J-Frontage is only domestic Spanish Football Association, official soccer & futsal school for infant and primary school children. We prepare for program that can improve skill regardless of any level for children who has less confidence or high level that has high skill in beginner and technique by the official instruction method that won the championship at World Cup in 2010 of Spain.
Soccer is a game changes situation by Quick "Decision" and that will divides the success or failure of the play. Just simple repeating practice won't increase their intelligence nor fun to learn for children. Latest Spanish training theory tells effective way of how they learn. We use effective way of play practically at our school by stimulating all of technique, tactics, physical, psychology happily at the same time.
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Recruitment of spring short-term school participants!

Skill up to approach longed-for player who began with all futsal!

■Conduct sun: From Monday, March 26 to Friday, March 30
■Link: For more details, from this!

・Enrollment fee 5,250 yen 

・Normal CURAS (mon fee) once a week / twice a week

6 (pollock) is always senior6,300 yen / 8,400 yen
8 (ocho) first graders, second grader7,350 yen / 9,450 yen
9 (nuebe) 1 through 3 student8,085 yen
Combination with / eight classes10,185 yen
Combination with ten classes11,655 yen
10 (D S) third graders, fourth grader8,820 yen / 12,390 yen
12 (dose) 4 through 6 student8,820 yen / 12,390 yen

・Extra CURAS

Six classes1,600 yen / time
Eight classes1,800 yen / time
Nine classes\\ 2,000 / time
10.12 classes2,200 yen / time