Japanese and French mariage dishes are here!
Delicious French skewers, meat, fish and vegetables cooking on hot iron plate!
You can enjoy natural wines, reasonable and various menus for friends gathering.
Please enjoy our Japanese bistro menus with french arrangements.
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Recommended menu from HANABI♪

Recommended menu from HANABI♪

We proudly presents our delicious Japanese and French mariage dishes.

・Grilled iron plate skewer from 216 yen

Enjoy our addictive original sauce and French skewers cooked on iron plate.
Addictable skewers cooked with olive oil.

・Beef fillet and foie gras 1,922 yen

Limited number of special menu!
Rossini Japanese and French style.
Excellent mix of Japanese white radish, fillet meat, foie gras and Japanese sauce◎

・Iron plate French Japanese-style rolled omelette 842 yen

We use consomme soup for soup stock.
Very soft texture, iron plate cooking can be addictable♪
Enjoy with our original sauce!

・French Niku-jaga 842 yen

Meat and potatoes stewed with red wine.
Enjoy with melty cheese with baguette!

・Spicy grilled live spiny lobster 1,922 yen

One of our best and popular limited menu!
Absolute addicted taste of mixed spice.

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O 23:00)
Seat38 seats, terrace seats 20
Use of cardAvailable
Reference budgetDinner 2,000- yen
Phone number044-230-2470
AddressCINEPIT 1F in 5-10, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa LA CITTADELLA