MeRveilles [Life design of beauty]
Comfortable fragrance for inner care. Gentle care for your skin. Your choice of interior for your room. And the power of nature from your body. Why don't you spend your days being beautiful and gorgeous? We select carefully and have one product that manager fitted concept one. We collected only things which we could recommend with confidence. Surely there should be something conflicting with heartstrings.
Le jour MeRveilles! (on wonderful 1st!)
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Natural skin care A'kin for genuine article-oriented you

A'kin of skin care topic boiling with the bomb Rose hips of vitamin C as main material
Australian phytochemist spends time more than 15 years and develops oil of A'kin with a choice of oil which highest quality, is effective with technical knowledge and passion from the world.

・Rose hips booster oil 6,696 yen
・Rose hips oil 6,264 yen

Perfume MONTALE using diamond of fragrance" AOUD

Flavor of precious scented wood which has been loved in Arabian countries from the ancient times is made by basis.
Please enjoy the world of pleasant fragrance with beauty that we use scented wood collected from all over franc Kyn sense, touch-me-not, amber, the Cedar Wood world luxuriously and we add French Esprit and were blended perfume.

Eau De Parfum 50 ml 11,880 yen ~

Fluffy silk and dual Hagoromoro stall

It is double robe of an angel muffler characterized by easy hue only by dyeing with vegetable dyes.
Thread which we pinned only both ends on between two pieces of dough swings elegantly and finishes in impression kind softly while there is tension.
Casual style and both formal-style can use.

maito two folds robe of an angel stole 12,960 yen

Material: 100% of silk

Herbarium experience meet up♪

Herbarium was the first one, but offered trial lesson to be able to enjoy!
It means "botanical specimen" with "herbarium".
Dried flower can enjoy beautiful state such as flower arrangement for a long time by filling bottle with preserved flower, leaf and fruit, and dipping into exclusive oil!
You can take herbarium which you made home with you.

Price: Small size 1,620 yen, large size 2,160 yen
Time required Around 30 minutes

※We accept over store or telephone.

Original perfume experience meeting♪

Original perfume only for oneself form even the first person and is perfuming experience that can enter atomizer of 3 ml, and can take perfume which there was to go.
Using soft "flavor advice" that Kazuyoshi Tachikawa who thought out aroma of precious incense equation supervised and 24 kinds of eau de toilette which blended perfume, any calculates favorite blend by simple en quete entry.
How about in present on special day and reward to oneself who usually did the best?
We can have a wonderful experience.

Price: 3,900 yen
Time required Around 30 minutes

※We accept over store or telephone.

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