kasuh koubou
kasuh koubou

Traditional hand made brand which based on learning from old to new-classic style of Japan, and producing novel and original works for each items. Items were created by craftsman one by one, delicate and powerful that can be dressed regardless of man and woman. In addition, it is in a space that newness and nostalgia mixed in the shop and can enjoy shopping.
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Cutest item for going to last firework♡

≪Japanese hairpin feature which is POP to fit clothes≫

Cream soda dragonfly beautiful hair pin 3,672 yen 

Three-dimensional impression of vanilla ice cream peeping face from melon soda
We are particular about position of bright red cherry in particular and design.

Launching fireworks dragonfly beautiful hair pin 3,672 yen 

We shut in summer feature, scenery of fireworks display to small dragonfly ball.
It is print that it is easy to treat toward the beginner who can place without minding direction.

Fruit dragonfly beautiful hair pin 3,672 yen
Such as fresh fruit punch of cider want to eat unintentionally
It is pretty impression. Fruit that is jelly of the sum.

Honey dragonfly beautiful hair pin 3,672 yen
While thick honey color has presence in spite of being gentle texture,
Is easy to match with clothes let alone yukata; is designed.

Dahlia ornamental hairpin (six colors) 5,292 yen

Disassembly allows chain and floret!
Take off chain; and two flowers in right and left. . Put by one together in the scene. .
It is Japanese hairpin changing expression round and round by greedy how to use.

Waterdrop camellia floral hairpin 7,452 yen

As is pop waterdrop print; let alone yukata and kimono,
It is ornamental hairpin which it is easy to match even with clothes. 

Kawasaki kasuh boubou-limited item! Valuable information☆

★On wednesday, the point is double★
We offer double point to all the visitors who purchased on wed!

★We offer points by movie stub★
We offer point for who brought stub!
Weekdays + 1pt!
Holiday + 2pt!

Rain day service point(only come to the store in rain!) 1pt present

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 11:00 to 21:00
Use of cardAvailable
Phone number044-210-1002
Address4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 1F