Hello angel

HelloAngel is a shop which has selected great items for child and family's daily life!
Rain covers for children riding bicycles become huge hit products exceeding 200,000 in net shops. LA CITTADELLA will be opening for the first time in real shop.

All products from collected voices of Mom & Dad's "I wish I could have this" are essential for families with children.
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Halloween event holding! [Saturday, October 26, 27th sun]

It is exclusively for two days of sun for Saturday, October 26, 27 days!
In in front of hello angel store, we hold Halloween event.

・During period, it is made photocard for free by customer who did shopping!
・Sale of popular item raincover!
・Face seal art 200 yen (tax-included)

A lot of things enlivening nado, Halloween happily!
Please come to play together!

It is most suitable for Halloween! Candy Komi kids clothes are available!

Battement and iron man, a lot of cool candy Komi clothes including captain Ma Bell were received.

As it is clothes which we stocked in the home United States, it is very few full-scale specifications in Japan.
As it is with mask, Halloween clothes are completed with one this♪

Kawasaki Halloween of this year is hello angel by all means!
A lot of Halloween clothes 3,980 yen ~

Raincoat won the Kids Design Award!

Hello angel raincoat won prize for kids' design following good design prize!

"We want to dip neither face nor hand!"
It is raincoat excellent at functionality that kept on being particular about mom glance♪

Let alone rainy sun, fine sun is worn for outer sense smartly, too!

With prize for kids' design…
It is honoring system for all products, space, services, activities, studies that we considered to give birth, and to bring up of child and child.

We make an outstanding performance at time of the rainy season! Under raincoat sale of winning the good design prize!

Which "we do not get wet" is durable material which "does not soak", and functionality is outstanding!
Besides, stylish design which is worn as outer casually♪
It is raincoat which is Heiss Peck done from voice of 1,000 moms.

Finally created! New rain cover!!

Appearance latest from hello angel raincover which is higher than sale results 200,000!
Space became large in form which reduced discomfort of child.
In addition, we can spend even summer hot sun comfortably as awning cover is attached.
Please use raincover in new season☆

Cover High+ (high plus) for hello angel child topping bicycle
Price: 7,200 yen (tax-excluded)

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