J-Frontage is only domestic Spanish Football Association, official soccer & futsal school for infant and primary school children. We prepare for program that can improve skill regardless of any level for children who has less confidence or high level that has high skill in beginner and technique by the official instruction method that won the championship at World Cup in 2010 of Spain.
Soccer is a game changes situation by Quick "Decision" and that will divides the success or failure of the play. Just simple repeating practice won't increase their intelligence nor fun to learn for children. Latest Spanish training theory tells effective way of how they learn. We use effective way of play practically at our school by stimulating all of technique, tactics, physical, psychology happily at the same time.
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Kids' summer school

Even child playing futsal for the first time can participate in peace!
Futsal can conflict with ball in comparison with soccer a lot!
Do you not play with friend happily?

■Date & Time:
Monday, August 6, 7th tue
 From 16:00 to 17:00 [eight classes]
 From 17:10 to 18:00 [six classes]
Monday, August 13, 14th tue
 From 10:00 to 10:50 [six classes]
 From 11:00 to 12:00 [eight classes]

■Object, capacity
[six classes] ~ is always senior: For 16 persons
[eight classes] 1.2 years student: For 20 persons

■Entrance fee
1,080 yen
※It is rate per once.

Apply in telephone or the front.

■Participant-limited privilege
Enrollment fee 100% off!
※It applies only to enrollment procedure person by the end of August


・Enrollment fee 5,400 yen

・Enrollment registration charges 3,240 yen

・Standard CURAS

   6…One a week 7,560 yen / two a week 10,584 yen
   8…One a week 8,100 yen / two a week 11,340 yen
 10…One a week 9,720 yen / two a week 13,608 yen
 12…One a week 9,720 yen / two a week 13,608 yen

・Beginner CURAS (CURAS once standard in the case of two times a week)

 10…One a week 6,480 yen / two a week 11,340 yen
 12…Two a week 6,480 yen / two a week 11,340 yen

・Extra CURAS

   6…Once 1,620 yen
   8…Once 1,890 yen
   9…Once 2,070 yen
 10…Once 2,270 yen
 12…Once 2,270 yen