Beauty shop of eyelash extensions and treatment.
We offer treatments for eyelashes, eyebrows and suggest health and beauty.
We start with consultation to ask about your condition and requests, current beauty problem and suggest the best treatment.
By learning new things, consciousness changes for your beauty.
When you have no trouble, that means you have total healthy beauty.
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You will be thinner just wearing it! Magical footwear "Foot wide clogs"

It will help correction of your body and stretch, promotes blood circulation of lower part of your body!
We fix balance of autonomic nerve and get comfortable to sleep with high natural healing power,
It is magical clogs.

This product needs to be wait for two month as it is very popular item.
If you are interested, please come to try anytime!
We will wait for your visit☆

19,980 yen

Popular topic, usable for whole body [reconstruction dryer]

Can we not develop a dryer bringing up beautiful hair without damaging them?
Can health that electromagnetic wave does not produce not develop healthy dryer?

We made a reconstruction dryer we spend two years to create.

It uses kindest energy called upbringing rays for both body and hair.
We can expect great effect to our entire body by using this dryer. 

・Reconstruction dryer 16,956 yen 

※Please ask to the store for further information.

Basic information

Business hoursFrom 11:00 to 21:00
SeatThree bed for treatment
Use of cardAvailable
Reference budget5,000 yen〜
Phone number044-589-8307
Address4-1, Ogawa-machi, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa MAGGIORE 1F