoms!

We use cranberry syrup and cherry blossoms preserving in honey with soda water and performed topping of cherry blossom petals.
Combination of bittersweet cranberry and sweet flavor of cherry tree lets you feel spring.
How about both appearance and taste enjoying coming of spring with refreshing drink suggesting spring earlier? 

・Cherry tree cranberry soda 399 yen

"shrimp burger" comes up again in anniversary of the 25th anniversary!

It is "shrimp burger" which shined in the popularity vote first place of burger wanting ear to reproduce the first product of 2017 in memorable anniversary to reach the 25th anniversary of the foundation.
We raise freshness up in the shop just cooking material, size per one prawn more than 5 times, and a certain specification revises for reasons of prawns fritto, the popularity such as tartar sauce full of ingredients.
Pre-! Case! We finished to deluxe hamburger that texture and taste of prawns were felt in this.

・Shrimp burger 453 yen
・Shrimp burger spy sea Cajun sauce 486 yen

Every month 20th "sun of rah-rah!"

We establish in "sun of rah-rah" every month because we are readable with "20" (rah-rah) on 20th!
Customer offers service to profit and invites.
For example, "hamburger is at half price!" "Drink for free ticket present!" "20% OFF!" announces idea that the staff thought about at store.
Sun of rah-rah on 20th is GO every month to store!

Do you know very attractive "DRINK CARD?"

We seal every one cup of drink purchase with one stamp. (object: HOT drink, COLD drink)
With ten stamps, we give one cup of drink you like.

※It is available only in drink card issuance shop.
※Stamp sealing is not intended for the purchase with coupons such as "drink tickets".
※With stamp services such as other stamp cards cannot use together.
※Expiration date and thing without store's name, thing which was over expiration date become invalid.
※With cash cannot change.

Guidance of "freshness mobile site!"

・We can check calory and allergy every menu information menu.
・Every area can look for store search easily nearest freshness.
・We can confirm the balance of freshness card of card balance inquiry holdings.
・We search store during recruitment of part-time job application parttimers and can apply.

Furthermore, we send information to privileges quickly on great value coupon and new product information, birthday when we become e-mail magazine member!

≪Registration method≫

STEP 1. We access freshness mobile site
We read the following QR code and access freshness mobile site. We advance from menu of TOP page to "sign-in" and send email of the sky according to instructions of screen.
STEP 2. We access address listed in email
We access address listed in the text if we receive email in reply.
STEP 3. We input necessary matter
We input information necessary for registration and click "transmission" button.
STEP 4. Registration completion
If registration completion email arrives, it is registration completion in the above.

Basic information

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