We are social flower shop (flower shop which includes social role). We have organic products which give with houseplant of big size and flower, and are pleased with from mini-view leaf of table size as well as flower arrangement a lot in shop. Our flowers are recommended for coloring the daily life at home, for gift and any arrangements or stand flowers for live performance. The shop used universal design with wide passage for every visitors and able to choose flowers in a comfortable space.
Please enjoy our flowers changing by each seasons.
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[News of February workshops]

・Valentine's Day arrangement 2,916 yen (tax-included) with Kudoo chocolate
Let's make cute Valentine arrangement with delicious Kudoo chocolate and spring flower.
Date&Time 2/10 sat 11:30 ~, 13:30 ~
   2/13 tue 11:30 ~, 13:30 ~
※Time required approximately 40 minutes
Capacity: 20 people

・Aroma wax bar 1,080 yen (tax-included)
Let's make aroma wax bar only for oneself who can enjoy flavor of aroma without using tue.
Date&Time 2/20 tue 11:30 ~, 13:30 ~
※Time required approximately one hour
Capacity: 20 people

・1,620 yen (tax-included) made with flower corsage
Let's make original corsage which is most suitable for graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony.
Date&Time 2/24 sat 11:30 ~, 13:30 ~
   2/27 tue 11:30 ~, 13:30 ~
※Time required approximately 40 minutes
Capacity: 20 people

Reservation We accept by telephone or visit.
Meeting place: LORANS.
※Please ask to the store for further information.

kusakanmuri bath oils

For brighten up our daily life in various scene.
They are particular about ingredient derived from natural plant.
kusakanmuri is botanical lifestyle brand.

Plantica kusakammuri bath oil 6 fragrances★ 
Large (300 ml) 3,240 yen small (100 ml) 1,512 yen

OBOROGE (flavor of rosemary & lavender)
REISHOKU (fragrance of musk floral)
ASATSUYU (fragrance of cedarwood)
URARAKA (fragrance of rose)
SETSUGEKKA (flavor of jasmine)
HIDAMARI (flavor of citrus & lemongrass)

Online shopping application "Origami" for smart phones!

"LORANS." participates in shop name "LA CITTADELLA"!

Please download Origami application and follow "LA CITTADELLA", find "LORANS." on collection page.

Order flowers for the live performance and dressing room are available!!

From constant seller to arrangements of unique design!
We take orders of flower arrangement for music live performance and dressing room flowers.

Please call store directly for further details.
Tel: 044-276-8727

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 11:00 to 21:00
Address4-1, Ogawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 1F