GAMO + Anywhere Out of the World
Gamo + Anywhere Out of the World

"GAMO + Anywhere Out of the World" is the brand's first joint shop of the bag brand "GAMO" and the closing brand "Anywhere Out of the World".
"GAMO" is conscious of 【Wa】, and expresses Design with respect to original sensibility with leather and special materials.
"Anywhere Out of the World" is a development centered on "a novel shirt made of carefully selected materials with processing such as embroidery".
There are many limited-edition products that you can only buy in here, combining the atelier function and the gallery space, please find your favorite item!
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Shop introduction

GAMO+Anywhere Out of the word Collection

Latest Collection was announced by outfitting brand "Anywhere Out of the word".
Other products unfold in Instagram, too.

Limited product to be able to buy only here!
You do Instagram follow, and please come to the store.

①GIZA cotton 140-2 broadcloth pin-tuck embroidery product dyeing "red" shirt
②GIZA cotton indigo dungarees long shirt
③120-2 types of lighter cross pin-tuck embroidery shirts

"GAMO + Anywhere Out of the World Collection"

Basic information

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Business hours11:00-21:00
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Tel044-201 – 7787
Address〒MAGGIORE 1F in 210-0023 4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa LA CITTADELLA